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☺️(Psycho Love)☺️

(An edited & longer version. Signed book)

✍️ Sha Ron ✍️

Chapter Six.

I brought out all of the novels and read each prologue, to be frank, none seems to get my attention because all I could see is his face.


Yes! Did he notice I couldn’t concentrate and kept thinking of him? Was he thinking about me too? Us? Mmm.

I sat up on the bed and looked at him “they are all useless, none of them is interesting.” I packed them up and threw them back inside my bag.

He came inside and locked the door. He sat down beside me on the bed, he took my hands and squeezed gently.

“I really missed you last night,” he confessed.

“Where did you go?” I asked, placing my head on his chest. He held me closer.

“I don’t usually come home on Saturdays after work, I spend the night outside at Caleb’s house. His house is close to the airport where our goods land, which needs to be packed in my shop early every Sunday morning” he explained quitely.

“You import every weekend?” I was surprised at how possible that could be.

“Not really as you think, flying outside the country every weekend wouldn’t be convenient and it may consume a lot of money, so all we do is pay our customers and they waybill our goods back to us”

Odd, I didn’t know it works like that, what do I know about importation of goods, anyways.

“Canny method” I mumbled.

“Yep! Not many people do that, but we all learn everyday and I recently started following that procedure because it consumes less time and no energy at all if I may say”

“Business acumen? Is that the appropriate term for that?” I joked.

“You are just looking for what I will say” he laughed.

“You didn’t come out for lunch, why lock yourself inside?” I asked more seriously.

“I wanted to know if I would be able to sleep, but, when I kept seeing you whenever I closed my eyes, I gave up and here I am!” He said curtly.

“I didn’t want to disturb you, anyways, and…if I may ask, why were you upset earlier at church?” I brought the topic down to his behavior when I was getting to know his friends.

“No…that’s not the word, I wasn’t upset because you were chatting with them, I am just sad that…this is so… heartbreaking” he drawled.

I looked up at his gloomy face, “I shouldn’t have…” I started saying but he stopped me by kissing my lips lightly.

“No, the thing is… I was sad because I introduced you as my cousin sister and I got jealous when I thought about the fact that my friends would want to toast you since we are related”

What exactly is he trying to say?


A mocking laughter escaped my lips, seriously, that’s not funny, not at all.

“Chris, that’s nothing to worry about, those guys aren’t my speck, they kept drooling over me but you are the one person that makes my heart flutter.” I turned his face so he would look at me.

“I… I wish we weren’t related. I wish I could tell my family that I love you. I…wish that you will be mine and no complications are against us…” His voice trailed off.

A tear slid down his cheek, it fell on my palm and I felt my heart breaking into a thousand pieces. That’s when I understood the gravity of his words.

“Oh Chris! Love is so cruel!!” I cursed.

How can fate play such a dirty trick on us?
How many days have we met that such strong feelings should exist strangely between us and such bonds be made? Love is wicked!

To hell with being related! To hell with whatever complications we are facing now!!

Why would God allow such feelings to exist between us while He knows it’s abnormal? Why did He sit on His throne and watch me love my cousin?

We shouldn’t have met in the first place if this was not meant to be, I don’t care anymore! Whatever comes out of this, so be it!!

“You know…when I visited the chapel, I said a very funny prayer, guess what it was?” He sniffed, he was really in tears.

Oh! This is so bitter, I felt sour and I broke into tears too. We held each other tight and cried, I can’t even remember the last time I did that until today.

“What did you pray for?” I queried expecting to hear a usual prayer request.

“I was supposed to beg for forgiveness for being a bad child, but I found myself telling God that I love you and He should find a way for us to be together forever without the world being against us”

All that, aren’t they heart wishes? It’s true that God works in mysterious ways but this very miracle must be the last one in his list.

“Chris, let’s cherish every moment that we have together because…that prayer is also a sin, no one in their right mind would ask God for such a favor”

“I know, Jen. He should at least make all these feelings witter away” he lamented. I felt bad.

“I love you, Chris. That’s what should matter to us, there’s nothing we can do about it” I kissed him and we depended on the kiss to take away all the ache.

“I love you so much, Jenny. More than words can express, you take me over the moon and I wish you and I can fly away from all these complications” he said between kisses.

“Aren’t you too toxic for a girl like me? You are flattering me way too much!” I broke the kiss to look at his face.

“Mind you, with the way your hands are moving around me, you are making a guy go crazy and horny” he smiled and wiped off his tears.
That’s a relief!

“I’m glad my charms are working, but…am taking the lead today, so, relax and watch me while I’m rocking my body for you” I drawled and pushed him down onto the bed.

“Where did you learn how to seduce a man?” He winked at me.

“Show me a girl in love and I will show you a-good-girl-gone-bad!” I pulled off his shirt and used it to blindfold him.

“What are you up to?” He asked.

“Just…be a good boy, be patient…wait and see!”

I undid his belt, pulled down his trouser and threw it away. Now, just imagine the condition of his prick inside his boxers, what a pity, it needs some kisses and caresses.

“I’m coming, baby. You will love it when mama pets you” I hummed softly, I will make sure he gets exactly the same pleasure he gave me in his room a night ago.

“What are you doing to me, Jen. My whole body yearns for you, come on” he cried.

“I told…ya to be a good…boy, remember? Let me handle your pr*ck and take my tuition fee” I saw his lips twitch in amusement when he recalled our last discussion.

“Please, handle with care and be nice to him, he will give you as many amounts as you wish to take” he mused.

“Which means… I will take my time” I stated flatly.

He threw his hands over his head and waited for me to do my worst, he sure doesn’t know what’s coming!

I took off his boxers and ran a finger through his erection, his breath quickened and I heard my own blood pumping, an idea played on my mind.

Good-girl-gone-bad! I find it hard to believe that those naughty thoughts could run through my mind, I wasn’t like this before! What happened to Jennifer?

I wasn’t into romance, I mean, as I mentioned before, I was that Nigerian girl that believes in minus men in order to reach my beacon of success.

And as innocent as I was, I must have gone crazy to think that I’m the one who’s looking at a man’s dick, not just any man, but my cousin! And thinking of what I did next!! I can’t even believe myself!!!

I knelt down beside the bed between his legs and bent so my face became level with him.

I kissed him gently, and when I felt that’s not enough, I took him into my mouth. I sensed how uneasy he became because my action caught him by surprise.

I suckled, licked and savored every bit of him until he cum inside my mouth, his moans filled the whole house and I craved to give him more.

I stood up and took my clothes off, I joined him on the bed and climbed on top of him, I bent over him and did wonders to his small nipples.

I trailed kisses through his face down to his thighs, his hands reached for me but I told him to relax because I’m the one in charge, I’m the boss of the game now.

“Jen, I can’t take this anymore…” He cried out but he got no shudder from me.

I faced his prick again, stuck out my tongue and put it to good use. I kissed and caressed him until he reached his peak.

I got what I wanted! I wanted to bring out that animal in him, I want him inside me, bold, strong, fearless and wild!

He took control in a wink of an eye as he tore off the blind fold and lifted me off the bed, he jerked me against the wall instead and claimed me from behind.
That’s the spirit!

My palms were splayed on the wall and my left cheek as well for support, his hands were on my waist as he thrusted deeper and deeper inside me.

Our climax was quick and breathtaking.
He poured himself inside me and we collapsed onto the floor, millions of stars ran around my tightly closed eyes, that’s when the fear descended on me.

I shivered and opened my eyes slowly, “Chris?” I called when I saw his posture on the floor.

He opened an eye, grinned and shot it back as I snuggled closer to him “I adore you” he said holding me tight.


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