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Cheryl slowly looked up to see the face of her hero and her eyes widened at whoshe saw

It’s Kristen!

The three of you should leave,Kristen said in a commanding voice,

Say’s who?,Wendy said

Say’s me,you bitch!,Kristen spat and punched Wendy on her face,Emily and Dania eyes widened,including Cheryl

You two should leave!,Kristen said and Emily and Dania ran away,No they actually flew away

You bitch!, I hate the fact that we was once friends,Wendy said in anger and started walking away

Me too bitch!,Kristen spat

Are you okay?,Kristen asked

Am fine,Cheryl said standing up,

Are you that weak?,Kristen said and Cheryl looked down,picking on her fingers,

Forget that,Change your wet clothes got extra outfit?,she asked

Yes,Cheryl replied said

brought out her phone,


She sent the message to Gigi

My baby!, How dare they did this to you,Ahh!!, those bitches,Gigi said,

Cheryl snatched the bag containing the outfit from her

Thanks for saving my friend,Gigi said to Kristen,

You are welcome,Kristen said

You look sexy,Gigi said and spanked her (Kristen) @ss,

Gigi!,Cheryl mouthed

Kristen turned her gaze to her, she has no expression on her face,

Is she a gay?,Kristen thought inwardly,

Oh,Sorry,Gigi said

Cheryl already took off her blouse and was about to take off the blue Jean skirt,Kristen turned her back on her

What’s with it?, we are all females Gigi said and spun Kristen,making her face Cheryl,Kristen eyes caught the pink panties Cheryl was putting on,

Kristen covered her eyes

I didn’t see anything,I swear,she said,and both giggled

Gigi,not everybody is like you,Cheryl said

After few minutes,Cheryl was done dressing,they are now leaving the restroom together,

Hey,let’s be friends,Gigi said

That when Kristen remembered something,she actually came to start washing her hands but now she is leaving without doing it,

Having friends is quite useful, she thought inwardly and smiled

Why are you smiling?,thinking of some naughty things we gonna do together, right?,Gigi said and both gasp


So friends?,Gigi said

Friends,Kristen replied

Twinne, Xavier said rushing to hug Javier

I love you,Javier said smiling

I love you too,but I love pu**y more,Xavier said and Javier smacked his head with a smile,

Woah,he is smiling,Jeremy said

Yes,Javier hardly smile,he is always with his poker looks,but Xavier always made him smile no one else

Jealous?,Javier said

Nah,Jeremy said

Well,when Frederick and Manuel started having issues,Manuel went his own way,that’s how he met Tristan and spice,but since Jeremy is a drumer,Xavier too is drumer,Xavier decided to join Manuel bands because Jeremy will never leave Frederick ,Frederick was his savior,

Frederick entered ,

Dude,what’s up,Xavier said

Am fine,worry about yourself,Frederick said,

Frederick and Manuel may be rivals but it’s only Manuel no one else,

Snow!, bring some apples,Jeremy said and almost immediately,Snow came in dragging a basket of apples with his teeth,he dropped it in front of Jeremy

How cute, Xavier said

Please don’t f**k my dog,Jeremy said and they bursted out in laughter

Snow!, bring some bananas, Xavier said and snow started barking at him,

He obeys only me dude,Jeremy said,

Snow,it’s okay,he said touching his fur

Xavier scoffed,

That’s a lie,he obeys me,Frederick said proudly,

Okay,try let’s see,Jeremy said

Snow!, Bite Jeremy,Frederick said but snow did the vice versa,

Snow tried to bite Frederick but he ran away,others kept laughing as snow was giving Frederick a hot chase,

Frederick bumped into blue and the food blue was carrying fell directly on Frederick face,Frederick landed on the floor

I spent 1 hour preparing these,Blue cried

Snow went back to Jeremy,he climbed his body as it’s started licking his face,

Jeremy,Xavier and Javier was already dying of laughter

I hate you all,Frederick said

Xavier brought his phone and took a photo of Frederick in that state,

Hey,give me the phone,Frederick said

This gonna be fun

Hashtag: A picture of the most popular singer and songwriter,Frederick Alexander

Manuel parked his car and came down,almost immediately his phone beeped,

A message from one his bitches,it’s a photo though,a wet pu**y,

Manuel smiled and pocketed his phone,

He started walking away,

That’s the crude play hostels,

Manuel entered and went straight to the room,there was Emily fingering herself with a lollipop,

Come here I need you,Emily said and Manuel went closer to her,

He pulled down his panties and his member spranged out,it was so big and long,he shoved it inside her without warning and started f**king very hard


Love this!

Manuel you are the main deal;

F**k every other men!

Break my legs!

Emily started moaning as Manuel did Justice to her pu**y from the back,

Shut up bitch!,Manuel said and dragged her hair,making her turn her gaze to the ceiling his hands travelled her b**bs,he squeezed it roughly,

Right now one of his hands was dragging her hair while the other was busy on her b**bs,

He pulled out from her and splashed his c*ums all over face,she started licking all,not leaving out a single drop,

She got on her knees and took his dick in her palms,she started stroking it,smiling naughtily as she did,

She took his balls into her mouth without biting it but it lasted for a minute,before she took it off her mouth,

She licked the cap of his d**k and did worst by licking his pee whole,which drives him crazy,

Urgh!!, He groaned,she is sure,a professional when it’s comes to blow Job,

Finally,she took his full length into her mouth and started s**king on it,

At every thrust she takes his cap always hit her throat,

After few minutes of BJ,Manuel tried shoving his d**k inside her but she wanted to kiss him,but he pushed her away,

Leave,he said

Everyone was quite and peaceful as the lectures goes on but their silence was broken by two young girls replied

One was shorter than the other,she has a huge smile on her face,the other was with a poker expression,

Who are you guys?,the lecturer asked

Am Cassie and she’s Dassie,we are twin,the shorter one said

? they are fucking identical!


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