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(Trapped in
their web)
THEME: Melodious vocalist
By, Manuel blaq .A.

Gigi was rolling on her bed screaming like she was mentally unstable,
Ugh!, why did I say that?,She cursed rolling to the other end of the bed,
Am really going crazy,yeah am going crazy for him,she said and sat on the bed,
Her black long hair was in a mess as some strands scattered on her face,she was looking more scary than a ghost now,
My heart beats for him,My heart flutters anytime am with him,so why the hell is wrong with him,why can’t I say this three words to him I LOVE YOU,she said
And am sure Cheryl won’t be against it,she said,she took a mirror and look at her face
Am crazy,she muttered and fell back on the bed,she started throwing her pillows,
Right,the pillows did nothing wrong,they are innocent,she said and started picking up the pillow from the floor carefully as if it’s was a new born baby
She laid back on her bed after some minutes she stood up and left her room
Dassie came into the mansion,seems like her class for the day has ended,and right now,Damn!,she’s f**king exhausted
She went towards the Fridge and brought out a chilled bottle water,she uncap its cover and gulped down the whole content
Ugh!!,this feels good ,she groaned and closed back the fridge that when her eyes met with the most scariest thing ever,
Dassie screamed running away,the back of her leg was touching her head
It’s me Gigi, am not a ghost,Gigi said just when she was about leaving the mansion and she stopped at her track
Gigi?,She asked
Yes,it’s me,Gigi said childishly
F**k! ,what are you doing like this,Dassie asked,
You are scared of ghost?,Gigi said
Yes,not am like the only one who’s afraid of ghost,Dassie replied coldly and went towards her room
Cold wench!, Gigi said and brought two a strawberry Juice from the fridge,she started walking back to her room,

Cheryl kept staring at the two young men holding her hand,
We can go out together ,Cheryl said
Yes,we can go out together,I think am hungry,bills on you two,she said and started leaving

It’s a restaurant for the rich,Javier and Manuel car stopped in front of it,
Manuel came down with Cheryl,he was able to do carry her in his car,after much arguments,
Javier also alighted from his car
? isn’t that Manuel
? I think the other guy is Javier
? who’s that girl?
? his boyfriend?
? No!!
? Manuel we love you!
They quickly went inside before their fans catch up with them,but the fans didn’t gave up,they were still standing at the entrance of the door,
Meanwhile in the Restaurant, Cheryl was eating while Manuel and Javier was staring at her,
Why staring at me?, you guys aren’t eating?,Cheryl said
Looking at your face is enough meal for me,Manuel said
I don’t mind sitting here all day just to stare at your pretty face,Javier smiled
You look cute when you smile,try and smile often,Cheryl said
Yes,My lady,Javier bowed dramatically
What!, am also cute and handsome,Manuel said
Nah,you look like an ape ,Cheryl said and giggled,Javier smiled proudly,
Me?, An Ape?,Manuel gasp
Just kidding,Cheryl said and a smile crept on his face,
You guys should dig in,she said as she ate from the grilled meat,
There was oil stain on her lips,Javier made to clean it with his thumb but Manuel was faster,
Thanks,Cheryl said and Javier clenched his fist under the table,they began staring at her again
I hate it,when someone stares at me like that,Cheryl said
Okay,they chorused and slowly started eating,stylishily staring at her face
What on my face dudes?,Cheryl said
Nothing,they chorused again
So,why are you guys looking at me that way,she asked
Because you are the oxygen I need to survive, Manuel said
Because one hour without staring at you would make me loose my sanity,Javier said
Without you am a dead man, Manuel said
You are the angel I see,Javier said
You are more prettier than angels from heaven,Manuel said
Even the devil will surely die for your sake, Javier said
Even if you are a sinner,your face would make you enter heaven, Manuel said
Even the angels are envious of your beauty,Javier said
Will you guys just stop,stop,it’s getting annoying,Cheryl said and they kept quite,and started staring at her

It’s were Kristen and the three bitches lives,Wendy,Emily and Diana
When Kristen entered the mansion,Wendy was making hotly with a guy named Jake,he is a nympho that’s why Wendy used his weakness to satisfy herself,
Jake isn’t only Wendy sex mate,he also f**ks the other girls Diana and Emily,
Right now,Frederick isn’t allowed thats why she is using Jake
When Kristen saw the sight she fumed in anger,
Do that in your room next time,Kristen said and stormed into her room
F**k you! ,Wendy said as Jake kept f**king her mercilessly,but she’s wasn’t feeling pains,it’s was pleasure to her
Meanwhile,Kristen went to her room and stripped off her clothes,she entered the bathroom and turned on the faucet,
Water started pouring on her,drenching her whole body as she swept her hair backwards,
Her mind went to her father and she sighed,the truth is that her Dad always wants her to a singer which she also wants to be,
But the problem is she gets a little stage fright whenever she’s on stage,it’s make’s do some unnecessary mistakes while singing,
The problem is that her father hates it so much that whenever she does that she’s getting punished by him
When she was friends with frederick and others,she seems happy and never told them about it,but Manuel managed to find out
Bu now they are no longer friends she now acts like a silent introvert,which she doesn’t want to be,
Maybe I should give them a chance,she said when she thought of Cheryl and Gigi, Can you believe that?,Cheryl fumed in anger,
So you mean two Greek god are after you?,you are lucky babe,Gigi said
Cheryl just narrate what happened between her ,Manuel and Javier
Lucky?,that’s the opposite of it,Cheryl said,
But Javier?,Gigi said
What about him?,Cheryl asked
He isn’t the type to smile at people not to talk of going out and chatting?, Gigi said
Maybe he changed, Cheryl said
Really?, Change for you?,Gigi said
I think that dude is into you,Gigi added
Keep dreaming,She said

Kristen left the house and right now was wendy alone with Jake,they are still f**king ,
Emily and Diana stormed,they suddenly feeling the wetness of their pu**y just by staring at the sight before them,
In a twinkle of eye,they were in only their panties,their bra were off,
Emily pushed Wendy away from Jake, she made Jake shoved his d**k inside her pu**y,though she is still wearing panties,
He forced his way inside her pu**y and finally the panties tore according to the size of his d**k ,giving him free entry into her wet pu”**y,
Wendy and Diana were f**king theirselves with didols,
They wore it on her waist,and Diana is currently f**king Wendy from the behind,
Jake left Emily and shoved his d**k into Diana pu**y,form the behind she actually loves her pu**y the most,
Emily have no other option to get f**ked by Wendy, with the help of the didols,
Right now,Jake is f**king,Diana,Diana is f**king Wendy,while Wendy is f**king Emily
And like that they kept f**king each other

As usual noise from the students were heard simply because the lecturer wasn’t in the class,
Hey,babes,Kristen said more cheerfully than before,
What’s with the mood?,what are we celebrating?,Cheryl and Gigi said,Cassie is not yet here
You aren’t happy,am happy,Kristen said
No, it’s not like that,yunno…..just forget about it,Cheryl said
I know girls,Kristen said
Am hosting a pool party tonight at pink mansion,who’s in?,Kristen screamed
? Am in!
? seems she woke up from the good side of the bed
? when last did I see this happy
? Am in!
? I love pool parties!
Kristen sighted Frederick coming,she went towards him
Are you attending my party?,she asked
Sure,he replied
? Am going there
? Frederick is attending
? who am I?
The music lecturer came in and the noise died down a little bit,
In the middle of the class Cassie walked in,
Why are you late?,The prof asked
Am sorry,she replied
Tristan entered after few minutes but no one told him nothing
Who are they trying to decieve?,Cheryl smirked
I see some chemistry going on between them, Kristine said
That’s right,Gigi chipped in
Hi babes,Cassie sat with them
Class was over,students were tropping out in two’s and threes,
? I got 29! Am dead!
? What about you?
? I got 48!
What your score in the test?,Gigi asked Cassie
76, what about you?,Cassie replied
58, I don’t like music,Gigi groaned
I got 92, Kristen said
Woah!,Gigi and Cassie said at once ,Meanwhile Frederick was also stepping out with his friends
I got 97!, Frederick and Cheryl chorused,their eyes met and they began glaring at each other,but her stupid heart betrayed her,she could clearly hear her own heartbeat
The Dum!! Dum!! Sound
Why the hell did they scored the same score?,and why is heart beating so fast?,but her thoughts were cut short when her phone rang,she picked up
Hello,this Mrs Maxine from 4 Music entertainment,we are giving you a opportunity to join the popular bands,THE STUPIDZ
Cheryl eye’s widened

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