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I stood up from my bed after taking an hour nap because of our trip to the petting zoo.

Ashley is still with Asher because he loves that dog so much.

I thought Asher hates that dog but now he’s Ashley’s best friend.

I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, applied lotions and wore a red strapless mini tulle dress Asher bought for me.

A black fur crop jacket, a black high boots and wore my dad’s silver earrings, and a diamond necklace then I applied some makeup and fixed my hair in side swept hair with a red glittered hairband.

I took my red Chanel cross body purse and hang it on my shoulder.

I checked myself at the mirror and smiled, I hope Asher loves my outfit.

I took my phone and dialled Olivia’s number and it begins to ring.

I want to video chat with her.

I told her that Asher and I are dating, she teased for a while then told me that she’s happy to know that.

Olivia picked up the call

Olivia ? Heyy Riles, how’s my cousin… I mean your boyfriend?

Riley? (blushed) He’s fine.

Olivia ? (Smirked) I’ve you sexed him yet?

Riley ? (nervous) Well, kinda…

Olivia ? What? You did?

Riley? Yeah….

Olivia? When did that happened?

Riley ? I’ll tell you later, just come over and babysit Jacob for the night please.

Olivia ? Okay my sister-in-law.

Riley ? whatever (hung up)

I kept my phone in my red purse and left my bedroom, headed straight to the living room.

I meet Asher sitting on the couch, working on his phone, he didn’t even realize that I’m here.

Oh my gosh, he’s so handsome right now, he’s wearing a red Louis Vuitton T-shirt, black Dior jacket and black Nike sneakers.

His wet look hair fixed in straight eboy haircut.

“Ahem!” I pretend to clear my throat so that he’ll notice me but he didn’t even respond.

Still focused on his phone, I frowned.

Asher looks depressed, what’s he looking at on his phone? What’s wrong with him?

I walked closer to him and secretly checked his phone.

He’s starring at a pic of a boy that has the same blue eyes like him, but I don’t think it’s Asher, I can also see a little boy beside the boy, that must be Asher.

But who’s that boy?

I tapped Asher’s shoulder and he noticed me and hid his phone immediately.

He grinned at me “Hey babe, you’re ready?” he asked nervously.

I gave him a weird look “Are you okay?”

Asher scoffed nervously “Yeah, I’m totally fine…” he noticed me properly and smiled.

“Wow, you look beautiful as always.” he complimented.

I blushed “Thank you, you look handsome as always.” I retorted.

He chuckled and walked closer to me, wanted to kiss me.

“Hola.” we heard Jacob, who’s sitting on the couch, holding his toy truck and smiling at us.

Asher and I separated from each other, and there’s an awkward silence for few seconds.

“So who’s that boy on your phone?” I asked.

Asher became speechless “Uhh….”

The door bell rang and I walked up to the door and the opened it.

It’s Olivia, grinning at me “Hey babe, damn you look sexy.”

“Aww, thank you, I’m born to look sexy.” I said proudly and flipped my hair playfully and the both of us laughed.

“Hey, Olivia, we have to go.” Asher said and held my hand and we walked out of the building.

“Bye Olivia!” I yelled.

“Bye Riley, don’t have to much fun.”

Asher and I walked into the garage, we approached a Tesla and he opened the car door for me and I entered.

He walked around the car and entered the driver seat and drove off.

I’m still can’t stop thinking about that picture, why’s Asher so depressed when he’s looking at that boy’s pic?

Something’s up, I must know about that boy.

We arrived at a really big and Asher parked the car at the parking lot.

He came out of the car and went to my side, he opened the door expensive restaurant named ‘Royal Crispy’ restaurant.

Asher opened the door and offered me his hand with a smile on his cute face. “Shall we, my lady?”

I blushed and accepted his hand “We shall.”

I came out of the car and hugged Asher’s arm like a clingy girlfriend then we walked into the restaurant.

Whoa! This restaurant is large, luxurious and beautiful.

I’ve never been to a restaurant this luxurious. Is this a restaurant or hotel?

Because I’m confused, so amazing and it looks romantic. This restaurant is for couples.

Asher is so romantic.

I hope their food is as amazing as the interior and exterior of this restaurant.

I glanced at Asher “Babe, this restaurant is so beautiful, why would you take me to a very expensive restaurant like this?”

He smirked “Because you worthy and you’re my babe.”

I blushed and bent my head.

“Just give me a minute, let me book for a table for us.” he said.

I smiled and nodded “Okay, just hurry.” he walked away to meet a waiter.

I moved backwards and mistakenly bumped into someone.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I apologized.

“Riley?” I heard his familiar voice.

I turned to him and I was totally shocked to see him, “Ken?”

It’s been years since I’ve set my eyes on him.

“I… I thought you are New York.” I stammered nervously.

“I just came here last week to see my friend, then I find you.” he scoffed “I’ve missed you so much.”

“What’s going on here?”

I yelped as I saw Asher approached us with his annoyed face.

“Asher?” Ken called.

Wait what??

Asher gave him a confused look “Wait, how did you know my name?”

“Is he your…?”

“Yes Ken, he’s my new boyfriend.” I cut him off.

Ken scoffed at me “So you decided to move on with some young guys.” he laughed “Nice, Riley nice.”

Seriously, is that he’s suppose to say to me after two years of not seeing each other? Making fun of me.

“Who are you?” Asher asked.

Okay this is really awkward, me, my boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend together.

I smiled at Asher “Um babe, have you booked us a table?”

“Don’t even think about changing the subject Riley.” Ken snapped. “Tell him who I am.”

Asher’s starring at me waiting for an answer.

I rolled my eyes “Asher, Ken’s my ex.” I confessed bitterly and turned to Ken “You happy now?”

Ken smirked.

“So how’s that my problem?” Asher asked.

Ken shrugged “I just want you to know that you’re such a stupid jerk for dating that bitch.”

Oh my God, this motherfucker!!

What’s wrong with Ken? he’s not like this before.

Asher frowned “What did you just say?” he walked closer to Ken, wanting to beat Ken.

I held Asher’s arm and smiled “Ignore him and let’s enjoy our date.” I said and we walked away from Ken.

“Yeah, enjoy that foolish date that won’t even last a day.” he exclaimed.

Asher turned to hurt Ken but I stopped him and went to our table.

I can’t believe after this two years we bumped into each other and he’s trying to humiliate me in front of my boyfriend.

I just hope that Asher’s not angry.

I glanced at Asher with guiltiness “Asher, I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be.” he cut me off “He’s just a stupid jerk, who knows he hasn’t gotten over you.” Asher shrugged.

“But I’ve gotten over him and moved on with you.” I said.

Asher stopped, held my two hands and looked into my eyes “That’s one of the reason why I love you.” he said and kissed my forehead.

I blushed.

“C’mon, lemme show you our special table.” he said and I followed him to our table and…

Wow, it’s beautiful.

The table is a little far away from other tables but it’s makes it private.

Candles, roses, red petals, wine glasses,were decorated on the table. The table settings is amazing.

Wow, Asher did this for me? Oh My God!

“Do you like it?” Asher asked.

I scoffed “I don’t like it… I love it!” I squealed and hugged Asher “Oh Asher, you’re amazing, thank you.”

Asher disengaged the hug “Hey, never say thank you for something that’s already yours, and you haven’t seen anything yet.”

I smiled warmly “You’re so sweet.”

Asher chuckled as he pulled out a chair and I sat down as he sat down in front of me.

The waitress approached us and gave us the menus. “So what did you want me to get you two adorable couple?”

“I would like grilled steak and salad.” I answered.

“What about you sir?” the waitress asked Asher.

“I would like the same thing.” Asher replied and the waitress walked away.

I glanced at Asher, he looks nervous and annoyed or maybe irritated.

I can feel that he’s insecure right now.

“Dude, what’s wrong?” I asked.

Asher shook his head “Nothing…”

I think he’s starring at someone, I think that person is making him nervous better not be another girl.

I turned to see who he’s starring at but no one but Ken, is he starring at me or Asher?

I think he’s looking at Asher, but why like that?

Although I’m super annoyed by that stupid guy but I noticed that he has been staring at me this whole time.

Why like that? He’s smiling at me and just winked at me.

Okay, I’m scared because that’s how I was looking at Riley before she became my girlfriend.

I think Ken likes me. Ew! Gross! Disgusting!!!

Wait… Is that Ken guy a gay or bisexual? Because I don’t see any girl with him, he’s holding hands with a guy of his age but starring at me.

Riley and I have to to leave this place.

“Asher!!” Riley snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Hmm?” I replied.

“You look quiet and scared and annoyed, I don’t like it, you don’t even wanna talk to me.” she pouted.

I smiled and held her hands “I’m just thinking about our future together.” I lied and she believed it.

“Awww.” Riley pouted.

The waitress came with our foods and kept the delicious dishes on the table in front of us.

“Mmmm yummy.” Riley said.

The waitress left and Riley used fork and knife and cut out of the steak and tasted it.

“mmm, delicious, this restaurant is amazing.” Riley praised the restaurant.

We begin to eat our food, as we were eating, Ken’s still starring at me. What’s wrong with this dude?

This is making me insecure, I’m not a gay, I don’t wanna be one.

I was enjoying the delicious steak and salad but Asher’s not.

He didn’t even touch the food because he’s still scared.

I put the utensils down and glared at Asher “Babe, are you okay?”

Asher smiled at me and moved his face closer to mine.

I think he wanna kiss me, I blushed and moved my face closer to his and closed my eyes.

“Do you think Ken’s a gay?” Asher whispered.

I cringed “What?”

Asher shrugged “I think Ken’s starring at me.”

I rolled my eyes “C’mon Asher, Ken’s not a gay, so calm down.” I said and continued my food.

Asher sighed “Who knows how guys this gay has fucked, like how is he…?”0

“Asher please I’m eating.” I snapped angrily and Asher kept quiet.

The waitress approached us with a smile “So, are you two beautiful couples enjoying your food?”

“Yeah sure.” Asher answered.

“It’s lovely.” I complimented.

The waitress smiled “Can I get you two any dessert.”

“Riley?” Asher called.

“A slice of ice cream cake.”

“Same too.” Asher said.

“Okay, I’ll be back in a moment with your dessert.” the waitress left.

I noticed two beautiful girls not far are starring at us… I mean Asher.

I don’t blame them, he’s cute and handsome and those girls are gorgeous unlike me.

I began to dress stylishly ever since Ken dumped me for a cheerleader, I don’t think this is enough.

The waitress came to us and kept the dessert on the table.

I scooped out of the ice cream cake and tasted.


Wow, I think I’m in paradise because the cake is awesome, I was enjoying both the food and dessert, especially the dessert.

Finally Asher is starring at me, I just hope it’s not about that stupid Ken again.

I shrugged “What?”

Asher carried his chair and kept it beside me and sat down, he moved his face closer to mine.

“You’ve got something on your cheek.” Asher whispered.

I wanted to touch my cheek but Asher held my hand and kissed it.

I think there’s cake on my cheek, Oh my God, this is so embarrassing.

My faced heated up, I can feel that my blush is totally obvious.

The girls are glaring at me, feeling jealous.

“Asher, people are looking at us.” I whispered.


He caressed my face and licked the ice cream out of my face and my face went wide.

The girls gasped and I smirked and winked at them, they groaned and minded their business.

Okay, my cheek is totally red and hot, my face is heating up, I can’t believe Asher did this in front of everyone.

I did this because I want Ken to know that Riley is my girl.

Also because I want him to realize that I’m not a gay and girls are starring at me and I noticed that Riley’s angry.

I kissed Riley’s lips and carried my chair back where it’s supposed to be and sat down.

Ken’s still starring at me, I cringed and glanced at Riley.

“I can’t believe you did that…” Riley said childishly.

I shrugged “I had to babe, you’re a blush queen.”

Riley blushed hard as she rolled her eyes “Oh Stop…”

“You’re the best boyfriend.” Riley said.

I chuckled “Really, even better than Ken?”

Riley scoffed “Way better than Ken.”

I chuckled again.

“Aww, now you’re blushing.” Riley pouted.

“No, I’m not.”

“Yeah you are.”

“Whatever, let’s just continue our food.” I said and we continued to eat our food.

Few moments later, Ken’s still starring at me.

I’m seriously scared, I hope Riley doesn’t leave me.

“Hey babe, I wanna use the restroom, I’ll be back.” Riley said and stood up.

I held her hand tightly “You can’t leave me here.”

Riley yanked her hand off “Calm down, no one’s gonna bite you.”

“After all I’ve done for you?” I said feeling worried.

“That’s why I wanna use the restroom.” she said and walked away.

Ken laughed, stood up and begin to approach me.

Oh No!! I’m done for…

He say down in front of me and smirked “So… How’s your girlfriend?”

I glared at him, stood up and walked away.

“Hey come back!” he yelled then I walked faster.

I headed straight to the girls restroom and meet Riley at the entrance.

I held her hand tightly and was dragging her.

“Hey, I haven’t use the restroom.” she said.

“You’re too slow, we’re going home.” I retorted.

“What? But we haven’t even finished our food yet.”

“I’ll order another one.” I said.

I paid for our meal, and we left the restaurant, entered the car and I drove off.

What a crazy day, first, the petting zoo and the gay stuff.

By Authoress Tolu Writes ❤❤❤
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