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SOLD TO THE DEVIL – Episode 15



? EPISODE 15 ?

” Shannon??” He called
Shannon ran toward him and hugged him tightly to herself,, he was speechless with the way she tighten her grip on him. He didn’t move,,,,

” I missed you so much Luther,, you promised to come back, but you didn’t ” She said in tears and Luther suddenly felt guilty. He hugged her back
” I really missed you so much ” Shannon muttered again

They were like that for few minutes before disengaging

Luther wiped her tears and smiled,,

” You must have missed me so much,, how did you know I was here??” He asked
” I just found myself here,,,I guess am going to die if I don’t see you that moment ” Shannon said
” You can’t,,, ” Luther chuckled
” The flower,, ” Shannon said

” Oh,,, it’s for Alyssa. You want some too??” He asked
‘When did he become this caring?’ Shannon thought
” Alyssa ” Luther muttered as he listened to her thought
” I see,,,,that human changed you ” Shannon said

Luther ignored what she said and handed over the flower to her,,,

” It smell really good,, ” She said
” Yeah,,come on ” Luther said and they both walked out of the store.
” How have you being??” Shannon asked as they entered the car together
” Great,,you??”
” Sad,worried,broken,,,,,” she burst into tears
” Stop Shannon,,” Luther said

” But that’s the truth,,, I missed you so much. I feel so empty without you,,, that human,,,,took you away from me,,”
” Don’t bring her into this,, you caused it ”
” That’s not true,,,I know you Luther,, even if I didn’t hide the truth from you,, it wasn’t going to change anything,,, ”

Luther sighed and held her hand,,,

” It’s time for you to move on Shannon,, you are,,,,”
” No I don’t want to,, I can’t,, I want you,,I don’t mind being your mistress. Let me just stay by your side, I feel so empty without you ” Shannon said and hugged him.

Luther sighed as she cried on his shoulder,, what is he going to do about her right now??

” Shannon,,, stop the tears ” He said
” Until you take me back,, I won’t ” She said staring into his eyes
” But I can’t,, ”
” She doesn’t even give you what you want,,you also need me Luther, and you know that. ” Shannon said

” No,,,I don’t ” He said and started the car
” Where are we going right now??” Shannon asked
” Am taking you home Shannon,,you need to rest. And please forget about me,,,,” Luther said
” You are throwing me off again,,,why?? Am I that ugly that you don’t want me?? Do I suddenly make you,,,,,,”

” Shannon stop!!!” Luther yelled and she broke into tears again
” I,,,I think,, am going crazy already,,,, I am going crazy ” She muttered and buried her face in her palm

The rest of the drive was silent until Luther stopped in front of her house,,,,

” We are here ” Luther said but got no response
He turned and discovered she was asleep,,or maybe too weak to walk?
He got down from the car and carried her into the house,,,

He entered her room and dropped her on the bed,,he sighed and turned to leave. Shannon grab his hand weakly,,

” Please,,, don’t leave me,,,,” She muttered gently
” Stay with me,,Luther ” She said again
” It’s okay,, you should sleep. Am not going anywhere ” Luther said
” Thank you ” She replied and immediately slept off while Luther sat down watching her.


Her eyes followed him as he carried his bag and walked out of classroom just like other students,, it’s closing hour already.

She also watched as Lenora went out,,she sighed and carried her backpack also going out.

” Get out of the way!! Freak!! ” one of the students shouted at her
She turned and wasn’t surprised to see Nora,the school biggest bully. But she’s more surprised that she have never tried confronting Lenora,does she know about her power??

” Am sorry ” Isla murmured and gave way for Nora and her crew to pass,,everyone knows her,,she hardly talk
She continue walking and right in front of her is Lenora staring at the new student Austin,

Just as many girls drooling,, is she also one of them??

‘ Isla,,now is your opportunity to tell her ‘ her mind whispered,, but she’s not even bold enough to face Lenora.

She shook her head and went her way,,,maybe probably some other time she can tell her,,Austin is nothing but a spy,a prey at that.

” Hey Pretty witch ” Austin said to Lenora
” F**k off ” Lenora muttered
” Your driver is not here yet ” Austin said
” I said don’t talk to me,,don’t you ever listen?? Just leave me alone ” Lenora said

” I just,,,,” he was interrupted when Lenora walked out on him

Her driver just arrived

He bite his lips,,

‘ okay,,you just failed this time ‘ his mind whispered

” shut up Serafino ” he snapped

That’s the name of his guardian wolf,,,
” Ooookay ” Serafino replied


Alyssa stared out of the window,, why is he not home yet?? It’s really late,and why is his phone switched off??

She couldn’t sleep without him,, she sighed sadly and sat down on the nearest chair. She laid her head on the table gently and few minutes later,she fell asleep.


Luther sighed still watching Shannon who is yet to wake up,,it’s really getting late and he knew Alyssa will be so worried about him.

Just then Shannon opened her eyes slowly,,she seemed surprised to see Luther beside her.

” You,,stayed ” She muttered and Luther nodded before getting up
” You’re awake,,I should get going ” He said.
Shannon also stood up,,,
” This,,won’t be the last time right??” She asked

Luther was quiet for some seconds,,he didn’t say a word. Instead he pulled her closer and placed his lips on hers kissing her,,old feelings all over her mind the moment his lips met hers. She also closed her eyes getting the best out of it,,,,

She really missed his lips on hers,she missed his scent,she missed his taste,she missed him inside her,she missed everything.

After some minutes,, he stopped and they both caught their breath.

” Forget about me Shannon,,,,,,, please ” Luther said and with that he walked out


? Awwn Look At That Faithful Boy ???

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