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This chapter is PG 18 ???

???If you’re younger than 18, you’re not allowed to read this chapter. Just till tomorrow ??.

I’m really surprised by what is happening right now.

Riley really cares about me? I thought she hates me for bothering her but got really worried about those boys hitting me.

Wow, look at her, totally focused on the wheel, driving as fast as she could. She’s so cute when she’s worried or angry.

We finally got home and Riley parked the car in the garage.

We got out of the car and closed it at the same time, she came to me and held my wrist and dragged me inside straight to the dining room.

“Where’s the first aid kit?” she asked.

“it’s in the cupboard.” I replied and she opened the cupboard and removed the first aid kit.

She kept it on the counter and turned to me.

“Sit on the counter so that I can treat you.”

I smirked “How about you sit on the counter and treat me.”

Riley scoffed and wanted to say something but I didn’t let her.

I immediately carried her by her big hips and made her sit on the counter, her eyes got widened.

I opened her legs widely and moved her closer to me then I moved my face closer to hers, our nose are almost touching, I was still holding her soft hips and she didn’t even say anything.

“Come on, treat me.” I said seductively.

Riley nodded nervously and she slowly removed a cotton ball from the kits and used it to wipe the blood off my face.

I’m surprised that she didn’t push me away this time.

Why didn’t I push Asher away? Why do I feel like kissing him? What’s wrong with me? Oh geez!

His lips are so pink, soft, sweet and irresistible but I must resist but I can’t.

Even his beautiful blue eyes are tempting.

The way he grabbed my hips, I just don’t want him to release me.

My eyes went back to his hot lips that are pink and sweet like strawberries.

I bite my lips nervously, trying to resist but I can’t control myself, I smash my lips on his.

I threw the blooded wool away and grabbed Asher’s face.

His lips are so amazing, our tongues are playing with each other.

Asher slowly moved one of his hands to my ass, grabbing it tightly making my pussy to feel so wet.

He moved the other one to grip my hair tightly, I moaned softly as we were still kissing.

Asher stopped and begin to kiss my neck.

“Oh.” I moaned again.

I don’t wanna to let go.

He slowly removed my blouse and started kissing my cleavage, he tried to unhook my pink bra while kissing my chest, I moaned again.

I don’t want to let go, I just want him to fuck me hard, he grabbed my ass very tight with one hand and pinned me with his hot body.

“Asher?” I moaned again.

I can feel his hard dick touching my pussy, like we’re fucking already.

He finally unhooked my bra and the begin to suck one of my nipples and pressed the other one.

“Oh Asher!” I moaned again.

He begin to remove his belt while still sucking my boobs.

“Asher, please don’t stop.” I moaning as I wrapped my legs around him and grabbed his soft hair tightly.

Wait, is how I’m going to lose my virginity? To a 16 years old boy? But I’m 18nyears. Where’s Jacob? I’m supposed to babysit him.

I pushed Asher away, which is making him confused.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Where’s Jacob?”

Asher shrugged “I dropped him off the park for soccer practice, now let’s continue because I’m getting hard.” he said as he tried to grab my boobs but I still pushed him away.

I used my arms to press my boobs and cover my nipples looking surprised.

“What now?!” he asked angrily.

“I can’t believe you left Jacob all alone in the park.” I yelled.

Asher groaned loudly “Urrrgghh!!! Riley stop being so dramatic and let’s continue.”

I gave him a stop signal with my palm “No, I’m not having sex with you, we’re not even dating, let’s go to the stadium and wait for Jacob.” I declared and Asher rolled his eyes.

I stood up from the counter and wore my bra and blouse then I left the kitchen to my room to change my outfit because its already wet.

I clenched my fist angrily as I watched Riley walking out of the kitchen.

I took a glass cup and smashed it on the wall as I screamed.

I grabbed my hair tightly, feeling frustrated.

I begin to breathe in and out deeply thinking that I’m over reacting.

I feel bad, I’m not supposed to be angry at her, at least my plan worked.

She’s falling for me already, she must be mine and mine alone.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I seriously love this moment, she even wanted to ask sex with me.

I’m supposed to be happy right now not angry, we still have one month.

I know she’s a virgin and I must deflower her no matter what.

So that she won’t leave me.

I smirked as I walked out of the kitchen.

I went inside my bedroom to the bathroom and was taking a fresh shower.

“Asher?” I heard my queen’s voice.

“Riley, what is it?” I shouted.

“Hurry up! We have to go.” Riley shouted back, I heard the door closed so I assumed that Riley has left the room.

“Just a minute!”

After taking a quick shower, I didn’t bother to wear my white robe, I just carried my white towel and wrapped it around my waist.

I came out of the bathroom and shivered when I saw Riley on my bed shocked to see me like this.

She even dropped her phone by accident.

Shit, I can’t believe she see me like this but I like it.

I can see she’s blushing and drooling over me But not as much as I’m drooling over her.

She changed her clothes into a blue spaghetti straps mini dress showing her lovely big hips and cleavage.

I bit my lower lip smirking.

Oh no! Why didn’t I leave the room and wait for Asher in the living room? What have I gotten myself into?

He’s so hot, water is dripping from his wet body, especially his chest.

Some water is also dropping from him wet hair making him to look sexy like a bad boy, especially the way he smirks at me devilishly.

He was moving closer to me and I begin to move backward because I know what he wants.

Asher climbed his bed slowly and made me lie down on his bed, he got on top of me with his knees straddling me, he held me wrist tightly and pinned them above my head, restricting me from moving.

“Asher, I’m a vir..”

He cut me off by smashing his lips on mine.

I begin to moan again, he released my hands and opened my gown, then gently took of my blue panties, then opened my legs widely.

He removed his towel then he inserted his dick into my pussy and was plugging it in and out.

“Ahh!!” I moaned loudly.

He was banging me hard as I’m moaning.

“Asher!!” I yelled.

My pussy begin to hurt like it’s tearing apart, his dick is so hard and huge.

“Harder!” I moaned loudly again, he stretched my legs wider and was banging me faster.

“Oh shit! Oh shit!” I kept moaning that word repeatedly, I can’t believe I just lost my virginity by my junior.

I noticed that some white sticky liquid are gushing out of my clit.

I think I’m cumming, but Asher didn’t want to stop.

Few moments later, he finally removed his dick and released my legs but my pussy still hurts like a lot but still don’t want him to stop.

He smirked at me and kiss my lips passionately.

“I love you Riley.” he whispered.

“I love you too Asher.” I whispered back with my weak voice then we kissed passionately again then we pulled away.

I can’t believe gave Asher my dignity, the idiot I’m trying to avoid since last year but I kinda love this, I don’t think I should regret this.

Then he stood up from the bed, he went back to the bathroom to take another shower.

But I still feel so tired to stand.

Lemme manage.

I struggled myself and stood up from the bed, I smiled that I can still stand but still weak.

I took one step to walk but I fell down just like that.

He’s dick is so hard, huge and large that it almost ruin my pussy.

I gently stood up from the ground and lay down on the bed panting.

How am I going to pick up Jacob when I can’t even stand? Asher what have you done to me?

Wow, I can’t believe I just fuck my senior. I don’t even know what got into me.

I really like love the way she told me that she loves me but what if she didn’t mean it?

But I kinda fell bad for her. Because we’re not even dating yet and we’re already sleeping with each other.

I finished taking shower and I wore my white robe, I came out of the bathroom and saw Riley already asleep.

I walked closer and sat on my bed “I’m not gonna let you go Riley, I love you.” I said softly and kissed her her forehead and covered her body white my white blanket.

I checked the wall clock, it’s time to go and pick up Jacob from the park, perfect timing.

I stood up and wore my white Gucci shirt and my blue jeans pants (trousers) and my Nike sneakers.

I was about to leave the room “Asher?” I heard Riley’s voice.

I turned to her “What’s up?”

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“I wanna go pick up my little brother.” I replied.

“Can I come with you?” she asked.

I shook my head negatively “No, no, no. You need to rest and you’re not going leaving this house till school resumes.” I declared.

“What?!” Riley exclaims.

I left the room without allowing Riley to say anything else.

Yeah, some maniac light our high school on fire and it burnt some of our classes, so no school till next month.

I love it because I hate school but I have no choice but to go.

I’m shocked by what Asher just told me, I’m not allowed to leave this house till school resumes.

I can’t believe this. Did he just lock me in the house? Am I stuck here like a prisoner? Hell no!!!

Not a chance.

I stood up from the bed and fell on my face, I forgot that I’m still weak.

I managed to stand up and leave the bedroom and went down stairs to the living room.

I held the door knob and tried to open the entrance door but it’s locked.

Asher seriously locked me in? I can’t believe this!!!

“Asher, you jerk!!!!” I screamed.


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