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[ # 1 in the DE LUCA SERIES]
♟️ Spark’s libary 2022


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

©️ Spark’s libary 2022


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogant , billionaire , Age gap , Marriage contract .

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I walked into his closet and scanned through his clothes …I frowned immediately I saw all his clothes .


All he had where dark clothes …and when they where white they where boringly white …

Okay if boringly is even a word ?

He had such boring fashion sense .

I saw different brands like ..Dior , Gucci , balanciaga , varsarsh , Louis Vuitton , Calvin Klein and the least goes on ….

I went to the large mirror as I displayed different caps and wore his huge shoes ….wow they felt like Boats on my legs as I shook my butts while checking myself out .

” Small a*s shaking ! I hailed myself and chuckled .

I opted for his Black polo shirt that swallowed my cute frame .

…I checked myself out in the mirror and saw my bag …at the last end .

” Wow ” I grinned as I ran over to it .

I checked inside and saw my phone and tried to switch it on but the battery had run down .

I frowned and noticed my dancing shoes .

I made a mental note to get some practice real soon .

I stood up and wore the foamy room slippers properly as I pulled my hair into two ponies ..

I noticed my firm breasts pointing straight … showing off my nipples.

I licked my lips softly and walked out of my room …I badly need to get something in my stomach before I loose it .

I walked Downstairs and servants where walking around in dark clothes and white apron ..

It felt like they where robots no one smiles and they all had the same tattoos on their neck signifying the mafia .

These people are dangerous….I looked around and noticed how luxurious and beautiful this place was .

I swallowed down nothing as I walked down .

” What are you doing Down here ? I heard a very powerful Voice and in early shrunk .

I turned as my mouth opened and closed like a fish.

He was a younger Version of oldie but he still looked young and sexy .

Maybe his Dad .

” Good morning sir ! I said and he looked at me amused .

” You where asked to stay in your room ” he said and I frowned .

” Says who ? I asked immediately and his cold eyes looked my way .

I stood staring at him unafraid. If these people think they can make me cower with fear , then they don’t know who grace morano is .

I refuse to die in silence.

” Says the Don . You shouldn’t joke with Massimo …he kills without mercy ” he said and I felt cold on my feet .

” That doesn’t change the fact that he kidnapped an innocent girl to satisfy his evil skims ….what do you De LUCA’s want from me ? I’ve told you I’m not Gina …I don’t look like her …but no you’ve decided not to let me be happy ….how can you blame me if I ……” I was saying and he smirked.

” Someone gave us information of your whereabouts …. grace ! …Sold you off ” he said and my jaws dropped.

” What ! ” I said as my voice shook in despear

” Who sold me off ? Is it my mom ? Was it Hector ! I asked frustratedly and the man just drank his coffee like I wasn’t talking in front of me .

Tears hung in my eyes as I looked at him.

” You all knew I’m not Gina already …you just want to keep me here for your selfish end…! I spat .

” You should be greatful for the fact that you are alife ..Grace. ….they normally don’t stay alife for long ” he said and I felt a rotten feeling at the pit of my stomach .

” This is not fair ! I have a life back at home , y’all think your high and mighty by hurting me like this ” I said as i sniffed back the tears in my eyes .

” This way gentlemen ! I heard someone say whilst leading the men towards the Conference room .

He got up and I called him .

” Mr De LUCA ! I called and he turned to me .

I tried to form a word but failed woefully. He walked Away and I scattered the table Angrily as I cried .

My hand bled as tears kept rolling uncontrollably .

How could my mom do this to me !

She’s definitely the cause of all my problems ! If someone would destroy my life , who else would it be if not for her ? I asked as I cried .

” Madam ” Lina said in pannick as she walked over to me and helped me dress my wound I just sat staring into space .

” Is the Don around ? I asked Camly .

” He arrived An hour ago ma’am but he used his other room ” she said and I faked a smile.

” Where is he now ? I asked .

” Currently having a meeting madam ” she said and I smiled.

” Can you please get me something to eat ? I asked and she gave a nod .

She walked away and I stormed towards his Conference Room .

” The mafia must not know she’s not gina , not until we find the real Gina ” I heard someone say and I badged in immediately .

” What are you doing here ? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a meeting ” Massimo Asked Angrily .

He looked handsome and elegant in his three piece suit …I saw many eyes staring at me

” What are you doing here I’m in a meeting Da*mit ! He screamed at me and I stormed over to him as I picked the glass of water and splashed it on him …!

Gasps filled the air as they stared at me in shock .

” WTF” he cursed .

” DON ….You now let your wh*res storm into an important meeting ? Even the future Donna has no right to interrupt the meeting of the familia !one of them fired in italian .

” Wh*res huh ! It’s your wife that’s a wh*re that’s if you have one , infact your daughter is a wh*re …..! I said and Massimo stood up ….

” This meeting is ….called off , escuse me gentlemen ” he said and pulled me With him …his grip on my wrist was very tight and painful .

” Massimo let me go ! ….Oldie …you criminal …! I kept screaming while beating his hands …

I sinked my teeth in his arm as blood showed but he didn’t even Wince .

” Let me go …Massimo ! ….I kept screaming as I felt the urge to cry ….

” Where are you taking me ? Are you trying to kill me ? I’m not your slave I’d ” I said voice shaking at the edge as he threw me Into the pool .

And got in …

“Massimo let me go ….! I said as he walked behind me and grab`bed me by the n*ck …

“Mass….” I couldn’t finish my words as my head dipped into the water .

Was he trying to k*ll me ? ….I struggled with him ….as ….I lost every means of air …

I’d really pushed the buttons to far this time around .

” MASSIMO ! I heard someone scream his name .

” DONT you dare step your legs in this pool Emelio or I’d …fu*king K*ll you ! He said and brought out my head .

” Would you listen to me now ” he asked and I could feel him behind me …so close skin to skin ….

” You’re an An*Mal Massimo … your Hear*less ….What are you waiting for …do it ? I snapped angrily and felt his lips on my neck ..

” Don’t you Dare it ….! I cried

” You keep pushing my buttons Grace …! .” He said and I struggled for him to let me go as his hands skimmed the Hem of my shirt .

I bit my lips tight to stop the Sobs that threatened to escape my lips .

Tears brimmed in my eyes .

I noticed the Emelio guy had left …id thought it was Sergio at first , guess they’re twins .

” Do you know the implications of the stunt you pulled in the middle of my meeting grace ! Do you know who I am ! He spat .

” You’re nothing but a DUST ! I screamed angrily and he turned me over .

I tried to Swim over and he pulled me back Making us fight in the pool .

He grabbed my thighs and slammed me at the tiled ..edges of the pool ..

” Ah ..! I cried out .

” You’re Wild grace ! He said as he stared at me but I did nothing but glared daggers at him .

His hazel eyes and his silky hair …not me not get started with his plump pink lips .

It was unfair for such an inhumane person to have such a body and face .

” Massimo ….let me go ” I spat and cried out Angrily as he snuggled his face on my neck .

” You ….keep testing my patience grace and I still don’t know why I let you live ” he said and I pushed his face .

” One more word and I bend you over. And trust me …you won’t use those preety legs of yours when I’m done with you ! He spat angrily and I swallowed down nothing .

” You should know your place and never show up on my meetings ! He spat and I glared at him .

” I’d show up … everywhere and even hunt you in your dreams ….till you let me go ! I spat angrily and he smirked at me .

” You’d be carrying my heir … by then ! He said and my jaws dropped .

” Keep on dreaming Massimo … I’m not Gina …I’d never give myself to a crim`inal ” I spat frustratedly.

” It’s not your decision to make …grace , The decision has been taking ….We would find Gina …but on the main time …you would take her place ….! .

” I’m not Gina …I’d never marry a man like you I’d rather …! I trailed and sneazed badly .

” You have a tongue as sharp as razor ” he said as his hands trailed my lips .

” You have a heart as black as charcoal ” I spat angrily and he came out of the pool then pulled me out .

I tried to Walk and my legs failed me again as I sneezed badly …

” Oldie …” I trailed and sneezed again .

” Just look at you …, A while ago you kept running your mouth like a tap and now you’re folded like a jumping chiken ” he said and i glared at him .

” My Ancestors would never let you live in peace ! I spat and he stared at me both hands in his pocket and eyebrows raised .

” Your ancestors are not in peace themselves so how can they steal my peace ? He asked and I threw the nearest object at him which he dodged

” WT….” He trailed as I removed my slippers and threw it at him ….

” Grace …I know you’ve gone Nuts ” he said and my other slippers flew passed his Head .

” You’re Definitely Mad ” I screamed .


Why do you think the Don wants to marry grace ?

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