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Frederick started laughing but behind his laughter was anger boiling in him,


You’re just a poor wench who was mistakenly awarded scholarship,frederick said in anger,If only because he doesn’t hit woman,

Cheryl on hearing this started breaking down,

“Wow,Love this”,Wendy said from where she was sitting,

Nathan noticed his sister mood,of course he knows everything about her even at the fact that she’s a weakly

Nathan rushed to frederick and punched him hard on his face

? …..

“Because you are rich and popular doesn’t give you the right to look down on other people”,Nathan said angrily

“Nathan stop this,let’s go”,Cheryl said trying to drag Nathan away but he slap her hands off

“Who are you?,her boyfriend?”,Frederick asked getting pissed off,

“Am her Junior brother,you punk!”,Nathan yelled and Frederick punched him,Nathan returned the punched before touching his bursted lips,

“Nathan,stop this,please,let’s go”,Cheryl said dragging Nathan,but Nathan was still standing on his spot,

Cheryl was already getting emotional,Miguel did nothing,but was ready to join hands if it result to a fight,

Frederick made to punch Nathan again,


Manuel said coming in a slow motion,his hands was tucked in his pocket,

“Don’t interfer in matters that concerns me”,Frederick said

“Still I can’t let you harass my girlfriend”,Manuel said and all eyes widened

“What are you saying?”,Cheryl chipped in but Manuel surprised her pulling her closer to himself,

“Let’s go”,Javier said gently dragging Frederick away,he arrived few minutes ago

“What do you mean,boyfriend?”,Nathan questioned

“Just joking”,Manuel said

? That’s a relief

? I would have killed her

? I know he was kidding

“Those noisy people”,Manuel said

“Am still yours,babies,I can’t be f**king the same pu**y everyday”,He said walking to seat down,

? Pu**y king!

? Ladies man!

They started hailing him,Manuel is a Playboy,

Cheryl left together with Nathan

Manuel saw them leaving and followed them,

“Why do you always allow yourself treated that say,just why?”,Nathan half yelled

“Am sorry”,Cheryl said

“That’s not the first time am hearing that”,Nathan rolled his eyes,

“C’mon”,Cheryl said and started tickling him,

“Stop! Stop!”,Nathan said trying hard not to laugh,

Nathan phone buzzed and he stopped,its MIGUEL on the caller ID ,

“Hey,what’s up”,He said

“Come her now!,Ariana is here”,Miguel said,

“What?”,Nathan said and hanged up

“Bye,see you later”,he said and literally flew away,

Well,Ariana sings well,Nathan and Miguel has been begging her to join their bands,Miguel plays the guitar while Nathan plays the drum,they are all in Junior class

“Gosh!,that boy”,Cheryl said and was about to leave when someone blocked her,

It’s Manuel!

“Hi”,he muttered

“Hi,thanks for saving me earlier”,Cheryl said,

“My pleasure”,Manuel said dramatically,Cheryl giggled

“What are you doing here?”,Manuel asked

“Nothing”,she replied

“Come let me take you somewhere”,Manuel didn’t wait for her reply before dragging her away,

Manuel dragged Cheryl and finally stopped when he was reach the rooftop,

Why did you bring me here?,she asked

Nothing,He replied

You don’t look rich..

Yeah,am not,I got scholarship,she said

“That’s strange this school doesn’t offer scholarships”,Manuel said

Manuel turned to see lines of tears on Cheryl cheeks,Manuel question remembered her about frederick words,

Oh,am sorry,I made you cry,Manuel said wiping her tears

Am fine,she said

That minute Javier came in,he was actually looking for he’s everywhere,somehow he felt bad about what happened,he decided to come here,Maybe it would be better searching for her from the up,

He clenched his fist angrily and left

“You are really a crybaby”,Manuel said and she smiled

Manuel snatched her phone from her,


This my number,he said giving her back her phone,

He actually saved his number on her phone,

“What would I do with it?”,she asked

Just call me whenever you are in trouble,he said

It’s a building inside the school,something like an hostel,that were the stupidz live,

“How dare he did this to my face”?,Frederick fumed in anger as blue treats his wound,

Jeremy was playing with his dog,it’s a dog with white fur,making it look so cute just like it’s owner,it’s name is snow,

“When would you and Manuel stop being childish”,Jeremy said

“Shut up,you are the baby here”,Frederick said

“Am not a baby”,Jeremy said

“You are!”,Frederick said

“Gosh,I think I would go tell Manuel,you still need more punches”,Jeremy said

“And when did I tell you he is the one responsible for the punches”,Frederick

“Who would dare punch him,if not him?”,Jeremy asked

Well,it isn’t him,it’s was a Junior student,Frederick said

“What?,Junior?”,Jeremy said

Frederick felt a little embarrassed,he looked sideway,

Javier entered with his usual poker expression,that’s made it hard to know if he is angry or happy,

Hey,what’s up ,Heard what happened?,Jeremy asked Javier,

“Not in the mood”,Javier said without looking at anybody,he went straight to his room,

“What’s up with him?”,Jeremy said

He is obviously angry,blue said

“If he is angry let him show it on his face”,frederick said

I don’t want to think about it,Jeremy said shaking his head

Cheryl and Manuel was walking down the hallway,laughing and chatting as they walks,

Wendy,Emily and Dania was approaching them,

Isn’t that Manuel and Cheryl,Dania said

“What?,where are they?”,Emily asked,she’s actually crushing on him,

“That bitch!”,she spat when her eyes spot them,but what made her more angry,they were laughing,

Babe,calm down,let them be,we would surely teach her some lesson,Wendy said

She messed with frederick and now she is seducing Manuel,she’s a bitch,Dania said

“Where have you been have been looking for you?”,Gigi approach them

“See you later”,Manuel waved at her and left,

“Am sorry,something came up”,Cheryl said

“About Frederick?”,Gigi asked

“Yes”,Cheryl said

“I heard that,that’s what made me so worried”,Gigi said childlishly,

“C’mon let’s go back to hostel”,Cheryl said

“Where is your brother?”,Gigi asked

“Are you worried about my brother or me?”,Cheryl asked

“Both”,Gigi smiled,she’s actually crushing on Nathan

“Let’s go”,Cheryl said

Yeah!,it’s a mansion but it looks like a castle,every corner of the building were screaming reach,

It’s was built with,Gold and silvers,it’s own by the richest family in Australia,”THE ALEXANDER’S”,

Inside the building was a old man in his 60’s ,he was putting on a white suit,a man in his early 30’s was pushing the wheel chair he was sitting on,

“How is the company faring?”,Chairman Julio asked his secretary,(Robert)

Chairman Julio is frederick grandfather,and Mrs Maxine and Warren father,

“Everything is fine”,Robert replied

“Robert stop pushing the wheel chair when they reach the dinny table”,he helped chairman Julio sit on one of the chairs,

Different kind of dishes was present on the table,Chairman Julio started eating,

Meanwhile,in the kitchen a maid brought a substance and poured it into his (Chairman Julio) drinking water,

She went and dropped it on the dinny table were chairman Julio is having lunch,

She bowed and left

While leaving she brought her phone and sent someone a message


She threw her phone into her apron’s pocket and finally left fully,

Chairman Julio drank from the cup the maid brought,

“Let’s go to the company”,Chairman Julio said,

But president….

“Let’s go,Am fine”,Chairman Julio said

Well,he hasn’t be coming to the company because of his health,the doctor advice to give him enough rest,

It’s a beautiful and well built mansion,built by an unknown person,nobody knows who built and no one knows who lives there,

Men on black suit was guarding every corner of the

A man wearing a mask was sitting on a couch when his phone beeped,


It’s a message from “SPY”

The man wearing a mask stood up and went to a secret room,

On the wall of the secret room were pictures of some people,

Cheryl,Maxine,Nathan,Frederick and lastly Chairman Julio,

I promise to give you a slow death,you are going to watch your grandson and daughter die in front of you,the masked man voice sounded,

In a big white ship was Warren drinking with Frederick,the ship was bought by frederick

Frederick hates his mom but he actually loves his uncle,

Hey,why are you punishing your mom?,Warren asked

Don’t talk about her,please,Frederick said siping from his glass of wine,frederick doesn’t take alcohol,

She is still your mom,she gave birth to…..

Hey!!,Frederick yelled

Sorry bro,Warren said

Am not sick,Frederick said

I know,Warren answered

So… Got a girlfriend already?,Warren asked

Nope,all women are witches,Frederick said and Warren chuckled

Not all women dude,Warren said

Frederick rolled his eyes

For the two year’s now this place has being our meeting place,why?,Warren asked

Am planning to gift her the ship when I meet her,Frederick said

Who?,Warren asked said


Your future girlfriend?,Warren asked

F**k you!,Frederick said

It’s two minutes after nine aren’t you going back to the your school?,Warren asked

Am Frederick Alexander!,Frederick said

I go in and out whenever I want,Frederick added proudly,

You are cool,Warren said

Mrs Maxine was walking down the hallway towards their office when she saw a pasted picture on the wall,

She turned and when she saw it,tears slipped down her eyes,her memories refreshed and became new again,

They are other pictures there but her eyes was focused on that one picture,

It’s late Mrs Suzy picture!

Maxine was still staring at the picture,finally she managed to enter her office,she brought out her laptop when she sat on her seat,

She started searching for Suzy’s picture and when she found out,she started staring while sobbing,

They were actually friends when she was alive,

It’s is own by Warren,

A patient lying on a stretcher was being pushed into a room,a nurse ran out from that same room,

She knocked on the door before working in,

A man was stabbed and it’s seems to have loose a lot of blood,the nurse said to Warren who was sitting but got up immediately he heard that,

Prepare for surgery,he said wearing his laboratory gown,

Warren was performing on the patient,all hope seems to have being lost,

The patient has lost much blood and is still bleeding internally

Are you sure he was only stabbed?,Warren asked

From the look of things am not sure,a nurse replied,

Hours past but it’s seems impossible for the internal bleeding to stop,

At last warren was able to bring the patient back to life,

Kristen was washing her hands even though there’s no dirt on her hands,she just like doing that,

After few minutes she stopped the tap and clean her hands with a towel,

Kristen is also a singer but she sings alone,a solo singer

She left and bumped into someone,she looked up and when she saw Manuel and when she made to leave,Manuel spoke up,

Be nice,we were friends Manuel said,

Manuel,Javier,Xavier,Frederick,Jeremy,Kristen and Wendy were friends before,

That’s in the past,Kristen rolled her eyes,

Are you still crushing on Frederick?,Manuel said and her heart skip,

But she smirked when something flashed her mind,

Are you still crushing on me?,Kristen asked with a smirk

Hell NO that’s in the past,he replied

Good for you,Because I can never like you,NEVER ,she said and started walking away,

You haven’t answer my question,He said,she turned and give him the middle finger

It’s Gigi and Cheryl Mansion,in ACC four students lives in one Mansion,but fortunately,Gigi and Cheryl are the only ones living in this Mansion,

Cheryl was seen singing a song in her studio she does this almost everyday,and she only sings one song titled “MISSING YOU”


? it’s was just…

? just like yes…

? yesterday

? I was in your arms,

? that smile on your face

? i wish Never fade

? where are you?

? where are you?

? I need you

? the memories we shared

? Memories of the past,

? flashing through my skull

? am at your grave

? Night and day

? waiting for you,

? cause i miss you so much

? hear my cry

? And meet me this once


? I miss you

? i miss you

? i love you

? till the end of time

Gigi came in,she has being listening

I haven’t heard the song before and why do you always sing it in your studio and why do you always cry while singing it,Gigi questioned

“It’s the song my mom wanted to sing for my late Dad,but unfortunately she died”,Cheryl said,tears dropping from her eyes,

“Am sorry”,Gigi started consoling her,she pulled her closer to herself gently patting her back

Cheryl pulled down her panties and poured out the liquid substance that’s has being forcing it’s way out,through her pu**y,

“Am relief”,she said

After urinating she wore her panties ,washed her hands before walking out from the restroom

But a full bucket of water landed on her,she gasp and slowly looking up to see Wendy and her friend’s, they were with mops

“Oops,I think I mistakenly poured water on you”,Wendy said

I will do the cleaning,Emily said and started mopping Cheryl face and body

Cheryl started sobbing as the three bitches unleash their anger on her

“Pour wench”,Wendy muttered and it only made Cheryl worst,

They got her,hates word,that’s her weakness!

What are you guys doing?,a familiar voice sounded…


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