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❤ ???? ??????❤
I smirked starring at the sad b*tch in front of me, weeping.

I’m only acting like her best friend because I want to take what’s mine away from her.

I was acting like Maddie’s best friend so that I would be the cheer captain, I wanted to be the Miss California and I was the most popular girl in LA High but ever since Riley mixed here, she ruined everything for me.

She took away my spot of being Maddie’s bestie, teenage Miss California and LA High most popular girl, she’s a stumbling block standing in my way so I decided to ruin her life.

Useless bitch!!!!

Now she’s helplessly crying. Idiot.

Riley shook her head “I can’t believe you’ll betray me.”

I shrugged “That’s my thing.”

“But even if this is my fault then why did you bring Asher into this?” Riley asked.

“Because he refused to be my boyfriend.” Jenny answered.

I smiled and held Jenny’s hand “I got this bestie.” I whispered and Jenny nodded.

I glared at Riley “Because, when we’re still in New York, I was selling illegal drugs to my customers secretly, until that your useless boyfriend snitched on me to the cops and I got arrested. I decided to escape from prison to have my revenge on him.”

Riley shook her head in disbelief and I scoffed.

“I spied on both of you having sex with each other so I made a video and edited it so that the cops will think Asher’s raping you and I got what I want, he was arrested.” I said proudly.

Riley wanted to talk but…

“Don’t you dare talk when I’m talking b*tch, I’m not done here!!” I yelled angrily “I’m the one who sabotaged your clothes during the pageant do that you can lose but for some stupid reason, you won. I didn’t even regret what I just did. I did this just to make everyone hate you and now they hate you and it feels so good to me.” I grinned like a maniac.

Riley clenched her fist and started walking towards me to hit me then I removed my gun and pointed it at her.

I smiled “So, how’s my acting?”

Riley became scared “Olivia, drop that gun.”

I pouted “Why should I? You deserve to die and go to hell.”

“Olivia, please…” Riley pleaded.

I bursted into an evil loud laughter and grinned.

I’m heartless, no one can stop me from killing Riley. She dies in…




I pulled the trigger to shoot her but it didn’t work, I pulled again but still.

I frowned in confusion, but I loaded this gun in the morning.

I smirked “Do you really think I’ll even follow you to this party? Do you think I’m stupid?”

“Yah!” I kicked the gun out of Olivia’s hand and grabbed her head.

“Argh! Riley! Let go of me! Jenny help me!!” Olivia winced.

Jenny scoffed “I will never help the girl that’s trying to kill my daughter.”


“What!!” Olivia yelled.

“I’m on Riley’s side from on” Jenny smirked.

“Riley, I said let me go!” Olivia yelled as I was dragging her hair.

I begin to laugh like a maniac “Maddie, you got the video?”

Maddie came out with her phone “I even filmed it live on Instagram.”

“Good.” I smirked as I released Olivia and gave her a big hot slap.

Olivia smirked “You do realize that you just filmed yourself hurting me?”

“Oh, I cut that one out. I just videoed you confessing all your crimes.” Maddie replied.

“Asher! Officers! Ken! Dad! You come out now?” I yelled and Asher and the officers came out of their hiding spots.

Olivia was confused “How did all this happen?”

“I’ll tell you.” Asher and I said simultaneously.

I’ve been suspecting Olivia because she was my best friend before Riley comes, she was a rude, heartless and wicked bully.

I even warned her many times to stop bullying but she didn’t listen. But when Riley was enrolled in our school.

Olivia gossiped behind her “Riley is a stupid and ugly slut.” she was saying that a lot but I didn’t mind her.

Riley and I became close friends, all of a sudden Olivia begin to be closer to Riley till they became besties.

I tried to warn Riley but she didn’t believe me so I stopped warning her thinking that Olivia has really changed to me too.

Till one day I was passing by Asher’s house then I saw Olivia peeping through the window and was filming on her phone.

I secretly checked the house and saw Asher and Riley having sex. What’s Olivia’s problem? Why is she filming them? I think she’s up to no good for Riley.

I brought out my phone and took multiple pics of her spying on Riley and Asher and sneaked back into my car. I thought Riley saw me that day that’s why she’s suspecting me.

So I showed her the pic in her house, I wanted to show the police to prove that Asher’s innocent but she stopped me to make a plan to expose Olivia.

I even hacked into the LA Hall security system and saw the security footage of Olivia using my scissors to cut Riley’s interview wear, she poured ink on her evening dress and even cut her bra, then stole her cheer uniform. So wicked.

I leaned on my car, in front of the gym building, waiting for Riley outside, pressing my phone.

I spotted Olivia sneaking into the alley close to the gym. I secretly followed her and hid behind the trash cans.

She was gave an old man some bags of illegal cocaine and the man gave her a huge amount of money. So Olivia is selling drugs again?

I thought she would stop when I reported to the police in New York.

I guess I was wrong, I carried my phone and took some pictures of Olivia selling the illegal drugs and sneaked out of the alley before anyone sees me.

I decided to threaten her to stop selling drugs or I will show the police, but she threatened me back thinking that it’s the end.

She was the ‘Vivi’ that dared me to kiss Jenny, I never knew that she was videoing us just to ruin the relationship between me and Riley. She called the cops on me that day.

I was in the police car, in the middle of two officers, murmuring.

“I can’t believe I’m arrested, I’m just 16 years old, I’m innocent, this is the worst day of my life.”

“Calm down bro, you’re even arrested.” The officer driving whined.

I frowned in confusion “What? So,you guys aren’t real cops? ”

“Oh, we’re real cops, but we didn’t really arrest you.” the one beside me at the left said.

My eyes went wide “Wait, so you’re kidnapping me?”

“No! We’re friends with Maddie’s parents so Maddie hired to act like cops, she said it’s all part of the plan.” the right side officer said.

“What plan?” I asked.

“She said that Olivia threatened her to call the cops on you so she hired us to pretend like polices.” the driver said.

I raised my eye brows in realization “Ohhhhh. That’s pretty smart.” I smiled “So where are you taking me?”

“Paradise Hotel, that will be your hideout till tomorrow evening.” the left side officer said and I smiled.

Nice undercover and luxurious.

Olivia and Jenny, you guys will soon be exposed.

“Your father isn’t dead” Ken said.

I scoffed in disbelief “What are you talking about?”

“That day the bus that your dad was traveling with exploded, I was also in that car.

A girl from outside yelled that there’s a bomb in the bus, everyone ran outside including your father. I was the only one in the bus because I was totally stuck, I can’t move my legs anywhere.

Your dad saw me and he risked his life to rescue me, he got me out and we ran out of the bus, we were not far from the bus when the bus exploded and destroyed our faces.

We were taking to the hospital and the doctors performed surgery on both of us and he made face transplant, that’s why Asher and you didn’t me and your father.” Ken explained.

“Then where’s my father? And who set the bomb?” I asked with tears filled in my eyes.

“Queeny?” I heard a familiar voice.

No one calls me Queeny expect him, I turned and saw doctor Luke. Wait… Doctor Luke is my dad?

I stood up “Dad?”

Doctor Luke… I mean my dad shed tears of joy “I’m so sorry Queeny, I really wanted to tell you but I couldn’t, Olivia was the one who set the bomb in the bus and she threatened me not to tell anyone that I’m alive or else she’ll kill you and your mother.”

“How did you know her?” I asked.

“I was working for her dad, I borrowed some money to pay for your school fees because I don’t have any penny, she kept threatening me to return their money but I don’t have enough so she decided to ruin my life.” my dad said.

Wow, even wickedness starts from the infant.

I smiled and hugged him “I miss dad!” I shed tears of joy.

“I miss you Queeny.”

“I miss you too dad”

“Hey sorry, I don’t wanna interrupt your father and daughter moment but we have to leave.” Ken said and my dad agreed.

I frowned “You’re leaving? What about mom? ”

“I have to leave just for one day because I don’t want to out you in danger.” my dad said about Olivia.

“It’s just part of the plan.” Ken said and they left my bedroom through the window.

I sat on my bed feeling sad and suspicious.

Olivia walked in and pretended to be a good friend, we left the room and I glanced at the idiot Jenny hiding behind my bed.

I smirked inwardly.

We were about to leave the passage “Wait! I have to pee.” Olivia said and went to the bathroom.

I sighed as I went back to my bedroom, “You don’t need to hide Jenny, I can see you.” I said.

Jenny came out feeling nervous “How did you know?”

“Because I’m not an idiot, play along whatever plan you’re doing but you can’t stop me from exposing your dirty secret.” I smirked.

Jenny became nervous and she ran out of the room through the window.

I went to Olivia “Let’s go.” we left the house.

*????????? ????*
So we sent all the videos we made to the police and that’s why they’re here. This is why I allowed Olivia to fulfill all her plans. Because she hasn’t really done anything and now, she has done a lot of unforgivable stuffs.

I smirked and I folded my arms after explaining everything.

“So, how’s my acting?” I asked.

Olivia’s eyes went wide “I can’t believe this!” she exclaimed.

The officer approached Olivia “Better believe it Olivia, because you’re under arrest for attempting murder, selling illegal drugs and laying false accusations to an innocent citizen.” he handcuffed Olivia and they took her away.

I grinned as I hugged my boyfriend “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Not as much as I missed you.” Asher said and he kissed my forehead.

We disengaged and we noticed my dad glaring at Asher and Asher became nervous.

“So you’re the one who impregnated my daughter at a tender age.” my dad said.

Asher bent his head sadly feeling guilty.

My dad laughed and hugged Asher unexpectedly “I’ll be so happy to call you my son-in-law.”

All of smiled.

Jenny was starring at me feeling guilty.

Yeah, earlier this party, I secretly posted the voice message of her telling Olivia her rape story. She became embarrassed, I begged everyone on Instagram not to react but I know they will after the party. Jenny regretted what she did to me and she secretly apologized. She changed.

That’s why she’s on my side.

And all of us are happy.

WOW!! To many flashbacks like Zee-world ???

That’s just too much.

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