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Urrrgghhh!!!!! I can’t believe I get to babysit the little brother of the jerk I’m trying to avoid.

The worst part is that he’s gonna be leaving with me for one month except this night.

Good thing he’s going out with his girlfriend, Jenny.

Jacob told me about Asher’s girlfriend, but why is Asher bothering me when he already has a girlfriend? What’s wrong with that guy?

I’m in the large and luxurious living room, sitting on the soft couch, starring at the television but paced out.

I’ve put Jacob to sleep, it’s past midnight.

How am I gonna live with Asher? Good thing he’s out with his girlfriend but I’m kind of annoyed about this.

I don’t know why, at least I’m having a great night without him.

I shrieked when someone jumped on the couch and moved closer to me. It’s Asher?

Of course ?

I sighed sadly and glared at him “Aren’t you suppose to be with Jenny?” I asked.

Asher shrugged “Maybe I don’t wanna.”

“I thought you two are going to the cinema.” I said.

“I kinda ditched her by telling her I’m sick and how did you know about Jenny?” Asher asked.

My eyes went wide “I can’t believe you would ditch your girlfriend, what type of boyfriend are you?” I exclaimed.

Asher rolled his eyes “I don’t wanna be with Jenny, OK? I wanna be with you.”

I sighed “Dude I already told, we can’t be together, just leave me alone I’m just here to babysit.” I said and continue watching the TV.

Asher smirked and wrapped his arms around me “Then babysit me tonight.” he said softly as he moved his face closer to mine.

Is he trying to kiss me? That’s not gonna happen.

I pushed him away and stood up from the couch.

I sighed as I checked my wrist watch “I guess it’s time for bed.” I said and left the living room and went inside.

I can see that he’s very annoyed but which idiot will have a girlfriend of his age and try to date his senior? Like seriously.

That’s gross!! Ew!!!

Why can’t Riley love me like I do? It’s more than a year I’m trying convince her to like me.

Is it because she’s older than me? I don’t fucking care about that!!

I have to find a way for her to like me.

I have a plan but if it didn’t work, I will have to do what I’m not suppose to do and I don’t care what people think of me.

Riley, you’re mine and mine alone.

I woke up feeling so relaxed and comfortable on the big and cozy bed.

I get to enjoy a luxurious house with just a cute little boy.

Best babysitting job ever! Except for Asher being here.

I don’t even wanna wake up but I have to even if it is Saturday.

Because I’m babysitting or maybe even living like a nanny, so I have to be the mother of the house for a month.

I took my phone,texted my mom ‘good morning’.

A notification popped up on my phone, I checked it, it was Olivia.

Olivia ? Good morning babe, how are my little cousins doing?

Riley ? Great, I love this job, I’m just kinda angry because Asher lives here.

Olivia ? Riley please stop pretending to hate him, I know you like him but you don’t wanna admit it.

Riley? Stop it, I don’t like Asher, I’m his senior.

Olivia? So age is just a number.

Riley? Enough with the ‘age is just a number’ thing, I just don’t like him at all.

Olivia? whatever, you wanna hang out me and the cheerleaders at Starbucks?

Riley? I would love to but what about Jacob?

Olivia? Jacob will be fine, Asher is not going anywhere so he’s gonna babysit his little brother.

Riley? Okay, see you at nine.

Yeah, Olivia is Asher’s cousin.

I dropped my phone under the pillow, and stood up from the large cozy bed and I went to the bathroom and took a long shower because of how the water is pouring on me like rain, I don’t wanna leave.

I came out of the bathroom in a white robe, sat on the large makeup table with large mirror designed with light bulbs.

I applied lotions on my skin, and I wore my yellow off-shoulder flare top, my black leggings and I braided my hair in pigtails and wore my bedroom slippers.

I went downstairs to the extremely large and luxurious kitchen, nice!

I don’t know that Asher’s family are rich, amazing! Still don’t like him, still here for the babysitting that’s all.

I carried a frying pan from the cupboard and placed it on the gas stove.

I yelped when I felt someone’s arms around my waist, it’s a Asher.

“Good morning babe.” he smirked.

I sighed with my eyes rolled “Asher…”

I removed his arms from my body “Please don’t do this anymore.” I said as I went back to my cooking.

Asher scoffed “Why not? Aren’t you suppose to babysit me?”

“I’m only babysitting your Jacob and just because I’m babysitting doesn’t mean you should touch me like that.” I told him.

Asher shrugged “Fine, then lemme help you to cook.” he said as he carried the frying pan.

“No need Asher, I can help myself.” I said and collected the frying pan from him.

I put the frying pan back on the stove, noticed that Asher’s still here, starring at me.

I clenched my fist “Asher.”

“Yes babe?”

“Please leave the kitchen and stop calling me babe.” I snarled.

Asher slide his hand through my waist and left the kitchen, Ew.

I smirked as I checked my phone and the tracking stuff worked.

Of course, I put a little tracking device on Riley’s body so that I will know wherever she goes.

I know she’s hanging out with Olivia, because last night I hacked into her phone and I was checking all of her text messages, miss calls and all.

I know, that’s not good but I just want to be with Riley.

I sighed as I was done with the cooking, I made bacon and eggs for breakfast and arranged them on the dinning table.

“Jacob, breakfast is ready, hurry up!” I yelled as I saw the happy Jacob running downstairs.

He ran to me and hugged me tightly “Good morning Riley.”

Jacob and I are bonding quickly within one night.

I played with his hair “Good morning Jacob, how’s your night?”

“It was awesome with you.” he grinned.

I pouted “Awww, you’re so adorable.” we chuckled “Come on, time for breakfast.” I said as we sat and ate our breakfast.

Jacob went back to his room, I’m still in the kitchen washing the used dishes, after that I went upstairs.

I stood in front of Asher’s bedroom door nervously, I just want to ask him to babysit his brother just for the afternoon. Why is it so hard for me?

“Heyy Riles, what’s up?” I heard Asher’s voice behind me.

He’s not even inside his room.

I turned to him and grinned nervously “Heyy Asher, I just want to….”

He held my hands tightly and pressed me against the wall again, he smirked as he moved his face closer to mine.

“Asher, let go of me.” I whined as I struggled against his grip but he’s too strong.

“I can’t let go of you even though I want to, why can’t you give me a chance?” he said softly.

“Just leave me alone, stop.” I gritted my teeth.

“Riley? Asher? Where are you guys?” we heard Jacob’s voice from downstairs and Asher released me immediately.

I ran away from Asher who was glaring at me.

Thank God, I’m safe, I don’t know if I can leave with Asher for one month.

I approached Jacob “Jacob what’s wrong?”

“I can’t find you guys, I thought you were downstairs, where’s my brother?” Jacob asked.

“Heyy Jacob, you wanna go to the park?” Asher asked as he carried his brother.

“Yay!” Jacob cheered and I giggled.

He put Jacob down “Come on, get ready?” he said and Jacob ran inside cheering.

How adorable is Jacob? I don’t know why he’s born with this pervert.

I turned to the pervert, he’s still smiling at me.

“I’m going to Starbucks.” I said and I turned to leave, Asher held my grip tightly.

I glared at him and he released my hand immediately.

I went inside my room and carried my mint green cross body bag and left the mansion.

I stood beside the road waiting for a taxi but I can’t find any and I’ve been waiting for ten inutes.

In fact, the road is quiet and creepy, only few big cars are passing.

Maybe because this is a luxurious area.

A Mercedes Benz stopped in front of me and the window glass was slid down, it’s none other than Asher with his annoying smirk on his face.

I grunted loudly “Urgh, what?”

“Mind if I give you a ride to Starbucks?” Asher asked.

I fake smiled “No, thank you, as you can see am waiting for taxi.”

Asher chuckled “You can’t find any taxi over here, unless you order an uber.”

I sighed in frustration “Then how am I gonna get to meet with my friends?”

Asher shrugged “Get in the car.”

I tried to protest “But…”

“Get in the car.”

“But what if…”

“Get! in! the! car!” Asher yelled as he gave me a death glare and I cringed.

I’m kinda scared of him even though I’m older.

“Please Riley.” Jacob pouted from the back seat.

Awwww, he’s so cute.

I rolled my eyes “Fine.” I wanted to enter the backseat with Jacob.

“Don’t even think about it.” Asher said.

I was confused “What?”

“Come to the passenger seat.” Asher ordered.

I wanted to yell at Asher but Jacob is too young to watch this drama, so I agreed.

I opened the car door and sat at the passenger seat and Asher drove off.

It was an awkward silence car trip, Jacob is busy playing games on his tablet.

Asher is totally focused on the wheel and I’m just stealing glances from him.

Okay, I gotta admit it, Asher is so cute, his black hair always looks wet and messy making him to look so cute, his blue eyes are like magnet, his pink lips are so soft and irresistible…

Riley!! Don’t look at him like that! He’s two years younger than me but why is he so adorable and handsome?

We stopped in front of Starbucks, I came out of the car.

“Bye babe.” Asher winked at me and drove off.

My face heated up like I’m blushing.

I can’t believe I’m blushing for someone younger than me. That’s totally weird.

I walked into Starbucks and saw Olivia, Maddie and three other cheerleaders sitting in a booth, discussing and laughing together.

I walked up to them and smiled “Hey my cheerful group of ladies.”

All of them grinned and smiled happily.


“Sup girl.”


“You’re late.” Maddie informed me.

I sighed “I know and I’m so sorry, it’s my babysitting job.”

Olivia smirked “Or is it Asher?” all the girls giggled.

“Yeah, he’s so hot, you could suffocate.” Maddie teased me.

“Are you gonna have sex with him?” one of the girls teased and they all gigged.

I rolled my eyes “Enough girls, do you call me here to tease me or to have fun?” I asked.

“Both.” they all exclaimed.

I shook my head with smile “Whatever, let’s have fun!”

“Yay!!” we all cheered and I sat with them, we other foods, teased each other, laugh together and had a lot of fun.

Few minutes later, we left the restaurant and went to our separate homes.

I was walking through an alley because of shortcut when I saw figures and shadows.

I’m a little scared because it’s being a while since I’ve walk into an alley.

I clenched my bag straps “Hello?” I called nervously.

I heard a guy chuckling, three college guys wearing black walked towards me and gathered around me.

They think look scary but they look like a bunch of burnt papayas.

“Hey hottie.” the one in the middle said, that must be the leader.

He looks like a swollen boil, look at his hair, one side is high and one side is low, his mouth is as big as water balloon, he’s so white but they’re a lot of pimples and red spots on his face.

I cringed “I guess no girl wanna go out with you so you are decided to force girls to date you.”

He chuckled “She’s funny.”

“Yeah Rolex, and she’s so hot.” the guy one from the left smirked.

“She has a very sexy body, Rolex.” the guy from the left said.

I huffed “Rolex?”

Is that the name of the leader?

The leader shrugged “Yeah my real name is Rolland, it’s the full name of Rolex, do you like it?”

I scoffed “That name doesn’t suit you, because you look like an old goat.”

“Whoa girl, easy.” Rolex caress my face and I shivered in disgust I slapped his hand off.

I rolled my eyes “Are you guys done now? I wanna go home and do my homework and babysit a little boy.” I said as I wanted to leave.

Rolex held my wrist tightly “You’re not going anywhere, sweetheart.”

I tried to struggle but he’s too strong “Let go of me, what did you want?”

Rolex moved closer to my face “We want you, I wanna taste you.” he whispered to my face.

I cringed in disgust “Ew, your mouth smells like rotten lasagna… Ah!”

Rolex landed a big slap on my cheek and I met myself on the floor.


I heard Asher’s voice, I saw him walking closer to us.

This guy is trying to hurt himself, he can’t even hurt a fly and he’s little and weak.

Rolex approached him “Get out of here.”

Asher scoffed “Make me.”

Rolex punched Asher and he fell to the ground.

“Asher!” I yelled as I stood up feeling worried.

Rolex began to kick him hard repeatedly.

“Stop it, he’s not strong enough!” I cried.

“Hey shut up, bitch!” one of the two guys pushed me to the ground.

Asher became furious, he took a big log, stood up and begin to hit Rolex and Rolex begin to cry.

Idiot! a 10th grader beating a college guy.

Even though I’m hurt, I’m enjoying this moment.

The two guys are tackled Asher and wanted to beat him.

Without thinking twice, I stood up, carried another log and used it to hit the two guys, Asher joined me in beating them.

When we got tired of beating, we dropped the logs, panting heavily.

“Phew, that was close.” Asher sighed.

“And hilarious.” I added and we laughed.

The guys are trying to stand, Asher and I begin to run for our life’s, we ran out of the alley to Asher’s car and sat on the floor and leaned against the car still panting.

We looked at each other and laughed.

“This is crazy!” Asher exclaimed.

“Yeah, very insane.” we laughed.

I can’t believe I was trying to avoid the guy that just save my life, Asher’s amazing.

Good thing, I put a tracking device in Riley’s body.

If I didn’t find her, who knows what would have happened to her.

I can’t believe these is the first time I got beaten and ever beat anyone.

It’s crazy.

I noticed Riley’s smiling at me and it got me confused.


Riley didn’t even answer but she hugged me.

Okay, now I’m totally confused and lost.

“Thanks for saving me, I’m sorry for treating you badly.” she sniffed.

I hugged her back “Are you crying?”

“I’m just happy and guilty, I’m sorry.” Riley said.

I grinned “It’s okay, forget about the past, next time I won’t let you go.” I hugged her tightly.

This is the first time we hugged each other and I don’t want to let go.

We disengaged and Riley’s still smiling at me, her smile fade away.

She looks so worried.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“You’re bleeding.” Riley replied.

I touched my cheek and saw blood on my fingers.

“Rolex must have hit you so hard, come on let’s go home so that I can take care of the wound, I’ll drive.” Riley pulled me up and made me sat at the passenger seat and she sat at the driver seat then she alighted the car and drove off.

I smirked to the satisfaction, well done Asher.

By Authoress Tolu Writes ❤❤❤
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