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[ # 1 in the DE LUCA SERIES]
♟️ Spark’s libary 2022


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

©️ Spark’s libary 2022


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogant , billionaire , Age gap , Marriage contract .

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I mo*ned in pain as the cold …tiles made contact with my skin .

Looking around I noticed it was still dark and my stomach grumbled in hunger .

The don did not return after hurting me infact he’s sent his guys to take my phone ..

I was hurt and starving. …I Frowned as I hugged my legs properly …

Tears rolled outta my eyes immediately I remembered I’d be missing classes ….

What about the competition ?

What about my dreams ? Everything just made matters worse for me .

I Cried for sometime before I managed to sleep off again …

” Open the Door ….” I heard someone say and I snapped my eyes open immediately in fear again .

I hugged my legs in pannick .

It was now bright and I looked to see who it was .

” Don’t you dare come near me. …or I’d ki*l you ! I said and immediately felt stupid since I didn’t have an ounce of strength to fight anyone not to talk of defending myself .

This is just too much for me .

” Good morning …dear ” a female voice said and my eyes soften as the beautiful woman Walked over to where I sat.

” Gina ” she called and I moved back immediately .

” It’s me …” She said and I burst into tears .

” I’m not Gina please …what’s all this I…is this some kinda nightmare or what ? I’m not Gina I’m grace ! I screamed angrily.

‘” The Don asked me to Release you for the main time … please come with me …” She said as she walked in front .

I have to make a plan on how to escape this estate …I can’t stay here not with these Sinners …I thought as I stood up .

” You’re even more beautiful now …Bambi ” she said and I rolled my eyes.

” It’s because I’m grace ” I said and she smiled.

‘ who are you ? The Donna ? I asked and she laughed.

” No bambi ..I’m Lina I basically watched the five brothers grow up …” She said smiling.

” Oh you’re their mom ? I asked seeing the tattoos and piercings she had on her body .

These people are dangerous.

” I’m not their …mom ” she said and I thought I detest hurt in her voice .

” Their nanny ? I added

” Ya …” She said and I smiled at her …

” Can you help me out of this place ? I swear I’d be indeted to you for life … please ” I said and her jaws dropped .

” Don’t think of doing that Bambi …or the Don would have your head ….” She said in pannick.

” But I can’t stay here ….that Don of yours is insane if he thinks he can tie me down ….here …I have I life ! I screamed voice breaking by the minute .

” Lower your voice …Bambi. …we don’t want you dead now do we? She asked me .

” Dieing is better than having anything to do with criminals ….this place is sin ” I screamed angrily.

” He was right when he said you have a sharp tongue ….but I’d advice you be careful with the shit you say around here ” someone said from behind and I turned to see an handsome Guy …he looked around my age with tattoos all over and piercings .

Is this some kind of ritual around here ?

” I don’t belong here , I don’t know who Gina is. …You have the wrong girl ” I said in pannick.

He fixed his glasses properly and I noticed his ripped jeans and clean boxers beneath .

He was holding a laptop in his other hand .

” Seems so , but the problem is all the proof we have shows that you are Gina especially the genes …” He said and I rubbed my face in frustration .

” I have classes to attend …I need to pay my tuition fees and I’d be sacked from my job if I don’t go to work …
Look Mr ….Smart pants …” I trailed.

” Smart pants ? He asked with a chuckle.

‘ you have glasses on that’s supposed to make you look innocent but failed woefully …I mean I know anyone working for the mafia is not innocent” i said arms folded and he ran his fingers in his hair .

” I’m Sergio the Don’s youngest brother ” he said and my jaws literally dropped.

” You’re brothers with that arrogant ….I’m sorry ” I said immediately when I realized what I’d nearly said and he burst out laughing.

” You would be saying lots of Sorries if that’s how sharp your tongue gets ” he trailed

” C’mon Bambi …you need to freshen up ” madam Lina said as she led me out …

” Take care of yourself … problem Queen ” Sergio said and I just chuckled at him .

I will because I’d definitely live this estate tonight . There’s no way I would stay here another day …when I don’t know the so called Gina that’s the curse of my problem right now. …..

Feel like screaming it shall not be well with her …but I held it in . …

” Where are we going ? I asked madam Lina as we walked out of the Don’s mansion …

” Wow ” i said immediately I got a view of the large estate and different people walking around .

There where fleets of cars and quiet a number of guards around in smart uniform.

The whole estate screamed wealth class and power ….!

The thought of the source of their wealth. … brought a rotten feeling in the pit of my stomach and I felt the urge to throw up .

” Are you okay ” madam Lina asked and I gave a nod immediately .

We got to her apartment and I freshen up ….I checked the wardrobe and noticed almost everything wasn’t my size .

I opted for a big Polo and Tore the packet of new tight I saw …then wore one of them .

I pulled my hair in a pony as I walked back and forth , planning my escape …

I must escape the minute I find a chance and that shameless Don wouldn’t be able to stop me .

I’m not Gina and I can’t suffer for a crime I have no idea about .

” Come have breakfast dear ” Lina called and I forced a smile asi sat to eat ….

I secretly made plans to escape .

After breakfast while madam Lina left for the kitchen to return the plates , I bolted out from the room .

Walking as fast as my legs could carry me ….I was afraid …infact I knew if someone got hold of me …I might just die ….!

“You’d escape ….Grace. . bring out the wonder woman in you ” i motivated myself as I badged into some group of guys ,I bend down and tiptoed into the garage .

My heart was beating crazily , but I believed this was worth it , if I need to escape from this people I need to be very smart .

I watched the distance from the garage to the first check point and I was already pannicking .

I rubbed the sweat on my forehead and immediately bolted for the huge Gates …

Ah finally I’m escaping …..” I said to myself a….t that moment even the fictional …Character …Iron man from the Marvel movies Avengers wasn’t as strong as I am….

” I’m free …….” I muttered to myself and bumped into some group of guys…

” Where are you going Gina ….? One of them asked and I knew he was Italian through his accent .

” I’m not Gina …just let me go ” I said fighting with them but I felt my legs running in the air as I screamed angrily.

” I said let me go ! ” I kept screaming as the huge guy started walking back to the mansion I kept hitting his back in anger ….



” Boss please …I swear …I didn’t do it …I swear on the oath I made to the familia ” the guy screamed as my right hand man cu`t of his first three fingers he cried in p**n.

” You didn’t do it? How then did you pay for your wife’s new model car ? I asked staring into his eyes …

” I …..” He trailed and they c*t off another fing`er ….

” Ah …..! …..I did it …I did it Don ….” He screamed crying in pa*n.

” I did it I’m so sorry ” he said crying out as bl**d rolled out of his injury , staining my guys and all over where he was sitted .

” I will let you go now …and live your life . I’m pretty sure anytime you see your hands you’d remember the name MASSIMO De LUCA ” I said and the guy cried bitterly as they wiped the bl**d off the big scissors .

I wasn’t the type to give empty threats .

When I want something ,I get it … and that’s why people tremble at my feet .

I looked at my guys and they immediately packaged the fingers of the man in a neat box .

I walked infront and the other guy followed .

They’d called me earlier about Grace trying to escape .

That girl thinks she can escape me …she thinks she’s smart .

I walked into the cell where she was tied down and she glared at me .

” You’re an an*mal Massimo …..I’m not Gina but you won’t let me go because you want to satisfy your selfish end …..!

I watched her rant Angrily and I smirked .

” Did you really think you can outsmart me Kitten ? What where you feeling like ? Wonder woman ? I asked sacarstically.

” I will leave this place Massimo because I refuse to be your servant I refuse to bow at the feet of a devil like you ….! She spat at me with hate and I yank`ed her hair backwards as she glared daggers at me

” Trying to act tough huh ? I’d have you ki*led and feed your bones to the dogs ” I said and she tries to wiggle out of my hold .

” You can’t …..! I’d never let you …” She screamed and I looked at her .

” Shut up ! I screamed.

” Why ? Because I’m speaking the truth ? You’re just a Coward ” she spat angrily and I saw red .

” What .. .are you doing ? She pannicked as I raised her in my arms with her hands tied and legs tied .

” I said f*ck*ng let me go Massimo ! She screamed my name which further infuriated me .

” What are you ……” She screamed as I got to the huge pool .

My servants bowed as I walked passed them .

” Don …..sir ….” She trailed as I threw` her into the pool .

She pannicked as she tried to swim but her leg*s and eyes where tied .

I watched her camly without flinching as she struggled and drank from the water ….!

She needs to learn …who owns her …

She needs to register the name of her king ….her god …. MASSIMO De LUCA !


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