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❤♨️♨️ IN
Yesterday, I decided to texted Stacy Kale, my formal cheerleading coach for help, she told me to come to the gym today.

Yes, I decided choose cheerleading because that’s the only sports I’m good at.

Asher has already signed me up for the pageant, so I can’t back out again. I have to take this pageant seriously. The rounds of the event contains personal interviews, sports, swimsuits and evening gowns showcases. Miss California (adult) will be the top judge that will say the winner.

They allowed us to pick our sport wears (talent) but the dresses, swim suits and gowns are already picked by them.

I’m surprised that Wendy is also participating in the competition.

My mom knows about this and she’s happy about it.

I don’t wanna join this beauty pageant but I have to even though it’s really a big decision but I’ll try for me, my mom and mostly Sadie.

I’m currently in the car on my way to the gym, Asher’s driving.

I seriously worried about this, what if I didn’t win? How will my mom get the money to treat Sadie? She’s like a little sister to me. I don’t want anything to happen to her. I’m so scared.

“Hey babe, why are you quiet this whole time?” Asher asked as he touched my thigh.

I smiled at Asher “Nothing I’m just nervous.”

Asher scoffed “Calm down, there’s no need to be nervous, just be confident like those times you used to compete during cheer leading competition. Besides, you’re not supposed to be nervous, you must be confident.”

I grinned “Thanks babe.”

“No problem, Riles.”

I scoffed I’m disbelief “I can’t believe I’m going back to cheer leading.”

“You better believe it.” Asher laughed.

Few moments later, we arrived at the gym, Asher parked the car at the parking lot.

We got out of the car, held hands together and walked into the gym, I headed to the changing room and took of my clothes, wore my grey sport bra and black leggings, wore a white sneakers and fixed my hair in ponytail.

I came out and met Asher waiting, I walked closer to him and he kissed my head before I opened the door and enter the gym hall.

“So I have to go and stay with Jacob, call me when you’re done with your cheer practice.” Asher said.


“Bye.” he said and kissed my lips then walked out of the gym.

I turned and was surprised to see Stacy training Maddie.

Maddie was doing the cheer scorpion pose, she smiled as she saw me.

“HI coach Stacy, hi Maddie.” I greeted.

“Hey Riley, what’s up?” she grinned as she put her leg down and was walking towards me.

I gave her a suspicious look as she approached me and hugged me, we disengaged the hug.

“So coach Stacy is your coach?” I asked.

“Yeah, she’s always our cheer coach.” Maddie shrugged.

“Why were you sneaking around Asher’s house?” I asked and Maddie became nervous immediately.

“When?” she asked.

I shrugged “You know, the day before yesterday, what were you doing?”

Maddie paused for a second, gasped and laughed “Ohh, I remember, Olivia called me there to see her but I can’t find her then I noticed you and Asher were having some time alone then I decided to sneak away instead of interrupting.” Maddie lied.

I can tell she’s lying but she plays with her nails when she lies.

Seriously? All that lie just came up in her mind for a second without any mistake? Nice.

I smiled “Okay, I believe you.” I lied just to play along.

Maddie smiled “Okay so…”

“Girls, we don’t have time conversation, we have just one week to get prepared for the pageant.” coach Stacy snapped.

“Okay, coach Stacy.” we said simultaneously and we carried our pom poms and I split with my legs.

Yeah, I’m flexible, not bragging though.

“So girls, since it’s the two of you I’ll be training for the pageant and you guys aren’t team, I have to make a schedule for the both of you, I must train one of you first before the other everyday.” coach Stacy suggested.

“Let Riley be the first, Stacy.” Maddie said.

I stood up with a frown at Maddie “Really, what about you?”

Maddie shrugged “C’mon, you’re like a sister to me and you got babysitting job to do.”

I nodded “Yeah, you’re right, thanks by the way.”

“You’re welcome.” Maddie smirked as she headed straight to the bench and sat down.

Stacy sighed “Okay Riley.” she carried her opened laptop “So I quickly put some amazing cheer dances together for you in three days, not to difficult because we only have a week and it’s been long since you ever do any cheer leading.”

“Really because I would love it, I don’t even want to be stressed like that.”

“Yeah but this dance involves confident, flexibility and stunts, I know how flexible you are because you were once in my team.”

“Wait how flexible?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, you’re even gonna love it, watch this.” Stacy said and she clicked a video and showed me.

It’s different videos in one video of each cheer leader dancing different steps, stunts, flexibilities and some good cheer chants.

It’s so good and a little easy, good thing I was a cheerleader.

I nodded “I think I can do this.” I said.

Stacy gave me a look “You think? Don’t say that, say I can do it.”

“I can do it.” I said nervously.

“With confident!” Stacy yelled.

“I can do it.” I said with confident.


“I can do it!!!” I yelled.

“What did you say?”

“I CAN DO IT!!!”


“I CAN DO IT!!!!!!” I cheered loudly and was jumping.


Maddie grinned at me and gave me a very good sign with her hand.

Few minutes later, Stacy made me do the cheer scorpion pose on a pink fly right for five minutes.

Later on, she made me jump and tumble on a blue tumbling skill cushion for 3 minutes.

Later, she made me stretch my leg up with a door stunt strap and so on.

After two hours of hard training, Stacy also gave Maddie a hard training, she picked a song and cheer chants for each of us to practice at home.

Few minutes later, Stacy went home to her husband and kids.

I called Asher to pick me up, Asher said he’s on his way.

Maddie and I are still in the gym, lying on the floor feeling extremely exhausted.

I groaned “Urgh!! Cheer leading is hard.”

“No kidding.” Maddie added.

I scoffed “I can’t believe I’m doing this cheer leading again.”

“Well it’s for your family, but you sure you want this?” Maddie asked.

“Are you kidding me? I missed this but I also love my babysitting job, I get to take care with babies and even get paid, but I never thought that I loved cheer leading, I mean… I only did this to make my ex boyfriend Ken jealous and I didn’t even like him anymore.” I said.

“Well, at least you did something that you want and that’s what really matters.” Maddie said.

I smiled at her “Thanks Maddie.”

Maddie let out a small giggle.

I might really like her but I’m still suspecting her, why would she lie to me? What’s she really doing in Asher’s house? What’s going on?

“Riley?” I heard my love’s cute voice.

I stood up, grinned at him and him “Hey babe.” we hugged and kissed.

“Ahem!” Maddie faked like she cleared her throat.

We looked at her “Um, since you two wanna have some time alone, just to remind you that I’m still here.” Maddie said and we laughed.

“Let’s go.” Asher said and left the gym.

Maddie and I carried our cheer sport bags “I knew you two would date each other, I bet you’ve even slept with him.” Maddie teased.

I rolled my eyes “Stop it Maddie, but we’re a thing now.” I said proudly and we both squealed.

We walked out of the gym and waved each other goodbye.

I entered Asher’s car and he drove off.

“Hey Riley.” Jacob greeted.

“Hey Jacob, how’s camping?” I asked.

“It was awesome, we did camp fire song, we ate s’mores, cakes, hamburgers and I made a lot of friends.”

I gasped “That’s amazing.”

“So how’s practice?” Asher asked.

I groaned “It was exhausting, cheer leading is hard, if we get home, I’m gonna drink a cup of hot cocoa and milk, take a long hot shower with French vanilla smell and take a long nap till tomorrow before the cheer practice.”

Asher groaned “Great, no time for us together.”

I smirked “You can sleep beside me in my bedroom.”

Asher shrugged and smiled “Fair enough.”

“And me?” Jacob grinned.

“No!” Asher exclaimed.

“Yes Jacob, and you.” I said.


Asher mouthed silently “What?”

I gave him a glare and he groaned.

A week later, I’ve learned the cheer leading dance routines, I gotta say, it’s not easy at all but not too difficult, I tried.

Honestly I’m really nervous.

Yesterday, we contestants rehearsed in the Los Angeles Hall.

10 girls are participating in the beauty pageant. Me, Maddie, Olivia, Jenny, Wendy, Fiona, one of the cheerleader and other four girls.

Maddie and I are cheer leading, Olivia is doing gymnastics because she doesn’t want us to be the same, Jenny is dancing ballet because she’s not interested in cheer leading, Wendy is dancing hip hop, Fiona is playing guitar.

One of the other four girls is playing piano, one is dancing to jazz music, one is singing and the last one but not the least is drawing.

They’re all beautiful and talented, that’s making me so scared.

*In the afternoon*
We’re currently in the dressing room, in white robes, the makeup artists applied beautiful makeup on all our faces.

Mine is golden brown eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, fake eyelashes, foundations, blush and pinkish red lip gloss, my hair fixed in curly high ponytail.

I noticed that Jenny’s glaring at me while the makeup artist is fixing hers.

I rolled my eyes and minded my business.

Few minutes later, all of us were checking our evening gown and wow…

My dress is amazing, it’s a green fluffy sleeves tulle gown with slit.

“Olivia, Maddie, Wendy, check out my dress” I grinned and Maddie, Wendy and Olivia approached me with their own evening gowns. Olivia’s gown is a grey feather embroidery dress with peacock design on it, while Maddie’s dress is a plain white strapless gown.

Wendy’s dress is a black mermaid sleeveless long dress showing her curves.

“Wow, your gowns are also amazing.” I complimented.

“Thanks, yours isn’t so bad.” Olivia replied.

“It’s lovely.” Maddie said.

“I know.”

We put our dresses back in the wardrobes, we also saw our swimsuits and our first wears.

Olivia and Maddie went back to their places.

“Riley!” I heard my mom’s voice. She’s approaching us with a big box.

I was shocked to see her “Mom, what are you doing here? I thought you’re with Sadie in the hospital”

My mom shrugged “Sadie’s mom is with her and I just wanna check on my baby and show you the evening dress I wore during my high school prom, your dad and I were the prom king and queen that time.”

I scoffed “But mom, that’s during your time not nowadays, that was prom, this is beauty pageant and besides, they already choose the gowns we’re gonna wear.”

My mom pouted “But…”

“Mom, I’m okay with this dress, I’ll wear that gown next time maybe prom, okay, I promise.” I said and my mom is a little bad.

I hugged my mom tightly “I’m just glad you’re here, I love you mom.”

My mom hugged me back “I love you too my Jelly Bean. Good luck.” she said as she disengaged and left the dressing room with the box.

I really hate the way Riley is smiling with her friends.

I don’t feel like sabotaging Riley because I know I’m gonna win, I’m so hot and beautiful.

I’ll leave the ugly Riley and her yucky friends because I don’t have time nonsense.

Few minutes later, all our teachers and coaches of our talents including Stacy came to encourage us.

“Remember what I’ve thought you two okay? One of you must win.” Stacy said.

“Yes coach Stacy.” Maddie and I said simultaneously.

Five hours had passed, it’s 4:48, that means it’s remaining 15 minutes for introduction and personal interview.

We already set up our dresses for it, mine is a black and red suit dress with a golden belt.

I kept the outfit on the table with Olivia and Maddie’s outfit. Olivia’s dress is light pink spaghetti strap strapless lace dress while Maddie’s dress is amazing.

A long blue maxi sparkling v-neck mermaid evening dress.

I got a text message from Ken, he said that I should meet him outside the dressing room.

I groaned as I left the dressing room leaving Maddie and Olivia in the room alone with my dress.

I stood outside and was looking for Ken.

Someone hugged my from behind and kissed my cheek. I knew it’s Ken.

I pushed him away and gave him a dirty slap.

“Ow!” Asher cried as he covered his cheek with his hand.

I used my palm to covered my mouth in surprised.

“What’s that for?” Asher whined.

I hugged Asher“Oh my God Asher, I’m so sorry, I thought you’re K…”

Oh no, Asher must not know about Ken disturbing me, he’ll be furious.

“I thought you’re in the hall with my mom.” I said.

“Yeah, I just came here to check on you then I received a big slap from my girlfriend.” Asher complained.

“I’m sorry.” I pouted.

Asher shrugged “It’s okay, I just wanna check on mah beautiful bebe.” he said playfully as he hugged me tightly.

I giggled as he gave me pecked my cheeks.

I sighted Jenny glaring at us, I smirked as I kissed Asher on the lips, we pulled away and we are looking at each other eye to eye.

Asher smiled “Wow, you look beautiful.”

I smiled “You haven’t seen anything.”

Asher chuckled and hugged me tighter, Jenny is still glaring at me.

I disengaged the hug “I have to go get dressed.” I said.

“Okay, I’ll be at the audience with your mom cheering for you.” Asher cheered playfully, I laughed and he walked.

I smiled as he’s walking away, he’s so cute, lovely handsome and romantic, his black hair is naturally wet even without water, his eyes blue like Pacific Ocean, his pinkish lips…

“Wow, he’s so handsome, isn’t he?” I heard Jenny’s annoying voice.

I rolled my eyes as I turned to her “I don’t have time for you Jenny.”

“If you don’t have time, you would have hurry and get dressed by now, bitch.” Jenny scoffed.

I noticed that Jenny and other girls are dressed, but I’m still in my white robe.

I groaned with my eyes rolled and I entered the dressing room and was shocked of what I just saw.

My black and red suit that I’m suppose to wear in 10 minutes, shredded in pieces with scissors.

“Arrgghhh!!!” I screamed.

People came to check what’s going on.

“Riley, are you okay?”

“What’s wrong?” Olivia asked.

“What’s going on?”

“My clothes!!” I cried.

Olivia was shocked as we went to the table, carried the pieces of clothes, the person didn’t even pity the clothes.

“Who did this?” Stacy asked.

Everyone denied, Jenny is smirking at me.

Stacy noticed Jenny “Jennifer?”

Jenny raised her hand in surrender “Whoa people!! Chill, I’m not the one that shredded Riley’s ugly outfit, I’m beyond that.”

I sighed “Jenny’s right, she didn’t do this, she was with me this whole time.“

“But who did this?”

The fashion stylist came to me and hugged me “Don’t worry Riley, we’ll figure out who did this to your clothes and he or she will get punished, I promise.”

I nodded and everyone went back to their positions.

“Riley look.” Olivia nudged my arm and I sighted Maddie hiding a pair of scissors in her bag.

My eyes went wide, Why would Maddie do such?

“Do you think…?” Olivia paused.

I shook my head in disbelief “Nah, Maddie won’t do such a thing.”

“Are you sure?” Olivia asked.

I shrugged and cringed. I don’t know what to say. Maddie is my close friend, she’s the one that made me popular in school, why would she do such a thing?

Haha!! I’m a bad girl.

I’m the one that cut Riley’s clothes into pieces with scissors.

I must be the winner of this competition, I must be the Miss California Teen and no one’s going to stop me.


By Authoress Tolu Writes ❤❤❤
❌❌Do Not Copy And Repost ❌❌

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