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(Trapped in
their web)


THEME: Melodious vocalist


By, Manuel blaq .A.









Mrs Maxine car stopped in front of the music industry,a guard opened the car for her and she alighted from the car

Cheryl made to open the car door by herself but a tall and well built man in his early thirties,wearing a black suit ,opened the door for her,he seems to be a guard,

She alighted from the car with awkward expression written on her face,

She stood on her spot,knowing fully well she supposed to be following Mrs Maxine at her back,but the courage to enter the most richest music industry wasn’t allowing her do that,

C’mom princess,Let’s go in,She heard Mrs Maxine voice,which gave the courage to walked in,

She followed Mrs Maxine at her back when her eyes spotted her Mom’s photo pasted on the wall,

She stopped and began staring at the picture as tears dropped from her eyes,

Mrs Maxine noticed that Cheryl wasn’t following again,she turned to look at her back she saw her staring at Mrs Suzy picture,she sighed

Mrs Maxine walked closer to her,

You know her?,Maxine asked

Yes,she’s my mom,Cheryl replied cleaning her tears with the back of her hand

Here,Maxine said offering her a handkerchief,

Thanks,Cheryl said after accepting the handkerchief,

She was my friend back then,Maxine said

Crying won’t solve the problem,I don’t how you will feel after saying this to you but your mom actually didn’t commit suicide,it’s was all planned,she was murdered,become a star and tell the world the truth about your mother’s death,and you can only find the truth in 4 music,Maxine said

Thanks,Cheryl said

You are welcome,I actually came to visit you to persuade you to join the stupidz,but I think you should go home and think about it,Maxine said

Thank you,you are so kind,Cheryl said

Vincent come to my office,Maxine made a call and hanged up,

Few minutes the guy identified as Vincent came,he was actually going to her (Maxine) office like she said but met her at the hallway,

Ma’am,you called me,Vincent said

Take her back to ACC ,Maxine said referring to Cheryl,

Yes ma’am,Vincent said

Why do you think Maxine came for Cheryl?,Jeremy asked

I don’t know,Javier replied

Call your mom and ask her why….

She’s not my mom for heaven sake,Frederick yelled,cutting Jeremy off

Even though you hate her,that’s doesn’t change the fact she gave birth to you,Javier said

Why the hell did she have to gave birth to me?,Frederick said in a low tone

I don’t the reason you hate your mom,Jeremy said

Because she’s a Murderer,she killed her best friend,Frederick said

Both gasped,

How sure are you?,Javier asked

Just forget about it,she’s a witch,Frederick said but after dropping the last word “witch”,something came into his brain

He jumped out of the couch and grab a pen and paper and started writing,

What’s wrong with him?,Jeremy asked Javier,

Maybe the lyrics of our next album flashed his brain,Javier said

Wow,he’s actually a talented songwriter,Jeremy said

Frederick came back after writing on the paper,

Here,what do you guys about this?,Jeremy said giving them the paper,

What’s this for?,Javier said collecting the paper,

Our next album,Frederick said

Woah!,you are a genius,Jeremy said and Frederick smiled

Javier gasped

We are singing this?,Javier asked

What’s wrong with it?,Jeremy collected the paper,Frederick kept smiling

Handea!(No!),Am not singing this,Jeremy said,

But it’s a good song,Frederick said

What would happen to us after this,it’s the great Maxine Alexander we are talking about,both said at the same time

And I am the great Frederick Alexander,don’t worry I will protect you guys,Frederick said

Here comes my new album,Dedicated to my Mom,sorry my witch,Frederick said

Cassie,Gigi,Kristen and Cheryl were reading in the library even though it’s wasn’t test period,

They seem to be enjoying it except Gigi,

It’s not even test period,why the hell are we studying?,Gigi groaned,

Guys,should I accept the offer to join the stupidz?,Cheryl suddenly asked,though she was thinking about it,

Yes,you should,Gigi rolled her eyes

I wouldn’t waste time if it’s was me,Cassie said

Yes,but I would have been happy if you and I would make a team,Kristen said

I can join you if you want,Cassie said

Wow,you sing?,Kristen asked

Yes I do,Cassie said

You can join,anytime you want,Kristen said

But the problem is my sister,she vowed never to sing again,and I can’t sing without her,she can’t sing without me,we get stage fright if we sing alone,Cassie said

Woah,what a bond,Gigi said

They all turned to see Cheryl who was lost in thought,


I would think about it guys,she said


About joining the stupidz stuff,Cheryl said

I have one goodnews,Kristen said


Am dropping my next album tomorrow morning after the pool party tonight,Kristen said

Woah! Woah!,Cassie started clapping her hands,

Gigi started playing drum with her hands,

It’z k- girl on the beat,Gigi said

Thanks guys,Kristen said

Finally the end,but I wished it never ended,Cheryl said


It’s a novel written by Manuel blaq THE SAVIOUR,Cheryl replied

Judging by it name it’s must be interesting,Kristen said

More than interesting,Cheryl said

Let me find another story written by him,Cheryl said and get up she started searching the whole shelf

I found one,Cheryl said

What’s the name?,Cassie asked

HEART OF REVENGE, Cheryl replied sitting down to start reading,

A Mafia supernatural story,sounds interesting,she said after taking a look at the the book cover

After few minutes…

Girls, I will be back,let me use the restroom,Cheryl said and left,


After making use of the restroom Cheryl was walking back towards the library,when a hand covered her nose from the behind

She made to struggle but immediately,she scent a werid smell,she slept off

The guys took her and placed her at the back seat of the car,they were three in number,

They zoomed off…


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