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[ # 1 in the DE LUCA SERIES]
♟️ Spark’s libary 2022


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

©️ Spark’s libary 2022


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogant , billionaire , Age gap , Marriage contract .

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I watched her struggle without helping her …, I just stood staring at her with both hands tucked in my pocket .

” Massimo ”

” Massimo what’s wrong with you do you wanna kill her ? Kristov asked as he jumped into pool to get her out …she was already unconscious and he looked at me before taking her inside .

I ran my fingers in my hair to calm myself down before walking towards my room .

I got in and 4 eyes met mine .

One belonged to kristov and the other To one of our servants Lina who’d basically watched us all grow up to who we where today .

“Is she alife ? I asked Camly .

” She’s fine , but that doesn’t change the fact that you would have killed her , Massimo you have to control yourself ! He said with a dissapointed look in his eyes.

” Don’t give me that sh*t Kristov….we both know she’s pretending …how can she not be Gina …” I asked annoyed .

” I don’t know , although all the proofs points out that she’s Gina , something about her eyes ….speaks the truth ” he said and I looked at him like he’d lost it .

Was he kidding me ?

” Eyes ? Do you even hear yourself? How can her eyes speak the truth ? There is no truth in this life ….who knows that better than us ? I asked and he looked at me sadly .

” I know we are not supposed to feel emotions and stuffs like that , but ….I feel grace isn’t Gina …..just be lenient on her ” he said as he stood up .

” At least tell her to also control her tongue …she makes me loose my grip on every ounce of control when she keeps pressing my anger buttons like that dam**t ” I said and licked my bottom lip .

” Hahahaha ” he laughed.

” You think this is funny ? I asked amused .

” Of course I don’t , I’ve just never seen you so …worked up like this before …with all the crazy things …going on …you’ve always maintained your emotions as the Don ….The strongest … seeing you so angry because of a woman ….is funny ” he laughed.

” Why is she in my room ? I asked Angrily and Lina looked away.

” Massimo …” He trailed .

” In my room Kris ? Do you want us to kill each other before tommorow ? This girl gets on my nerves by the minute ” I said and he chuckled.

” What better way is it to know the truth if you’re not close to her ? I asked .

‘” Oh …. goodness ” I muttered frustratedly .

” Good luck Don ” he said and escused me …

” Get out ! I fired at Lina who ran out immediately .

I glanced at the fragile looking beauty on my bed as she snuggled closer to the bed sheets .

She sniffed and I noticed a trail of tears leave her eyes …I looked away immediately and decided to leave for my office.

I knew my men where efficient .

If she really wasn’t Gina …I’d get the news before the end of the week .

I got into my office and kept getting different calls from the board members of our company .

They all wanted to know if I’ve found Gina …I sat on my chair Quietly as I tapped my hands on the table .

If she wasn’t Gina , was I really gonna let her leave ? …That would further ruin for not just me but the Italian mafia …Gina has to die , she knows more than she’s supposed to .

I opened my laptop and immediately got to work .

I spent the whole evening in the office before walking out to freshen up .

I wonder if the trouble Queen is awake , I wonder what madness she has in store for the night .

How can someone be so fearless ? I’ve never seen anyone that dares to challenge me ….

Not to talk of that tiny butterfly …

Someone I’m seven years Older than , that girl gets on my nerve with her every word .

She even called me an old man , me Massimo …

An Old man ?

Did I loose my charm on women ?

I have never asked a woman to Give herself to me , they do it on their own will .

They obey me and tremble at my feet …

They can never Say a complete sentence that is meant to insult me because …of what I’m capable of doing ….

But Grace …..

I can’t imagine …



I Woke up and Stared into space in pannick .

Am I dead ?

Where am I ?

Jesus ! Is this heaven !

Has the world ended ?

When last did I go to church …? Did I die without quiting my smoking habit ? Different questions filled my mind .

” Sweet Jesus …I know I’m in heaven , but please send me back to earth …i need to make a name for myself and give that wick`ed man a piece of my mind …!

” I can’t die like this please ! .
….so I’m dead ?

I’m Dead and that man sent me to the land of no return ?

” Oh angels ! At least give me the chance to revenge on the Don … please make me a ghost …I need to suck all his bl**D ….

” Even if being a ghost is too expensive over here …at least make me a vampire …or a witch …I can’t die like this …and not create ….” I stopped talking when I heard a door knob and an angel came out of the bathroom …Wet …I stared as the droplets of waters ….flow from his hair …down to his abbs …

Why is it hot in here ….my eyes nearly trailed down to his kingdom and I immediately looked up .

What ….this was not an angel …..!

I glared at him as I pointed at him .

” You shameless ….” I trailed and he just looked at me in confusion .

” I can’t believe of all places to follow me …to , you decided to choose heaven ! …who even let you through the gate ! I yelled at him .

” Heaven ? He asked confused …

” Heaven of course , have you forgotten you threw me in the pool and tried to drown me …I died remember …I died ! I screamed dramatically .

” Did I kidnap a mad woman ? I heard him mutter under his breath .

” Mad woman ? Look I won’t tolerate …” I trailed .

” You’re NOT DEAD ….! He snapped and I opened and closed my mouth like a fish .

” I’m not Dead ? But you …” I trailed.

” Kristov saved you ” he said as he walked over to his dressing mirror .

” Kristov ? Is he my guardian angel ? I didn’t know they exist in real life ” I said smiling and he facepalmed himself.

” Guardian what ? He asked confused .

” Now don’t tell me you didn’t go to school Don ” I said sacarstically.

” I was homeschooled by the most influential and smartest …teachers and proffersos from all over the world ” he said and I looked at him .

” Buyahahahahahayshaha” I laughed in my evil voice .

” Why are you laughing ? He asked confused.

” It doesn’t change the fact that you don’t know what a guardian angel is ” I said arms folded

” That was no guardian angel but my younger brother Kristov ” he said and my jaws dropped .

” Oh …..! Why are you the most cold hearted of them all ? I already met Mr Smart pants and he was so nice …now my guardian angel …” I trailed .

” I’d escuse you before you make me loose it ” he trailed as he walked into his closet .

” MASSIMO ! …SIMO …ANGER ! ….” I screamed angrily and he turned .

” Stop screaming my name like that …? He said Angrily .

” Which one do you prefer ? SIMO ANGEr ? Or DEVIl ? I asked and he clenched and he uncleanched his fists .

” Massimo …! Just set me free …I’m not your prisoner ….? ” I said and he just ignored me whiskt picking a night out fit .

” SIMO ..’ I called .

” SIMO….”

” SIMO ….!

” SIMO mo. …..! I called and he paused then turned .

” What ? He asked.

” Did Gina break your heart ? Is that why you wanna murder her in cold bl**D ? I asked and he looked at me.

” Only Fools fall in love …I have NO HEART ” he said and focused on bringing out his things .

” SIMO …” I trailed.

” MASSIMO ” he corrected.

” It’s the same thing ” I grinned.

” It’s not the same thing ” I fired at him.

He removed his towel and I immediately shut my eyes …..DID I really see his Rod or I’m dreaming ?

” MASSIMO ! I screamed in pannick.

” What ? I heard his sexy voice and I opened my eyes as he wore his loose shirt ..

” How could you be so shameless to change infront of me ! I screamed in anger .

He looked at me and wore his fancy slippers as he strolled outside .

” Massimo …! You need to apologise to me first for kidnapping me and beating me up …!

” I did not beat you up ” he said hands tucked in his pocket .

” Ahhh ? You are an experienced lier massimo …you beat me up ” I said pointing at him .

‘ You need a doctor ! He said and my jaws literally dropped.

” How dare you ,I don’t need a doctor I’m not do one who goes around commiting different crimes , you’d soon meet your doom ! I screamed.

” Do me a favour grace …!

” Wow you called me grace ? That means you’ve agreed to send me home ? Say whatever you want Oldie and I’d do it , I can even polish your shoes ” I grinned.

” SHUT UP ” He said and I glared daggers at him .

” You know with the way you frown 24/7 ….before you know it you’d look 20 times older than you are now ….

” You’re the only woman on Earth who thinks I’m old kitten ” he said.

” Of course and it’s because that’s my talent …,that’s what i was born to do ….to put arrogant people to their place ! I said and he stared at me shocked.

” That’s your talent ? He asked.

” You’re still asking ? I already told you that’s what I was born to do ! I said grinning .

” Hello …Kristov ya …I think the incident at the pool has gotten her insane …ya please come check if the nuts in her brain are still complete ” he said over the phone and my jaws dropped .



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