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Write And Get Paid Terms And Conditions



We are constantly inviting submissions under our projects. We welcome writers to go through them and follow the instructions before making a submission.


1. Online submission only; no hard copies.

2. If you are submitting for the first time, please mail your brief profile (100 words) and high resolution photograph.

3. Submissions should be in English only.

4. Submitted stories must have a minimum of 50 episodes or chapters with not less than 1000 words on each episode or chapter.

5. Stories will be edited and processed. If there is a need for refining the story or any bigger change needs to be made other than grammar/sentence/spellings, the team will consult the author or request the author to make the necessary amends.

6. The editor’s decisions will be final and non-negotiable.

7. Any story submitted can’t be withdrawn within the first 30 days of submission. In case the author receives no communication from us within 30 days of submission, he or she can inform us via an email and take the submission elsewhere.

8. When we receive the submissions, we assume that the author has read our Terms & Conditions, as specified below. If any author hasn’t then we shall not be held responsible for his carelessness.


1.     You represent that any material, notes, stories, poems, excerpts, books, other pieces of literary work (“Work”) submitted by you or on your instructions, to the owner of the website #Cool_Stories_22 (“Website Owner”) is your  original creation and does not breach any other person’s copyright or other intellectual property rights. You agree and undertake that you shall be solely responsible for any claims or liabilities, made, awarded or arising on account of any breach of copyright by you or this representation. If the Website Owner or any member of its employees, advisors, consultants or publishers have to face or defend any legal action or proceedings on account of allegation, claim or finding of breach of copyright by you or any claim is awarded against them you shall be solely responsible for costs and consequences thereof and shall keep the Website Owner or any member of its employees, advisors, consultants or publishers fully indemnified in this regard. 

2.     You further agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and by submitting Work to the Website Owner you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions.

3.     You agree that your act of submitting Work to the Website Owner expressly amounts to grant of an exclusive unconditional license on the Work, to the Website Owner. You further agree that such license is terminable only with mutual written consent of the Website Owner.  Provided, however, the Website Owner will have the right to reject or remove your Work in writing after submission or at any other time, without assigning any reason, in which case the aforesaid license shall be deemed to terminate. The Website Owner is not obliged to entertain any correspondence from you or any other party in this regard. 

4.     The Website Owner has absolute discretion to remove the Work from the Website  at any time without assigning any reason.

5.     The Website Owner may permit publication of the Work by you in any other media (electronic, print or any other media) by granting prior written consent subject to the publisher wherever else the Work is published, it should be expressly stated in a prominent place, that the Work is sourced from the Website Owner. 

6.     The Website Owner shall endeavour to get the Work published in other websites and other media but shall have no contractual or legal obligation to do so, nor be liable in any manner on failure to do so. In the event that the Work is published elsewhere on account of the Website Owner’s efforts, then the Website Owner shall have the exclusive right to negotiate and agree the terms of such publication including any consideration agreed to be paid by the publisher. The Website Owner shall pay to you, half of the amount of such consideration agreed after it is paid to, and received by the Website Owner, after deducting expenses incurred by the Website Owner in pursuing publication of the Work. You agree and undertake to accept the representation made to you by Website Owner and document in support thereof, of the amount of Compensation agreed and paid, as being true and correct. The Website Owner will not be obliged to share with you any vouchers or bills or break up of expense and expense sheet shared with you shall be considered final proof of expense made.  

7. You further agree and undertake that pursuant to the Website Owner’s attempts to get the Work published elsewhere, if any document or contract or other material is required to be signed by you in respect of your Work and its publication, you will enter into such contract or undertakings as the Website Owner or any third party publisher may reasonably require from you, in order to get the Work published by such third party publisher.

8.      You agree that any dispute or differences arising between you and Website Owner will be resolved amicably in the first instance.

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