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(Trapped in
their web)


THEME: Melodious vocalist


By, Manuel blaq .A.







Why isn’t Cheryl here yet?,it’s has been 15
minutes since she left,Kristen said

Beat me,Gigi said

Let’s go look for her,Cassie said

The three girls left the books that they were
reading and left the library,

F**k! ,she isn’t here,Gigi said coming out from
the restroom,already getting emotional,

Am scared,Cassie said

That’s nothing to be scared about,let’s go look
for her somewhere else,Kristen said


The girls has been searching for Cheryl
everywhere in the school but no sign of her,

Nathan,Javier and Manuel was now aware of
what was happening,

When last did you see her?,Manuel questioned,

She excuse herself,according to her she wants
to use the restroom,since they we haven’t set
our eyes on her not even her shadow,Kristen
said trying much as possible not to tear up,

Let’s go to the restroom,Manuel said

We already went there,Cassie said

C’mon,let’s go again,Javier said

Nathan was just fuming in anger,only God
knows what he is planning to do to anyone
that’s has a hand in his sister disappearance,

He just kept quiet imagining the punches the
looser that kidnapped his sister was going to

Gigi on her own part was loosing hope,she was
sobbing quietly,

I heard what happened,Jeremy said they all
turned to find him (Jeremy)walking towards


Suprised?,huh?,He said

Jeremy eyes spotted Gigi,he became worried
and came closer to her,

Don’t worry,everything is gonna be okay,stop
crying,Jeremy said patting Gigi at her back,

Wondering why his heart is beating faster than

We aren’t here for love romance,Kristen,Cassie,
Javier and Manuel said at once,

First,let’s go search the restroom,maybe we
could find a clue,Manuel said and they all left,

Loud sounds of music was heard,as the
different color dimming lights shone around the

Loud screams were heard from the thugs,Cheryl
was sitting on chair watching the thugs as she
Was trembling with fear,

She woke up few minutes ago to find herself on
a chair in the midst of thugs,

Soon the leader approached her,

You are awake?,the leader (Mike)said,as he
moved closer to her,

Cheryl shifted backwards but it was impossible,
her back already closer to the chair,

I bet your lips will taste more sweeter than ice
cream,he said licking his lips,like a devil,

The rest of the thugs ignored them and was
having fun,they the only ones in the room,one
was even singing with a microphone,

Mike tried kissing her but she looked away,
making his lips land on her cheeks,

Bitch!,he spat,as his palms landed on her

Aghh!!,She winced,her cheek turn red
immediately,and she was already sobbing,

Mike was about slapping her again when Mike
phone buzzed,

Gosh,who is it again?,He said bringing out his
phone,BOSS was written on the callers ID,

I will be right back,don’t try anything stupid,Mike
said and walked away from her,

Cheryl brought out her phone and started
videoing everything that’s was happening,
thankfully they didn’t tie her hands or legs,
neither did they collect her phone from her,

She quickly sent the video to their group chat
and pocketed her phone behaving let nothing

Soon Mike ended the call and came back to her,

Let’s get to business,he whispered into her ear,
which send cold shivers down her spine,

Mike tried pulling of her blouse but Cheryl
slapped him,Mike palmed his cheeks,

Cheryl stared at her palm wondering if it’s her
that slapped him,

Did I…Did I..just..just…slapped him,she

He forcefully tore her blouse and her b**bs
spranged out though she was still on her bra,

Mike licked his lips as he lustfully stared at her
perfect b**bs,


Javier,Manuel,Nathan,Jeremy,Gigi,Kristen and
Cassie was still searching suddenly the three
girls phone beeped,

Guys,come see this,the girls said at once,

Cheryl sent this in our group chat,Cassie said,

Let’s go to the nearest Karaoke,Manuel and
Javier said and they all left,

Mike was still trying and forcing himself on
Cheryl,when the door fell off,

Manuel and the rest came in and the thugs
wasted no time in attacking them,

Nathan eyes spotted Cheryl and he jumped on
the stage,flying towards Cheryl direction,as he
used some few things as support to help him

He kicked Mike on the face and he started
bleeding immediately,

You son of a bitch!,Nathan said and started
punching him,

Cheryl covered her eyes as the whole place was
turning into a violence zone,

Kristen spun and landed a kick on one the
thugs,she smiled when she saw him pleading
her for mercy,

Gigi dragged one of the thugs by the hair,she
was doing that with no mercy

Please have mercy,please,The thug begged but
Gigi paid deaf ears,

She sighted one of the thugs coming at her with
a bat,she fearfully left the thug she was holding
his hair,

The other thug hits the bat on the other thug,
Gigi was holding his hair and he fainted,

Huh?,Yeah I did it!!,She screamed

Manuel was fighting the thugs like a
professional,he’s very good at it,

Nathan was still blessing Mike which punches,

Cassie bit the thug that attack her on his arm,

Aghh!! My arm!! ,He screamed but Cassie paid
deaf ears,

Javier was fighting the thugs too,he’s skillful
but Manuel was more skillful than him,

Jeremy was sitting down enjoying the fight,he
loves his face so much that he refused to ruin it,
besides he doesn’t know how to fight

Yes Gigi,Fight!,Jeremy screamed,


After few minutes Manuel and the guys was
able to defeat the thugs,

Nathan was carrying Cheryl on his back,she
passed out during the fight,

Take care of her,Manuel said and left in his car,

Make sure she doesn’t get sick,Javier said and
left also,

Jeremy already left before the fight ended,

Cassie,Gigi,Nathan,Cheryl and Kristen all left in
Kristen car,

Take care,Kristen said as Cassie,Gigi,Nathan
and Cheryl alighted from her car,

Nathan carried Cheryl on his back,she was still
unconscious,he carried her to her room and
placed her on her bed,Gigi was still following
him,Cassie went to her room already

He covered with a duvet and his eyes suddenly
spotted her red cheeks,new strings of anger
rush down his spine,that he wish he should
have killed him (Mike)

I think I should start going,Gigi said

Okay,Nathan replied and she left,

Few minutes after Gigi left,Cheryl eyes flew

Cheryl?,Nathan said

He has being on her side the past minutes,he
has be staring at her without blinking,

Cheryl released a sigh,

Cheryl are you okay?,Nathan asked worriedly,

Am fine,she replied and he sighed in relief,

You made me so worried,he said and she

Am fine now,okay?,She said and they smiled at
each other,

I have a pretty sister,Nathan said

I have a handsome ,cute little brother,She said
and they smiled at each other again,

C’mon,let me bath you,Nathan said

Naughty,She said and descended the bed,her
phone beeped

It’s a message from the group chat

KRISTEN: Is Cheryl fine now,I hope she comes
to my party.

CASSIE : I hope so

GIGI: Let me go check up on her

CHERYL: Am fine babies, let’s rock the party

KRISTEN: Thank goodness


GIGI: Cheryl is Nathan coming to the party?

CHERYL: I don’t think so

I should get going,Nathan said

Okay,bye,she replied and she left

CASSIE: Gigi,I.. I…?

KRISTEN: I think she’s crushing on Nathan


GIGI: Babes?

CHERYL: That’s not new,she is crushing on my
little bro,

GIGI: Cheryl?, gosh, I hate you


CHERYL:Bye babies, Let me take my bath

KRISTEN: Bye,see you tonight

Cheryl dropped her phone and went into the
bathroom,there she pulled off her clothes and
turned on the faucet,

She went under the shower and the water
started pouring on her,

Her mind flashed back to the boy she met when
she was little,a smile crept her face,

I pray I meet him soon,She smiled

Frederick was also under his shower taking his
bath too,

He was also thinking about the girl he met when
he was little,he was smiling

Strangely,apart from his friends frederick
always smile when thinking about the girl he
met when he was little


Mike staggered backwards as the heavy slaps
landed on his cheeks,

Why did you do that without my orders,the
unknown guy wearing a mask said

But boss,I got paid….

Another heavy slap cut him off,making him shut
his mouth completely

And who did hell told you I need money,The
masked guy thundered,

Am sorry boss,Mike said bowing down his head,

Get out of my sight,the masked man said and
Mike ran off,

I think the boss is a bit harsh,one of the thugs

Loud music was heard around all the four
corners of the compound,

Wendy and her friends were at their own corner,
making noise,one would think it’s their party,
they were almost naked infact they naked

Thei panties was stuck in between their @ss,
they were so tempting that a normal guy can’t
resist them

Kristen was welcoming her guest,the party
weren’t full with people yet,she was wearing a
white bikini,looking so hot and sexy

Soon the students started trooping in two’s and
three’s,soon the place was filled,

Gigi,Kristen and Cassie stormed in,Kristen
smiled when he saw them,

Wendy was shocked to see Cheryl walking fine,
she should be cripple,right?,she wondered and
left angrily

Let’s rock the party babies,Gigi screamed,she’s
was wearing a black bikini,her erected nipples
was almost visible,though her b**bs were not
that big

Cassie was wearing a purple bikini,her b**bs
weren’t big though but her @ss was something
to write home about,

Cheryl was putting on a red bikini,through she
used a armless jacket,that stopped on her knee,

Welcome babies, Kristen said hugging them on
by one,


Wendy went to a corner and dialed Mike’s
number,he didn’t picked up till third attempt,

Why the f**k are you calling me?,Mike yelled,

The Job wasn’t done,right?,Wendy said

Yeah,something came up,He replied,

What!,,after giving you my body and money,?,
Wendy yelled

That’s none of my business,Mike said and
hanged up

He didn’t do the job,right?,Diana asked coming
in together with Emily

Yes,I just feel like killing him,ugh!!,Wendy
groaned and left,Diana and Emily followed her,

Cassie was currently twerking and she had
many eyes on her,

Even some men that were with their girlfriends,
was lustfully staring at her,

C’omo babe,Gigi said

Shake that butt!,Kristen said and Cheryl just

? Fred!!

? they came!

? I love you!

? Jeremy!

? Javier!

Loud screams were heard as the stupidz made
their entry,Jeremy were smiling proudly as girls
drool at him

Javier suprisly smiling

? He is smiling

? never saw him smile

? he is more cute while smiling

Another loud scream erupted the air as the
crude play made their entry,

? Manuel

? we love you guys

? Crude play!

? they’re cute!

Emily rushed to Manuel and kissed him and he
reciprocated the kiss,

Meanwhile Frederick was making out hotly with
Wendy,Diana was trying to seduce Javier but it’s
seems impossible,

Cassie stop twerking she was drinking with the
girls as the DJ made the whole place lively,

Manuel was still kissing Emily but when he felt
Cheryl’s gaze on him he pushed her off,


Am not in the mood,he said

Few minutes later on the whole students were
inside the water splashing water on themselves,
except Manuel,Javier,Frederick and Cheryl,

C’mon babe,Gigi screamed referring to Cheryl,
gesturing her to jump into the water,

Nope!,Cheryl screamed and giggled

Javier and Manuel was staring at Cheryl,she
was looking so hot and sexy that they refused
to blink their eyes,

Frederick eyes fell on her,his eyes went to her
erected nipples,and he got hard immediately,

F**k!,he spat inwardly

Soon Manuel stood up and went closer to
Cheryl,Javier and Frederick fumed in anger,

You look so hot and sexy tonight,Manuel said

Thanks,she replied

Can I kiss you?,he said

I can see how badly you wanna taste my lips,
you can kiss me,just this once,Cheryl said and
Manuel lips landed on her lips,

Frederick didn’t know when he stood up walking
to their direction,his eyes was filled with


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