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?CHAPTER 13&14?

*Am getting Jealous*

{Staffs room< Mr Tila table}

“This good, very good” Mr Tila remarks as he checks Joana’s improvement in English

“Soal, I want ya to continue tutoring Joana especially throughout today” Mr Tila said to Soal

“Sure!” Soal said and walked away with Joana

Joana kept smiling as they walked down the hall

“Why ya smiling?” Soal asked holding her hands tightly

“I am just happy, I improved in English” Joana said to him with a smile staring at his face

“Ant its all because of handsome Soal” Joana said again with a smile

Soal raised his head up, and looked at her beautiful face, Joana also looked at his handsome face

They kept staring at each other walking down the hall with smiles

Seojun & his friends were coming back from baseball practice

“Don’t look” Antonio said turning Seojun the other way as he sights Joana & Soal

“What’s wrong with ya!” Seojun shouted facing Antonio only to see Soal & Joana pass him by

His jaw dropped as his eyes went to their hands which was together and then to the way they were staring at each other

“That bitch” Seojun shouted out of jealousy walking towards Soal & Joana

The only thing in his mind was to separate them and give Soal a hot blow

Not until madam Becalisa jumped into his front and stopped him from chasing after Soal & Joana

“I have missed ya” Becalisa said trying to hug him but Seojun pushed her

“I have a schedule” Seojun said to her pretending to be looking at the wristwatch in his hands

“But ..I….I” Becalisa said almost stammering

“Beca…I got somewhere to go” Seojun said with a fake smile inside him was filled with jealousy & anger

He left hurriedly with Flexy & Antonio hurriedly..

Becalisa felt angry at Seojun attitude towards her, Kiki quietly walked towards her

“So bad for ya, Beca” Kiki said feeling so passionate

“What do ya want?” Becalisa asked her in shock

“I know, Seojun hates moving around with girls but you are both close” Kiki said pretending to be sad

“But still, he spent most of his time with Joana and not you” Kiki said again pretending to be sorry for Becalisa

“Joana is my friend, besides she also moves around with Soal” Becalisa said softly trying to understand what Kiki meant

“The two most handsome boys is falling slowly for Joana” Kiki said calmly, all she wanted was to instill hatred in Becalisa

She wanted Becalisa to hate Joana with everything in her

“But! I….I” Becalisa said almost confused

“Seojun loves Joana and not ya, sorry she has taken him away with her damn beauty” Kiki said calmly and walked away with a smile

She knew her words hit Becalisa a lot, she was desperate to bring Joana down by all means but not to early

Becalisa stood in the same spot speechless, and lost in thought

{The Dining hall: Lunch time}

Cadigo walked towards a vacant seat and sat calmly placing his tray filled with delicacies on the table

Beauty rushed towards the sit close to him and sat down with a smile

“Are ya OK” Cadigo asked her in shock

“Huh” Beauty exclaimed calmly

“Nvm” Cadigo said softly and began to munch his food quietly

Charles walked towards them and sat close to Beauty

“Hi baby” Charles said with a smile to Beauty

The word ‘baby’ shanked into Cadigo ears, he pretends to cough as a result

“How are you handsome?” Beauty said to Charles with a smile

Cadigo looked at Beauty in shock and coughed calmly

“I am good sweetheart” Charles said to her with a smile


Crystabel & her friends walked towards the dining hall calmly

“That bitch” Crystabel exclaimed as she sights Charles & Beauty smiling

She left her friends and walked towards where Charles sat, she sat close to him almost angrily

“What??” Charles asked Crystabel frowning his face

“Nth” Crystabel said softly munching her food

“So, how was your day?” Charles asked Beauty putting his arms around her neck

“She is fine, what’s your prob?” Cadigo shouted Charles removing his hands from Beauty neck

“But??” Charles said halfway

“Cadigo said she is OK” Crystabel cuts in immediately

“Princess, do ya….” Charles said halfway to Beauty

“Hey, don’t say anything again” Cadigo shouted angrily at Charles

“Why?” Charles asked Cadigo in shock

“You are making noise” Crystabel said trying to hide her jealously

All this while, Cadigo has been trying to hide his jealousy, he hated the fact Charles was trying to flirt with Beauty

Beauty ate too much spicy and coughed uncontrollable

Charles tries to hand Beauty his cup of water but Crystals collects it out of jealousy and drank all

Cadigo calmly gives Beauty his cup of water with a smile

“Thanks” Beauty said to Cadigo as she drank the water peacefully

“Why did ya do that?” Charles asked Crystabel in shock

“I ate too much spicy too” Crystabel lied to cover up her jealousy

“Are ya….” Charles said halfway to Beauty as…

“Shut up!” Cadigo & Crystabel chorused angrily

Charles became as mute as a mouse and ate his food quietly

{Mr V’s : staff office}

Madam C walked into his office, she was only a cleaner and nothing else

She cleaned his office stylishly shaking her big butts for him to see, Mr V was amazed he couldn’t stop staring at her big butts with his mouth wide open

Miss Sweetie walked in her most sexiest clothes and sees..

“What insolence?” Miss Sweetie shouted at Madam C angrily

“I don’t get ya”Madam C exclaimed softly

“How dare ya try to seduce my baby?” Miss Sweetie shouted referring to Mr V as her baby

“How dare ya call my sweetheart your baby?” Madam C shouted angrily at her

“Ya just a cleaner, stay on ya lane” Miss Sweetie angrily

“Ya just jealous of us” Madam C said coming close to Mr V

“I cannot be jealous of a cleaner like you” Miss Sweetie shouted at Madam C

Mr V smiled, he liked the way the fought because of him

Hood, walked in unnoticed, since he was too short for them to see

“Babes, pls be calm” Mr V said with a smile

“My love” Madam C exclaimed shaking her butts at Mr V

“My baby” Miss Sweetie exclaimed softly walking towards Mr V seductively

“Nice one” Hood said clapping his hands loudly

“You this short brat, how did ya get here?” Miss Sweetie asked as she looked down and saw him

“I fell from heaven” Hood said jokingly

“Stupid fool….idiot” Miss Sweetie shouted at Hood

“Pls don’t insult my son” Madam C said to Miss Sweetie angrily

“Is this a son or an animal” Miss Sweetie said pointing at Hood

“Me! Animal? I will go out and tell everyone what I saw and heard” Hood said trying to go out

“Ahh, Hood don’t go” They pleaded with him calmly

“We will do anything ya want just mention” Mr V pleaded with Hood softly

“Even you…Mr V” Hood exclaimed in shock & disappointment

“You all will frog jump round the whole school” Hood said again with a smile

“Ahh” They all exclaimed in shock

“What’s the ahh for or should I expose y’all” Hood said softly in shock

“We will do it” Mr V said to him softly

They followed Hood to the school hall which was filled with students passing by

“Seojun! Come here” Hood shouted as be sights Seojun & his friends

“What’s up?” Seojun asked looking at Mr V in shock

“We will lead this animals and make them do frog jump” Hood spoked calmly to Seojun referring to Mr V,Sweetie & Madam C

“Then let’s start” Flexy exclaimed in excitement

“When we say 1,2 ya jump” Seojun said to them softly

“1,2” Seojun & his friends shouted at them

“1,2” They chorused and jumped

“1,2” Seojun & his friends chorused happily

“1,2” They chorused and jumped

Miss Sweetie was filled with anger as they led them down the hall…

The students were surprised, especially when they passed the dining hall..

“Omg” Jennie exclaimed from where she sat watching Seojun & his friends lead them

Immediately Joana sights them, her mind went to the helmet she just fixed for Seojun

“I am coming” Joana said to Soal and left

After more than an hour tour, Seojun & his friends let them go

“I have never been humiliated like this since I was born” Mr V said to himself as he walked to his office in anger
Joana sights Seojun alone, resting on the wall

“Seojun” Joana called out his name, running towards him

“What! Are ya done with your romance?” Seojun asked her still jealous, that she spent all the day with Soal and not him

“I came to give ya back your helmet” Joana said handing him the helmet in her hand

“I don’t want it, stay away from me” Seojun shouted at her still jealous and walked away

“What did I do?” Joana asked herself almost in tears

{Nora’s home: restaurant}

Nora served her customers happily with a smile on her face, Mr Gregoi enters with a friend named Sofi smiling together

Nora jaw dropped, she felt like pouncing on Sofi

“What can I offer ya?” Nora asker them trying to hide her jealousy

“Just water” Sofi said sitting down with Mr Gregoi

Nora gave her water and walked back, she couldn’t stop looking at the way they smiled and laughed together

“Mummy, take it easy ooh” Chio said as she notices Nora’s attitude

“Shut up! What do ya know?” Nora said to Chio almost angrily

Nora walked towards them in jealousy, she wanted to separate them but by the time she got there she felt stupid

“Are ya OK” Nora asked trying to hide her jealousy

“Yes we are” Sofi replied her calmly

Nora stood and refused to leave, she kept eavesdropping what they discussed

“Is there a prob?” Mr Gregoi asked Nora in shock

“No..em…Yes….em…no..I…yes” Nora stammered thinking of what to say

“Are ya OK?” Nora asked again

“Yes, we are” Sofi said almost angrily

Nora walked away to the kitchen and came back again

“Are ya really sure ya OK?” Nora asked them trying to hide her jealousy

“Yes we are” Sofi said almost shouting

Nora walked round the restaurant and came back to them, she couldn’t bear seeing them smiling together

“Are you 100% sure ya OK?” Nora asked them again

“Omg! I am leaving” Sofi shouted and walked out of the restaurant

“What’s wrong with ya?” Mr Gregoi asked her and walks out too

“Well done, madam of jealousy” Chio said to Nora hissing loudly and walked away

{Joana’s classroom}

Joana couldn’t stop thinking why Seojun treated her that way

Hood entered feeling pleased, and sits calmly

“Hood, how did ya get Mr V, Miss Sweetie & Madam C to frog jump round the school?” Sali asked him calmly in shock

“That’s small” Hood said feeling proud

“But why did Seojun join ya anyway?” Charles asked him in wonder

“Did ya know today is the day Seojun lost his dad” Hood said feeling bad

“I just wanted him to come off it” Hood said again almost in tears

“Ya are a good friend, Hood! Hood!” Cadigo teased him

“Your Fatherhood” Hood said jokingly

Joana couldn’t believe her ears,she ran out of the class to the shock of everyone

“Flexy! Antonio!” Joana shouted as she sights them

“What’s up?” Flexy asked her in shock

“Where is Seojun?” Joana asked them breathing heavily

“So ya finally remembered him” Antonio said to her in shock

“Pls, where is he?” Joana asked almost in tears

“The garden” Flexy said noticing her mood

Joana ran towards the garden like a mad dog

She met Seojun crying badly, all alone

“I am sorry” Joana said bursting into tears

“Why are ya crying?” Seojun asked her in tears

“I lost my dad too” Joana said crying loudly

“I am sorry too” Seojun said to her bursting into fresh tears

“Why are ya crying too?” Joana asked crying badly

“Because ya crying!” Seojun said to her crying like a baby

“Come here” Seojun said in tears opening his arms

Joana ran towards him and hugged him tightly, they both kept crying like new born babies


Soal had followed Joana, he stood by a corner watching them

He was filled with jealousy and wanted to separate them but decided not to since they were sad because they lost their dads

“Hello” Annabella said with a smile walking towards Soal

“What do ya want?” Soal asked her staring at Seojun & Joana

“Are ya going to separate them?” Annabella asked them noticing Soal couldn’t stop staring at Seojun & Joana

“Yes but not now” Soal said without even looking at Annabella but his eyes were on Seojun & Joana

“Do ya love Joana?” Annabella asked almost in tears and fear

“Yes, I love Joana” Soal said to her facing his attention at Seojun & Joana

Annabella jaw dropped, tears were in her eyes

“I know ya love me but this is the truth, I don’t love ya am sorry” Soal said to her and walked towards some branches

He hid there and watched Seojun & Joana looking for the right time to separate them…

Annabella burst into tears, she stamps her foot angrily

“I love you Soal, pls love me back” Annabella said crying like a baby falling slowly on her kneels


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