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?CHAPTER 7 & 8?



“I can’t believe you got into a fight again” The doctor said checking his pulse rate

“This isn’t his first!” Joana exclaimed in shock

Seojun frowns his face as the doctor observed him

“Thanks for staying by his side” Flexy thanked Joana calmly

Antonio gave her a smile and looked at Soal who leaned on the wall

“Well, no much damage and he is good to go” The doctor said to them smiling

“But he need some rest” He said again, and walks away

“You heard the doc, let’s go” Soal said trying to avoid sighting Seojun

“Well…I have to go now” Joana said softly

“Where are you going?” Seojun asked grabbing her hand

“She will be late for her tutoring” Soal said grabbing her other hand

“She need to look after me” Seojun said dragging her to his side

“She needs to be taught now” Soal said dragging her back to his side

None of them was ready to let go of Joana’s hand

Antonio & Flexy watched them in shock

“What’s going on here?” Becalisa asked entering the ward almost unnoticed

“Are you two fighting over Joana?” Becalisa asked them trying so hard to hide her anger and jealousy

“Fight over who!” Soal & Seojun exclaimed

They immediately let go of Joana’s hand calmly

After few mins of silence….

“Go buy me some food” Seojun said to Joana with a smile

“I bought you some already” Becalisa said to him with a smile

“Buy me fried rice & Burger” Seojun said completely ignoring Becalisa

“I spent hours making this meal for you Seojun” Becalisa shouted at him

She didn’t understand why Seojun attention was on Joana and not her

“I want the burger with Pickles and a lot of paste” Seojun said to Joana calmly without giving her a dime

“Seojun” Becalisa shouted almost in tears, she felt like killing him

“I will back” Joana said softly, she was only buying it for him because of his condition

Joana still felt bad and left immediately..

“She isn’t your slave” Soal remarked folding his arms

Vista & Swane hurriedly rushed in towards Soal

“I can’t believe you came for Seojun” Swane said to him in shock and disbelief

“I came for Joana & not that ugly bitch” Soal said to them referring Seojun as the ugly bitch

“Who ya calling a bitch?” Seojun asked angrily throwing his pillow at him

“Animal, how dare ya throw a pillow at me” Soal shouted throwing the pillow back hardly at Seojun

“Damn ya fool” Seojun shouted at Soal as the pillow landed on his face

“You’re lucky it didn’t ruin your ugly face” Soal said to Seojun angrily

“Who ya calling ugly?” Seojun asked Soal angrily rising from his bed

“I am ten times handsome than you are” Soal said to him angrily with his arms folded

“I am 100% handsome than your stinky and disgusting face dude” Seojun shouted angrily pointing his fingers at Soal

“You are blabbing at my handsome face Korea boy” Soal said to Seojun almost angrily

“Em…why don’t we calm first” Vista said trying to avoid another fight

“I don’t really understand why you have to put your stinky mouth into it” Flexy said to Vista getting his fist ready for a fight

“Look at ya and your ducklings who follow you about” Soal said to Seojun who was boiling in anger

“Ya all are ready for a fight, that’s why ya all ugly” Soal said again trying to mock Seojun

“Who ya calling ugly?” Antonio asked walking towards Soal angrily

“Do ya think…ya small boys..can face us” Soal said trying too keep his cool

“We are SVS, so Ya and your chicks should rest” Swane said to Seojun with a smile

“I am sure, ya are still weak we don’t want to break your hand” Vista said to Seojun bursting into laughter

“Did your dad forget to teach ya manners?” Seojun said to Soal angrily folding his palm

“I am sure your seductive mum is the one who failed to teach ya manners” Soal shouted at Seojun angrily

“How dare ya call my mum a seductive?” Seojun asked Soal angrily, landing a slap on his face

“If your mum weren’t seductive, she wouldn’t have made my dad fall stupidly for her” Soal shouted punching Seojun in his face

Seojun held Soal shirt tight giving his a punch in his face

Swane tried to attack Soal but Antonio hit him hard on the face with his butts

Flexy faced Vista, giving him a hard knock on his face, the two struggle to make each other fall

Seojun & Soal kept giving each other punches

“Guys, pls stop fighting” Becalisa shouted angrily at them

She walked towards them with her high heels to separate them..

A hot blow landed on her p*usy, another on her face..

“Bitch…damn…ya idiots” Becalisa screamed in pain walking back to the bed

They didn’t even notice her but kept fighting…

Antonio who didn’t know how to fight managed to Swane to the floor and farted into his mouth loudly..

Swane was so angry and bit his butt hard, Antonio screamed out of pain and farted again into his mouth..

Flexy pulled off his shoes trying to hit Vista with it, Vista also pulled his clothes off trying to hit Flexy with it

They kept dodging each other calmly

Soal gave Seojun a blow under his d*ick, Seojun screamed and gave Soal a blow on his head. The two kept giving each other blows

Joana entered with a flask in her hand only to see the boys fighting, Becalisa holding her p*usy tightly as a result of the blow she received

“Stop!” Joana shouted angrily & loudly

Immediately the boys stooped, Seojun went back to his bed

Becalisa looked at Joana in shock and wondered what magic she used on them

Seojun collected the flask and ate hurriedly

{Temptation Academy: Dining hall}

Sara walked slowly in front of Drego and Edward shaking her butts trying to seduce them

“Bit butts” Edward whispered into Drego ears pointing at Sara Butts

Sara Intentionally threw her pen on the floor, she bent down revealing her half naked butts

“Omg” Drego exclaimed calmly

Edward held his d*ick tight in shock

“What are ya doing?” Tiona asked Sara as she walked towards Drego & Edward

“Are ya trying to seduce my boyfriend and his friend?” Tiona asked facing Sara angrily

“Drego is your boyfriend but Edward doesn’t have one” Sara said secretly using her hand to reveal her half naked butts to the boys

“You are such a bitch girl” Tiona shouted at Sara almost angrily

“Stooping so low to have what’s not yours” She said again to Sara angrily

“Its not your fault ya don’t have butts” Sara said shaking her butts at Tiona

“Well…I have boobs….big boobs” Tiona said angrily holding her boobs tightly

“This thing…. I am sure Drego is tired of pressing it” Sara shouted pointing her fingers at Tiona’s boobs

“So its your oversized and expired butts he should be pressing” Tiona shouted pulling off her shoes ready for a fight

“How dare ya call my butts expired?” Sara shouted pulling her shoes off and gives Tiona a punch

Tiona replied her with a blow on her face

“Babes, calm” Drego shouted holding Tiona tightly in order to separate them

Edward held Sara and secretly pressing her butts hard…

“I will show ya….stinky thing” Tiona shouted angrily picking her shoes

Drego let go of her calmly..

“Let’s go” Tiona shouted at Drego eyeing Sara angrily

Drego picked his bad, secretly typed his number on his phone

“Bro let’s go” Drego said to Edward, placing his phone behind his back

Sara quickly snapped the number and kept her phone

“Let’s go” Tiona shouted angrily at the boys

Drego ran towards her giving her a kiss

“Take, give me a call” Edward said biting his lips as he hands Sara his card

He quickly ran to meet up with Tiona & Drego


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