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GENRES: Sex, Love, Romance, Secrets, Betrayals, Comedy, Fun, War?


AKA Rosa Kittly page library







TEMPTATION ACADEMY is a school of secrets, love, war, betrayals, this high school will change the life of Joana…

Joana was a beautiful girl, who had to relocate to a town named ‘ROMANCE TOWN’ with her mum Nora and sister Chio after the death of her dad

She gains admission into ‘Temptation Academy’. On her arrival she outshines Crystabel who is known as the most beautiful…

Things get worst for her, as she began to have a lot of enemies among her friends just because of her beauty

Especially, when the handsome boys Soal & Seojun fell deeply in love with her

Despite the fact Soal & Seojun are bloody enemies

She discovers her true identity, and unfolds a lot of secrets, the truth about her birth…..

What secrets will she discover?

Who will win her heart between Soal & Seojun?

What is hidden behind her birth?

How will she be able to fight against her friends who will eventually stab her in the back?

And why?

This story will hot ooo?

If you are ready for a real high school story join us?

Ready for Chaps????

?CHAPTER 1 & 2?

{Romance town>3pm}

The truck drove to the streets, and stopped at a old house, which had just been sold

Joana got down from the truck, helping her mum Nora to get some things into the house

She had just recently lost her dad, and was still recovering

The truck drove away splashing some dirt on Nora

“Curse ya driver” Nora shouted angrily at him

“Take this before you begin to smell” Chio, the little 10 year old girl said to her covering her nose

“Shut up, idiot” Nora shouted angrily at Chio, collecting the rag from here

She had just bought the new cloth she wore, she felt pissed off

“Mum, which town are we in?” Joana asked Nora as she dropped the box on a table

“Romance Town” Nora replied her dusting her dress angrily

“Jesus!” Chio exclaimed in shock

She raised her hands on her head with her mouth opened

“Go and unpack now” Nora ordered her angrily

She hurriedly went upstairs to change

A car drove to the next house, close to them. Nora felt pleased and decides to say hello

“Hi neighbour” She said softly walking towards him

The moment Mr Gregoi raised his head, Nora was caught in his handsome looks

“Bonoir, handsome” Nora said bowing her head before him

“Its Bonsoir, and pls speak normal” Mr Gregoi said to her as if he knew she was acting

“You must be my new neighbour, welcome” He said again, taking out his keys

Nora stood there looking at his handsome looks with a smile on her face

“Are you OK?” Mr Gregoi asked her, noticing her stare was too much

“No…I mean…em….yes..yes” Nora stammered uncontrollable

“Are you married?” She asked again hoping his wife was dead

“Yes, but my wife is late” Mr Gregoi said to her unlocking the padlocks

“I am married to but my Hus is late” Nora said to him happily

“I have two daughters too” Nora said to him with a smile

It was not as if he asked her but she was completely crazy about his handsome looks

Chio had been watching from the window, walked towards them unnoticed watching Nora

“I have a daughter and she must be your daughter” Mr Gregoi said to her noticing Chio presence

“How???” Nora exclaimed staring at Chio in shock

She wondered how she got there

Sugar, in her short skirt and short top, walked towards them stylishly

She was the baddest, play girl, and fucker in school….

Nora was shunned by her pretty eyes and smiled

“Stupidity upon stupidity” Chio said to herself watching Nora

“Mum!” Joana shouted running towards her

“Omg, you are beau….ti..ful” Sugar said to her in shock

“I am Sugar, and you are?” She said again with a smile

“Joana” Joana replied her with a smile

She wondered why Sugar was wowed at her beauty

“Dad, can we hang out?” Sugar said to Mr Gregoi

“Yes!” Nora replied hurriedly, she had no idea when she said yes.

Chio shakes her head pity and wondered what had bitten her

“Its OK, just be back early” Mr Gregoi said to Sugar with a smile

Sugar took Joana out, she showed her a lot of places

That’s was how their friendship started

They stopped at a famous restaurant to eat & chat

They chatted for a while, when Flexy in his shining shoes and dazzling shirt

He was handsome, a confirm play boy, from a wealthy family, his looks will make you know he was a player

“Fuck ya, idiot” Flexy shouted at Sugar as he came closer to her

“Where is my money, girl?” He asked her collecting her cup of coffee and poured it on her face

“Omg, Flexy!” Sugar exclaimed angrily rising to her feet

All these while, Flexy didn’t even notice Joana’s presence

Infact he had no idea whether there was a human being sitting with Sugar

“Listen, if ya don’t want me to post your fucking nude videos better pay me my money” Flexy shouted angrily at her pointing his fingers

The word nude entered Joana’s ear, she was shocked and looked at them with her mouth wide open

“I will rape ya, kill ya, ruin ya, if ya don’t pay me my money” Flexy warned her and walked away

“Bastard” Sugar shouted angrily

“Let’s go home” She shouted angrily at Joana walking away

Joana ran after her still in shock

Meanwhile, Mr Gregoi helped Nora in setting up her new restaurant which was downstairs of their new home…

“Thanks a lot for your help” Nora said to Mr Gregoi trying to hold his hands

“Mummy!” Chio shouted at Nora as she saw what she was doing

“Well, I should leave now” Mr Gregoi said to Nora calmly

“Yes, go?? Go?” Chio said hissing loudly, Nora eyed Chio angrily

That was when Sugar and Joana got home… Sugar barged in to her home angrily

Joana walked towards her home with head down..

“What happened?” Nora asked Joana in shock

Joana raised her head looking at Mr Gregoi and Nora with her mouth wide open still in shock

“Did ya have an accident?” Mr Gregoi asked her in surprise

“Am going to my room” Joana said walking upstairs still in shock

“I will leave now” Mr Gregoi said to Nora, tapping her cheeks

He walked towards in home, wondering why the girls acted strange..

Later at night……

Nora called the girls to have dinner…

“You have successful gotten a transfer” Nora said to Joana with a mouthful of food

“Remember, this is your 12th grade and you have to study hard for your final exams into the university” She said again taking a little sauce

“Mummy, what’s the name of the school Joana will attend?” Chio asked since madam Joana refused to say a word

“Temptation Academy” Nora said taking a sip of her coffee

“Tem what?” Chio shouted in shock with her mouth wide open

“You heard me right” Nora said to her munching her food

“Ahh? Jesus? Tem..p..ta..tion what??” Chio exclaimed in shock, dropping her spoon

She raised her hands on her head in shock

“From Romance town to Temptation Academy, wonder shall never cease” Chio shouted shaking her head in pity

“Mummy, is it a boarding school?” Chio asked calmly, Nora felt angry at her question

“Yes and don’t ask more questions” Nora said feeling pissed off

“Ahh, Mummy Why? Why?” Chio asked almost in tears

“If you are not ready to behave, go to your room” Nora said almost angrily

“I am going already” Chio said rising on her feet

“When they said resist temptation, you are inviting it” Chio said hissing loudly

Nora took off her slippers and throws it at Chio

“I an going too” Joana said standing up

Nora watched her walking like a lifeless body, and shakes her head in pity

“I have two daughters, one disrespectful the other a fool” Nora said to herself hissing loudly

{MR Gregoi home}

Sugar was so angry, she refused to have dinner
with her dad, she decides to call her friend Sara..

Sara was the best dancer, a seducer anyone has
never seen in school, she wasn’t pretty but no
one could resist her…

On the phone…

“Hey babe, can you imagine that brat asking for
his money” Sugar said angrily biting her lips

“I…I…think…we should….talk…about it…in
school tomorrow” Sara said screaming

Sugar could hear moaning through her phone

“Are you doing something?” Sugar asked as
Sara screaming increased

“Yeah, we will talk later” Sara replied dropping
the call

Sugar was surprised, folded her arms thinking
of how to handle Flexy

{Jack home<6am}

Jack was a wealthy man, who had many
companies in different part of the world…

He had a son named Soal, he divorced his wife
Anie after she cheated on him and married a
Korea woman named Sohyun who already had
a grown up son named Seojun

Unfortunately for their marriage, Seojun & Soal
were great enemies before their union

Things got worst after their union…

Soal was the most handsome in school,a brain
master, calm, brilliant

But Seojun was opposite??

Seojun was also the most handsome,
competing with Soal by looks, a dullard, a
gangster, and stubborn like a goat..

“Breakfast is ready!” Sohyun shouted loudly so
the boys could hear her

“I am not hungry” Seojun shouted back, picking
his school bag

“Don’t shout on your mum like that!” Jack said
to Seojun calmly

“And who the hell are you to tell me what to do
and not to do?” Seojun asked picking his
motorcycle key

“Talk to my father with respect or else” Soal said
dragging Seojun by his collar

“Or else what??” Seojun asked holding Soal by
his collar

“Well…em..you boys will be late to school”
Sohyun stammered, she didn’t want the boys to
fight again just the way they did last night

Seojun gave Soal an angry look, slammed the
door behind him mounting on his motorcycle….

Soal took his bag, looked at Jack and Sohyun
then leaves…

“Omg” Sohyun said out of relief, sitting beside


Joana was dressed in her uniform looking
beautiful and neat…

“Take care of yourself” Nora said to Joana
giving her the luggage

“Hmm…ooh..na wa oo” Chio kept saying with
her arms folded

“Sugar is also a student in your new school, you
should follow her” Nora said to her smiling

“No…no…no, I will go myself” Joana said,
leaving without even saying goodbye

She was still in shock about what happened

Seojun rode his motorcycle angrily, he hated the
fact he spent his holidays living under the same
roof with Soal

Joana ran hurriedly towards the main road
without looking left or right…

Seojun was on high speed, the moment he saw
her he tried to reverse but his motorcycle
somersaulted flying him to the ground…

His helmet got broken, he took it off still in
anger and threw it at Joana

“I am so sorry” Joana said feeling guilty holding
his helmet in her hands

“Fuck ya idiot, dirty ugly pig” Seojun shouted
angrily at her standing his motorcycle

“Psycho” Joana spatted pointing her fingers at

“Who are you calling a Psycho?” Seojun asked
angrily, Joana was speechless noticing his
handsome looks

“Fix my helmet, I will be back for it” Seojun
shouted angrily, rode his motorcycle away

“Curse ya idiot” Joana shouted almost angrily

{Pretty girls hostel}

Joana looked for her room number, she slammed the door open calmly

She looked up only to see two girls looking at her with their mouth wide open

Beauty was a beautiful girl, holy girl, people call her second mother of Jesus

Prixy was a pretty dancer though Sara was better than her, she also sings, any man is her choice handsome or ugly

Joana’s new roommates….

“You are so beautiful” Prixy exclaimed falling flat on her bed with her mouth wide open

“I am Beauty and this Prixy” Beauty said taking Joana’s luggage and helps her place it

“I am Joana” Joana said placing the helmet by her pillow

“The whole school will shake at your beauty” Prixy said putting on her school jacket

“Yes ooo” Beauty said putting on her shoes

Joana looks at them in wonder

“Are you fully ready to enter Temptation Academy?” Prixy asked Joana smiling brightly

“Huh” Joana exclaimed

To be Continued…

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