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(Trapped in
their web)


THEME: Melodious vocalist


By, Manuel blaq .A.







Manuel snap out from his imagination,the three dudes were still staring at Cheryl,

Has she being this sexy?,Frederick questioned in his mind ,

Javier and Manuel stood and went to sit with Cheryl,

Hi pretty,Manuel said

I came first,you should go back,Javier said,

I came before you,dude,Manuel snapped,

Frederick was just staring at them with a smirk playing on his face,

Don’t start now,guys,Cheryl spoke up,

But I came before him,Javier said

I don’t understand,am I some sort of a goddess

You are more than a goddess my queen,Manuel said dramatically,bowing his head,his palm was resting on his chest

Frederick scoffed from where he was drinking,

He took a sip of the wine he was holding,

Such a woman wrapper,Frederick scoffed again,

Javier was rolling his eyes at Manuel while Cheryl laughed,

You are funny,she said admist laughter,

Am funny too,Javier blurted out

Don’t be jealous dude,Manuel said and Javier scoffed

Jealous you say?,Javier scoffed

Hey,what you guys doing with my friend?,Gigi said coming out from the pool,

Gigi!!,Cheryl called cheerfully

Hey,go back into the pool,don’t ruin my day,Manuel said

F**k boy,learn how to talk with your elders,Gigi shouted at Manuel,

Huh?,El! Elders?,Manuel kept laughing

You look a 9 year old kid,Manuel manage to say,

Don’t listen to them,let’s go have fun,Javier said referring to Cheryl,

Huh?,fun?,Gigi said

This the real fun,Gigi gushed happily and pushed Cheryl into the pool,

Gigi, I hate you!!,Cheryl screamed trying to get out,but Cassie and Kristen quickly pulled her back

Have fun!

C’mob babes,that’s the real fun!!,Gigi shouted and was about to jumped into the pool but stopped herself

Call me a 9 year old kid again and you are dead,Gigi said with warning sign on her face,she was actually speaking to Manuel,

Gigi finally jumped into the water she get hold of Cheryl and started splashing water on her,

Javier and Manuel stared at Cheryl for a while before jumping into the water,

Javier brought his head up and his eyes met with Cassie,

Hi,he said waving his hand

She waved back with a smile on her lips,she was really lost in his hot and sexy body,because he was only putting on a singlet and boxers

He went down into the water,swimming to another corner,

Gosh,why is my heart beating so fast,she muttered,

Kristen and Manuel was busy splashing water on themselves forgetting that they were not in good terms,

Frederick was only staring at the whole drama,finding it to be childish,

How childi…

He wasn’t able to finish the word when Jeremy pushed him into the water,


Have fun bro,that’s why we are here,Jeremy said and jumped into the water,

I swear I will kill you!,Frederick shouted,

You can’t bro Jeremy said splashing water on him

Cheryl,Cassie was making up in Gigi’s room,Cheryl was sitting on a seat,facing the huge mirror,while Cassie and Gigi stood behind,

Guys,How do I look?,Cheryl asked

You are looking more prettier than a mermaid,Cassie said

Cheryl phone buzzed,KRISTEN was written on the callers ID,

What’s up,baby,Cheryl said cheerfully after picking up the caller,she proceeded in putting on loud speaker before placing it on the dressing table,

Are you guys still coming to watch me perform?,Kristen voice was heard through the phone,

Yes baby,we won’t miss it for anything,Gigi said,of course she could hear Kristen voice since it’s on loud speaker,

Gigi!,Kristen said,you could sense her smiling through her voice,

Am gonna be there too,Cassie said

Being friends with you guys is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me,Kristen said,

Us too,Cheryl said

Bye,I have to go now,Kristen said and hanged up

Let’s go,Enough of the make up,Cheryl said,


Kristen was sitting on a chair,in front of her was a table,different make ups were placed on it,on the wall in front of her was a huge mirror,

Kristen kept staring at the mirror as the make up artist apply finishing touches on her,

She was looking so beautiful with make ups on her face,though she also looks pretty without make ups,

The door opened and the girls stormed in,

We are here!!,Gigi screamed

Babes,Kristen said with a smile playing on her lips,

Check me out,How do I look?,She said

She was putting on black armless gown,though she covered it with a long hand jacket,

Everything about her was in black color,her purse,her heels and so on and she looks damn pretty in it,

You look so muah,Cheryl blew kisses at her,and she smiled

Guys am nervous,Kristen said remembering her stage fright,

What’s the problem?,why are you nervous?,Gigi asked

This isn’t the first time you are singing on stage,so why nervous?,Cheryl asked

It’s about my stage fright,I always make mistakes while singing,Kristen said,

That won’t happen now we are here,when singing just glue your eyes at our face,and it’s won’t happen,Cheryl said

Really?,would that work?,Kristen asked

It’s will,trust me,Cheryl said and Kristen smiled,

Ma’am,you have ten minutes,you are appearing on stage ten minutes from now,a lady probably in her late twenties informed Kristen

Okay,Kristen replied and the lady bowed and left

We will leave now,looking forward to see you on that f**king stage,Cassie said and they left,


The loud screams from the numerous fans were heard,some were carrying boards,

On the boards were written words like,K GIRL, WE LOVE YOU❤,MY CRUSH,MY IDOL,MY BIAS

The disco light shone at every corner of the theater,as the fans impatiently wait for Kristen to arrived,

Cheryl and the girls,fortunately found a spot at the front,where they could get a clearer view,

?Are you ready to see the most prettiest girl in Australia?


The fans screamed,if only noise could make a building collapsed,

Smoke erupted the whole stage and Kristen came in,the couldn’t see her very well because of the smoke

But slowly it’s started becoming clear,still it’s fully cleared,

Kristen was on the stage with a micro phone,

K- GIRL!!!

The fans screamed,Gigi and Cassie was also screaming,Cheryl was only clapping her hand,

Alright fans,the song is dedicated to my three best friends,and I want to use the opportunity to tell you guys that I love you all,Kristen said using the microphone,


Kristen eyes spotted Cheryl and the the girls,just as they told her,she glued her eyes at them,

Slowly she started singing


? Just tell why, you break my heart

? Deep inside,I still feel…

? the pangs,in my heart

? satisfied?,you broke my heart

? my painful heart is giving up…

? on love,forever,forever,forever

? forever,forever,forever!!


? Am in pains

? What’s your gain?

? My hearts is cage

? Give me pills

? playboy Cain!

? you broke my heart

? in a very….cruel way

? you break my heart

? with no remorse!


? with sorrow,I made my bed

? with tears,I laid on it

? with my sore foots,I stood again

? with my swollen eyes,I see again

? with my nostrils,I breath again

? with my pale lips,I speak again

? with my arms,I fight again

? with my painful heart,I love again


? Am in pains

? what’s your gain?

? My heart is cage

? Give me pills

? Playboy cain!

? you broke my heart

? in a very… cruel way

? you broke my heart

? with no remorse!

Kristen dropped the last lyric of the song without mistakes,she was obviously happy,

Yes,it’s works,I will never loose you guys,she said in her mind smiling at her friends who was also smiling at her,they were also clapping for her,not only them but her fans too were clapping for her,


Kristen was walking out from the Music industry,but her fans were all over her,not only her fans but the reporters too

? k girl

? Your Autograph please!

? Do you really got heartbroken?

? we love you

?when are you dropping your next album?,

With the help of the guards Kristen was able to enter her van

Babe!,Cheryl,Cassie and Gigi said

Oh my,Kristen said,she was obviously starlted,her hands were on her chest

How do you guys..

I know they were your friends,so I let them in,her driver said

You really did great,Cheryl said giving her a thumb up,

Thanks,Kristen replied

Her phone buzzed,ANIMAL,was written on the callers ID,that’s her father so she picked up after some minutes the call ended,

Girls I need to go,Kristen said and alighted from the van,

Luckily,the fans and repoters were far away from her,she was able to enter her private car before they catch up with her,

Girls,I need to do something before going back to school,Cheryl said and also alighted from the van

Can you please drive us to school,Gigi said to the driver

Sure,he said


Kristen was forced to look sideways,when her fathers palm landed on her cheeks,

You always make mistakes while singing on a stage and now you didn’t make the same mistake,you dedicated it to those rats you called friends?,Mr Marshall yelled

What about me?,or am I not important to you?,He yelled again in anger,

Have you ever treated me like your daughter?,all you do is beat me up when you feel like,since mom died,you kept blaming me for her death,is it my fault she died after giving birth to me?,I have tried as much as I can to be a good daughter,but all my effort was futile,Do you think am happy mom died?,Answer me,you beast!!,Kristen said walking out from the place,

Come back here!,Marshall yelled but Kristen ignored him,she didn’t look back,she acted like she heard nothing as she left with tears slipping down her eyes


Come in,Mrs Maxine said and Cheryl stepped into her office,a smile crept on her (Maxine)face

Good morning,Cheryl greeted respectfully,

Good morning princess,have a seat,Maxine said and Cheryl sat down nervously,

Ma’am,have think about what we discuss last time and I have come to a conclusion,Cheryl said,

What’s your conclusion?,Maxine said

I would accept the offer to join the stupidz bands,Cheryl said and Maxine joy knew no bounds,

Really?,Am so happy,Maxine said and Cheryl smiled

Ma’am,if I may ask,why do you care about me so much?,Cheryl asked

Because you are my best friend daughter,Maxine replied

Here,sign this documents,Maxine said bringing out the necessary document,

Cheryl started going through it before signing,

After few minutes they were through with signing the documents,

Mrs Maxine brought out a car key

Congratulations dear,you are now the owner of a brand new sports car,and from now on you will live together with the stupidz,Mrs Maxine said

Huh?,Cheryl eyes widened in shock


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