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[ # 1 in the DE LUCA SERIES]
♟️ Spark’s libary 2022


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

©️ Spark’s libary 2022


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogant , billionaire , Age gap , Marriage contract .

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” Ah……” I trailed as I stared at the man in shock. …Is he real ? How can someone be this good looking ?

I stared at how the suit complimented his eyes . He was tall and Sinfully gorgeous ….and he had this beautiful tattoo on his neck as he stared at me I swallowed down nothing immediately .

Is he the Don ?

How can he be the Don ? He looks way too young to be the Don .

” Release her ” he said to the guard who glared at me as he walked over to where I sat and set me free .

Immediately I got free , I bolted towards the gate and bumped face first Making me gr*an in pain from the impact .

I looked at him as he watched me camly with both hands in his pocket , he didn’t look affected by the fact that I had bl**d running down from my nose .

What have I gotten myself into .

” Look sir …let me go okay …I have nothing to give . I know you’re criminals and you definitely kidnapped me for Ransom …but let me explain myself to you . I’m poor …. infact I’m from the slumps …I have no money ….” I kept blabbing .

” Do me one favour ” he said strictly.

” What …? I asked immediately

” SHUT UP ” he said and I opened and closed my mouth like a fish .

” You ….” I trailed as I pointed my finger at him Angrily .

” I’m not scared of you ….just let me go …you can’t go around kidnapping innocent girls like me to become ten times richer than you are ….! That’s heartless and despicable” I screamed and he smirked.

” It amused me how you pretend not to know why you’re here …Gina ” he spat and I stared at him.

” Gina ? What the hell my name is Grace I’m not Gina I don’t even know you …! I screamed pannicking.

Who’s Gina ? I don’t know anyone with that kind of name , Can this day get any worse ?

” You don’t know Gina ? He asked as he walked over to me and pulled `my hair Making me Yelp in pa*n .

” Are you trying to call me a lier ….? Did you f*ck*ng think you can run away after what you did ? He asked as I struggled with him

” Let me go …I don’t know who Gina is … okay my name is Grace Morano ” I yelled Angrily and he stared at me.

I looked into his hazel eyes with my heart in my throat …

How can someone with the face of an angel be this cruel …

” Please just let me go …I don’t know who Gina is …I need to go home …” I cried and he ran his fingers in his hair .

” SHUT UP ….you can’t f*ck*ng go home untill you give me everything ….you stole from the mafia ” he screamed and I slapped my face immediately .

Is this a bad dream ?

” Ouch ….” I mo*ned from the impact .

” You don’t know me ? He asked curiously.

” No ”

He laughed bitterly as he stared at me .

” You don’t know Massimo DE LUCA….? You Don’t know the man who’s bed` you graced for 3 good years ? He asked walking close to me .

” I don’t know you please ….” I cried as he got too close for my liking .

He pu**ed my hair as he walked in between my legs Making my skir`t rip .

” Let me go you monster ..I’ve told you I don’t know Gina …I don’t know her ” I cried in pannick and someone walked in with a file .

” DON ” the guy called as he bowed …he was clad in black too .

” Your Father has called for a meeting ‘ the guy said and The Don only gave a nod .

He stared at me with no emotion in his eyes as he straighten his suit I sobbed softly .

” Your silly tears do not move me Gina. ..you d*rty sl*t ” he spat and my heart hurt badly .

” What do you want from me …I’m not a s*ut ….I’m just 23 years old …I’ve stayed away from crime ….how can I be connected to you ” I asked and he laughed .

” Of course you’re twenty three years old kitten ….I know everything about you….And the fact that you thought you could outsmart the familia ” he said his Italian accent dripping on each word .

If it was a different situation and my life wasn’t on the line I’d have swooned thinking he’s the sexiest male I’ve come across but this man …wants me dead …he wants my life and it scared the wits out of me .

” Massimo …” I trailed and he walked towards the door then turned .

” The earlier you confess to your crimes would make your de*th more lenient ” he spat and walked out of the dungeon in class .

I burst out crying immediately he left .

What did I do to deserve something like this ? I only heard about the devil from Natalia and now I’m in his dungeon .

The thought of no one coming to rescue me hit me hard as I burst out crying badly .




I Stormed outta the dungeon angriy .

How could she look me in the face and fu*k*ng tell me she is Grace.

Grace ?

” Welcome Boss ” the guards greeted as I stormed towards the conference room .

I Stormed In and everyone stood up in Respect accept my Dad .

” You look like you’d rip someone or something apart ” Sergio said as he closed his laptop .

I glared at him as he fixed his glasses properly .

He’s the last of my brothers but the only one that can speak to me the way he pleases without a single fear in him .

He’s a computer Genuis and handles everything that has to do with the technological aspect of the mafia .

” I thought they already found Gina ? Isn’t that the reason for this meeting ? Frederico asked as he puffed out smoke from the wee`d in his hands .

He’s one of the most Dead`liest De LUCA after me …he owns the political career of a Governor in one of the Provinces and …Helps out with the smug`gling of drugs and our girls …

I sat down Angrily .

” What if she’s not Gina ? Kristov asked with a shrug …

” I know the girl I fu*k*d for 3 years dammit ….she’s Gina …” I said in frustration.

” She looks like Gina. …” He said camly .

He’s the calmest De LUCA and I swear it annoys me in situations like this .

He’s A Doctor and owns one of the most successful hospitals in countries but that doesn’t make him innocent …he’s just has evil as we all are .

” That’s enough ” Dad said as he drank from his glass of whiskey .

” Sorry I’m late ” Emelio said badging into the meeting with his belt loose …

” You’re always late Emelio I think it’s high time we deal with you and your clumsy attitude ” I snapped angrily and he rubbed the back of his neck with a chuckle .

He’s A year older than Sergio but they look like twins especially the resemblance .

He’s a Singer and trust me he’s also not innocent as he does most of our dirty works and handles our escorts .

He ran his fingers in his hair as he sat quietly .

My Dad is Mr Santiago De LUCA and my Mom mrs Giovanna DE LUCA …

Well and they have five sons which consists of Me Massimo De LUCA I’m the Don of the italian mafia and I owned different casinos , clubs and chains of hotels my brothers are of course

…Fredrico De LUCA , Kristov De LUCA , Sergio De LUCA and Emelio De LUCA .

One thing we De LUCA’s have in common is the ability to use our head instead of our brains .

We dont do love …My father thought as that being emotionally attached to woman makes her your weakness .

We where thought not to ever let a woman know just how much they meant to us .

Gina was one of my father’s girls …She was my escort and her duty was to attend important events with me and grace my bed` at night , that didn’t mean I didn’t f*ck around with different girls .

But when Gina left , she left with something very important …she stole an information from my office and has been on the run ….

Good thing Sergio was able to track her down ….what confused me was her sharp tongue .

How could she have changed so much ? Her name and all ? I need to get my hands on the truth she has hidden .

Is she trying to play us once again ? If yes is f*c*ing kill` her this time around .

My mind went back to her body ….how smooth her skin was .

The Gina I use to know was a submissive and she didn’t have such…wide hips and se*y figure …

She was beautiful back then but what she has now can make a guy go insane .

” She refused to admit she’s Gina ” I said and kristov laughed.

” What if she’s not ? Kristov asked arms folded .

” She is Gina … people can’t look alike like that …” I trailed.

” Unless they’re related ….” Dad said gesturing towards Sergio and Emelio .

” I’m preety sure she’s just trying outsmart us …let’s see how far she keeps up with her drama …”I cursed .

” Just make sure you don’t kill her son , we need her alife ” he said leaning on the chair .

” With that disrespectful mouth of hers , let’s just pray I don’t end up slitting` her throat before we get what we want ” I said in annoyance.

” What did she say to you ? Rico asked

” Many things , she called me an old man …an animal , a monster infront of the guards ….the nerve of that brat ” I spat .

” Ha that’s unbelievable , who in his or her right senses would talk carelessly infront of the Don ? Emelio asked.

” Someone as stupid as Sergio and that girl ” kristov said and they chuckled whilst I rolled my eyes .

” Did you release her ? Dad asked.

” Ya but she’s still in the cell ” I said and rubbed my face .

” How did you even find her ? I’m lost here ” Emelio said with a chuckle .

” Sergio did ” I said immediately.

” I only showed you her picture …how she was a spitting image of Gina and you straightaway asked me to kidnap her ….this girl is a dancer ….she lives with her wh*ring mother ” he said as he lit a ciggerrate.

” Who’s her mother ? I asked .

” Lauren ” he answered .

” Lauren has a daughter …? Emelio asked surprised since she sometimes sends us girls for the business .

” We need to have a talk with Lauren and find out …about this daughter of yours …I’d live that to you son you know what to do ” Dad said and I gave a nod .

He walked out of the office and the guys burst out laughing.

” Let’s just hope you don’t get in between her legs before we unravel this mystery Massimo ….” Kristov said and Frederico chuckled .

I ignored them as I walked out of the office Angrily .

My brothers where only getting on my nerves with a their teasing.

I got into my Room and slammed the door behind me .

” Don ” One of the girls said as she walked over to me s*x*ly .

” The most powerful …..the Smartest ….the Ruthl`ess….” She showered praises on me as she massaged my arms

My mind went to Gina or Grace whatever name she now went with .

I’d break her ….


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