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(Trapped in
their web?)

GENRE: College romance

TAGS: Death, lies,betray, love,sex ,suspense,love triangles,comedy,heartbreak,jealousy,crime,celebrities,hatred,family,secrets,humour,abuse,

THEME: Melodious vocalist


By, Manuel blaq .A.




Cheryl Hector?

A fragile girl Of 21 years old, ever heard of her voice?, it is said that her voice could make a dead man smile, but her problem, she is a weakly ,she get hurt by people hate words about her ,aside all that, she’s pretty, got nice shape, in fact she is all a man wants in a woman

Being naturally gifted with a nice voice, Cheryl’s dream was to become a Singer, in the quest of becoming a singer she got trapped with three hotties


She has a nice voice but it didn’t came to her from nowhere, she got the gift from her late Mom, Mrs Suzy Hector

Mrs Suzy, was one of the beat singer during her own time, also known to have a Melodious voice, unfortunately she died when she was just 34 year’s, when Cheryl was still 9 years

According to 4 music entertainment, the music industry she signed contract with, she was said to have committed suicide when she was actually murdered

So the question now is

Who murdered Miss Suzy and why ?

And,how Cheryl the melodious vocalist got trapped in the web of three hotties?

Find out.


(Trapped in

their web ?)


THEME: Melodious vocalist


By,Manuel blaq .A.




Loud screams from the crowd (fans) fans fill the air as frederick dropped the last line of his bands 6th album,titled FEELINGS

“we love y’all”,frederick said masking his cold looks,

Well,frederick alexander is a 23 years handsome nigga, but a cold hearted jerk,who is also obsessed with cleanliness, he is the heir to 4 Music entertainment, Alexander city college, (ACC ), and lastly A group

The Alexander are the richest family in the whole Australia from day one

Aside being a cold jerk Frederick is also talented when it’s comes to music, his the leader and songwriter of his groups the “STUPIDZ “, which consist of two other people Javier and Jeremy

Javier, unlike Frederick is a softhearted and calm nigga ,with a nice voice, his handsome but definitely not as Frederick, when it’s comes to wealth, his family is the third richest family, Javier plays the guitar,he is also the vocalist

Lastly, Jeremy, the baby of the band, a Korean guy,who is also an orphan, he has a baby face,pink lips, he so cute,he loves playing with dog,and eating Apple’s, he play’s the drum

The lights went off and turned on again after some minutes, but the stupidz were no longer on stage ,obviously left when the lights went off,

Frederick,Javier and Jeremy stepped out from the music industry,but their fans,some reporters,made it impossible to pass freely

? your autograph,please!

? sign it,on my b**bs!

?when are you releasing your 7th album?

? was the song written for someone special?

? i love you guys

? Talk to us!

? Jeremy!!, those pink lips!

? fred! those looks!

? say a word!

? J.A.V.I.E.R!!

? sign your autograph!

Some guards appeared,gently pushing away the fans and reporters ,to avoid body contact with them,

At last,with the help of the guards,they were able to enter their van,that took them away,right now they are hitting the road,

Frederick phone buzzed,”WITCH”,was on the caller ID, frederick smirked before swiping the green icon

“What’s up ,witch”,frederick smirked

“You didn’t discuss with me,yet you went ahead and released the music,why?”,frederick mom (Mrs maxine) half yelled

“Because you are a witch,got that?”,frederick yelled getting pissed off already

He hanged up,

“Your mom…”

“Hey…….frederick out javier off ”

“Sorry,Mrs Maxine,she was the one that called,right?,”Javier asked

“Yes”,frederick said

Jeremy was busy with his apples,

“Why don’t you show your mom some respect”?,their driver said,he is also their manager (Blue)

“Hey,shut up and driver”,frederick said

“What am say is……she gave birth to…”

“Hey!”,frederick yelled cutting blue off

“Do you wanna lose your job?”,Frederick said with all calmness

“Don’t you get tired of apples?”,Javier asked jeremy

“Nah”,Jeremy replied

Your suspicious are right,Frederick hates his mom so much,especially the fact she gave birth to him,


Mrs Maxine smash her phone on the ground,with anger boiling in her like fire,

If there’s is something she hates most,its Frederick attitude towards her,

“Arghhhhh!!, that fool!, i get gave birth to him,i was the one that breastfeed him!!,with my breast!!”,she yelled touching her breast

“Arghhh!!”,she scream kicking the already broken phone,that was laying on the floor,

“Stop punishing the poor phone,it did nothing wrong”,Warren said coming in,

Warren is Maxine senior brother,out he was born by a mistress,Maxine and warren are rivals

Maxine swept her hair backwards and went back to sit on her seat,

“And what are you doing here?”, Maxine said,

“And always knocked before entering my office”,she added

“Am still your brother,calm down”,warren said,

“And so what?,always knocked before entering”,maxine rolled eyes

Easy,i came in peace,warren said sitting down in the seat in front maxine,Maxine’s desk in between them

Mllions of fans was following four handsome demigods,

? Crude play!


? those looks!

? finally,my idols are back

? Tristan,be killing me!!

? your autograph,please!

? on my b**bs!

? on my laps!

? sign it on my butts

? we miss you!

Well,those four demigods made up another band group,their names are,Manuel,Tristan,Spice and Xavier

Manuel,he is the leader of the group,very handsome and frederick only rival,he is also the song writer of his band,his calm,gentle and cheerful but his other side is scary,his family is the second richest in australia

Tristan,he plays the guitar,his handsome but he loves staying alone,

Spice,the vocalist of his band,handsome and cheerful,

Xavier,he is javier twin,but different from javier,he is a little rebelious,he plays the drum,

The crude play is another popular bands in australia,aside the stupidz,they have million of fans outside and inside australia,

“Feels so good to be back in australia”,spice said

“I know,right”,Manuel said

“Am back!,can’t wait to meet my twinne”,xavier said

“Fuck you!”,spice said

“Jealous”?,Xavier said

“Are you going die if you talk”?,Manuel said,his gaze at Tristan,

Tristan only let out a chuckle

They went to african two weeks ago

Welcome to Alexanders City college,were almost all the students are major in music,

Crude plays and the stupidz are also schooling in ACC,the school is owned by the Alexanders,

Since there’s no lecturer in class the student use it as a chance to make noise,

Cheryl was seen operating her phone,she posted a video on her tiktok account and she is checking her reactions,

She got hundreds of followers on her tiktok account,and hate by almost all the student,

Gigi came in and sat close to cheryl,Gigi is her best friend,

“Sup”,Gigi said cheerfully,she behaves like a baby

“Am fine,you?”,cheryl said

Gigi look into the screen on cheryl phone,

“Woah!,you got ,44k likes and 21k comments in 1 hours”,Gigi said and cheryl smiled

You are becoming a celebrity soon,Gigi said,

Wendy,and her friends ,Dania and Emily,came in,

They are also singers,but they haven’t made their debut,

Wendy family is the fourth richest family in australia,

“That bitch is getting a little popular”,Emily said

Don’t worry we would teach her a lesson soon,Wendy said

Kristen was listening to music with her headphone,

Kristen family is the fifth richest family,

Every other student are from rich family too,a poor man can’t afford their fees,

Yes,cheryl is poor,her and her brother,Nathan are on shcolarship,even though ACC doesn’t offer scholarship,

? Woah!


“Loud screams was heard as,frederick made his entry with his friends”,

Jeremy wink at a girl and she lost her breath,fainting right their on the spot

He took a bite from his apple and smiled proudly,

Frederick was with his usual cold looks,not until wendy started kissing him,

They are f**k mate!

Javier was with a poker face as he entered,

Another scream was heard


? Heard they are back!

? I miss my Manuel!

? those looks!

? am f**king one of them tonight!

Frederick broke the kiss when and turned,his eyes met with Manuel

“Oh,wow ,you are still alive”,Manuel said his gaze at frederick

You think i would die?,frederick said

That would be better,Manuel said

Nah,not when you are still alive,

Javier and xavier was hugging each other,ignoring the whole drama,they are used to it already,

“You shouldn’t have being born”,Frederick said and Manuel lost it,

“Would you stop this shit going on here?”,the professor voice sounded

Cheryl was walking into the cafeteria her hands was holding her phone,her eyes glued to the screen ,

At the same time Frederick was leaving the cafeteria,

Cheryl bumped into frederick,

? what the f**k!

Frederick touch his nose

? f**k!, he is bleeding!

Cheryl stood there speechless ,her legs failed,her lips was same,she find it hard to speak,which she doesn’t know the reason,

Nathan and his friend,Miguel came into the cafeteria

“What’s going on here?”,Nathan asked

“We came here at the same time”,Why asking me?,Miguel said

Frederick looked up to see cheryl looking at him with a remorseful expression on her face but he doesn’t give a f**k,

“Hey,what’s your name?”,frederick asked,ready to unleash his anger on her

Cheryl didn’t know when her mouth started moving,

“CHERYL HECTOR”,She finally replied,


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