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?CHAPTER 15&16?


{Mr V’s: office}

Mr V brought out a box made of Gold & Silver, he opened it and gasped loudly

Joana entered the office unnoticed, holding some test papers…

“Sir….I” Joana said halfway as she entered

Mr V quickly closed the box and shifts it to side smiling brightly at Joana

“Mr Tila asked me to hand you these test papers” Joana said noticing the strange mark on the Gold & Silver box

“Oh…well..em…you can leave now” Mr V said almost nervously

“I will leave now” Joana said and left the office hurriedly

“So close” Mr V exclaimed as Joana left, he was relieved Joana didn’t see what was in the box

“What could that strange mark on the Gold & Silver box means?” Joana kept asking herself as she walked down the hall

“Why was Mr V so nervous, he is definitely hiding something” Joana said to herself again lost in thought

Beauty walked towards her and was surprised Joana didn’t notice her presence

“Hey” Beauty said tapping Joana’s shoulder

“You were lost in thought” Beauty said again, Joana realised she had been lost in thought

Before Joana could, say a word to Beauty, Becalisa walked towards them…

“Hi, beautiful” Becalisa said to Joana faking a smile

“Why don’t we hang out!” Becalisa said to them biting her lips

“Sure” Joana & Beauty chorused, they wondered why Becalisa suddenly asked them out

{Joana’s classroom}

Annabella couldn’t stop shedding tears, she cried so badly on Jennie’s shoulder

“You should stop crying girl!” Jennie said trying to calm Annabella

Crystabel entered the class angrily, only to see Annabella crying

“What happened?” Crystabel asked Jennie in shock

“Soal broke her heart” Jennie said to Crystabel being sad

“I…I…I…don’t get you” Crystabel said in confusion

“Babes, Soal is in love with Joana and not Annabella” Jennie said again sadly

“What! This is unbelievable” Crystabel exclaimed in shock

“That girl! If I touch her, I will kill her” Annabella shouted in tears

“Joana! You animal!” Crystabel shouted angrily

“We have to do something Crysta” Jennie said boiling in anger

“That girl has stepped on our toes” Jennie said again in anger

“It’s time, we teach her a lesson” Jennie said again rising to her feet

“Not yet, let’s give her a warning first” Crystabel said thinking hard

“Alright, then I will face her myself” Jennie said patting Annabella’s head gently

“Joana, you have no idea what am capable of” Crystabel said with a smile

{The field}

Seojun & his friends walks into the field happily

“My back!” Antonio exclaimed scratching his back hard

“Your back is dirty fool” Flexy shouted at Antonio

“You should go and wash it” Hood said tying his shoe lace

“Where will I wash it?” Antonio asked him

“Don’t we have a toilet or washroom?” Seojun asked him almost angrily

“Its occupied already” Antonio said scratching his back hard

“Let’s use the one there” Hood said pointing at an old washroom nearby

“What! Me! No!” Antonio said feeling irritated

“Would you rather scratch your back till it peels!” Flexy shouted at him pushing him to the old washroom

“Are ya coming?” Hood asked Seojun calmly

“No” Seojun replied softly, Hood hurriedly went after Antonio & Flexy

Seojun bent down to tie his shoe lace, he suddenly heard a strange sound as if he was being watched….

He got suspicious, stood up and looked around but saw no one…

“Who’s there?” He asked feeling suspicious

“Seojun!” Someone called out his name softly

He turned round but couldn’t see anyone

“What’s this!” Seojun said feeling a bit scared

“Who is trying to joke with me?” Seojun asked looking around

“Seojun” The same person called out his name again

Seojun closed his eyes in fear, he opened them shock turned only to see a ghost with blood in his eyes

“Ahh!” Seojun screamed in fear and fainted

The boys heard his voice and ran outside the old washroom only to see Seojun laying flat on the grass

“Seojun” Flexy shouted running towards him with Hood

“What happened to him?” Antonio asked trying to wake Seojun, he looked around but saw no one

“I think he fainted” Hood exclaimed in shock

{Through the school garden}

Joana walked happily with Becalisa & Beauty

Suddenly, Joana stepped on something she tried walking but instead felt pains in her legs

“Ahh” Joana screamed in pains holding her leg

“What’s wrong?” Beauty asked in shock

“My leg….hurts” Joana shouted in pain it was as if something was burning her inside

“Its burning me” Joana screamed almost in tears

Becalisa kept quiet and stood with her arm folded

“Father Lord, any attack against your life will never prosper” Beauty started praying in faith

“Amen” Becalisa said faintly secretly eyeing Beauty

“Be healed in the name of Jesus” Beauty continued praying repeatedly

“Amen” Becalisa said looking at Beauty in anger

“It’s gone…the pain is gone” Joana said in shock as the pain left her leg

“Thank you Jesus” Beauty said with a smile

Becalisa stood there in shock eyeing Beauty angrily

“You should rest now” Beauty said to Joana with a smile

“Yes…yes…let’s go” Becalisa said faking a smile on her face


“Ahh! Me?” Kiki said sitting close to Tiona

“What happened?” Tiona asked Kiki softly

“That Joana! Ahh? Me?” Kiki exclaimed shaking her legs angrily

“What did Joana do?” Tiona asked burying her head in the book she was reading

“You are asking me as if you are not in this school” Kiki said angrily

“I am in this school, though I heard Joana is causing problems” Tiona said calmly facing Kiki

“Why won’t she?” Kiki said angrily

“That girl looks innocent to me” Tiona said calmly trying to understand Kiki

“Innocent indeed?” Kiki exclaimed with a loud hiss

“I thought you were her friend” Tiona said in shock, folding her arms

“Friend? With who?” Kiki asked her angrily

“Just pray, I don’t get the chance” Kiki said angrily

“Get the chance to do what??” Tiona asked her in shock

“If I have the chance, I will kill Joana” Kiki shouted almost on the top of her voice

“Keep your voice down” Tiona said to Kiki calmly

“All I know is, I must kill Joana” Kiki said angrily, Tiona looked at her in shock

{The girl’s washroom}

Joana walked into the washroom immediately in fear

“This school is crazy” Joana exclaimed to herself

“How did I get here” Joana said to herself almost in tears

“If not for Beauty who is prayerful, I would have been crippled or killed” Joana said to herself in fear

“Daughter of a mad woman” Jennie said as she enters unnoticed

“What do ya want?” Joana asked firmly

“I wanna give ya a warning” Jennie said to her angrily

“I don’t have time for your madness” Joana shouted trying to walk away

“Come back, fool” Jennie shouted pushing Joana to the floor

“What’s your prob?” Joana asked her angrily

“You are my prob” Jennie shouted angrily at her

“I am not your prob, fool” Joana shouted angrily at Jennie

“How dare ya call me a fool?” Jennie asked Joana angrily

“Do you know who I am?” Jennie asked slapping Joana hard

“Don’t raise your hands on me” Joana shouted slapping Jennie back

“You bitch” Jennie shouted dragging Joana’s hair

Joana dragged her school jacket and it tore

“You ruined my school jacket fool” Jennie shouted angrily at Joana pulling her school jacket

Joana sights the strange mark she saw on the Gold & Silver box on Jennie’s neck and her jaw dropped

“Who are ya giving such stare” Jennie shouted at Joana noticing the way she was looking at her

“I…I..am..sorry” Joana said nervously, she had no idea when she said it

“Oh, you are lucky today but next time don’t ever cross paths with me or my friends” Jennie shouted at Joana angrily

“If you go beyond your boundaries, I will show you” Jennie shouted again and walked away with her torn School Jacket

{Swimming Pool}

Soal & his friends walked towards the pool…

“Bro, I am very happy” Vista said to Soal with a smile

“Why?” Soal asked him

“He fucked a girl” Swane said jokingly with a laugh

“I forgot to tell ya what our friend is planning to do” Vista said to Soal with a smile

“Is it about his girlfriend?” Soal asked him softly, he could imagine how many girls Swane had dated

“Bro, he broke up with Kiki and” Vista said halfway with a smile looking at Swane reaction

“And what??” Charles asked walking towards them unnoticed

“He wants to date Sali” Vista said laughing hard

“Fat Sali?” Charles exclaimed in shock

“Good choice?” Soal said to Swane giving him a thumb up

“Soal…Soal” Someone called out his name

“Did ya guys call my name?” Soal asked them in shock

“No, but I heard someone call your name” Swane said feeling scared

“Soal…Soal” The same person called out his name louder

The boys looked round but saw no one

“Soal, I think it’s a ghost voice” Charles said shaking terribly

“Soal, let’s run” Vista said as his legs were shaking in fear

Just then a small snake crawled towards them..

“Snake” Swane exclaimed in fear holding Soal’s hand

“It’s just a snake” Soal said trying to be courageous

“I cannot die now, I am the only heir to my father’s property” Swane said almost about to pie on his body

“Let’s kill the snake” Charles suggested holding a stick in fear

“Soal…Soal” The snake shouted rising up and turning into the ghost Seojun had seen

“Ahh” The boys screamed and ran out in fear

“Help us! Help us!” The boys shouted as they ran towards the school hall like mad dogs


Sugar walked up to Sara very tired and weak

“What’s up?” Sara asked her, putting on makeup

“Sara, something is wrong with me” Sugar said feeling dizzy

“You have worked so hard, why won’t ya feel dizzy” Sara said continuing her makeup

“Sara, it’s not about work” Sugar said softly in fear

“Then what?” Sara said noticing Sugar’s mood

“Sara, my head is burning” Sugar shouted holding her stomach tightly

“How? When?” Sara asked rising up in fear

“I think, I was poisoned” Sugar said falling on the ground, and faints

“Sugar! Sugar!” Sara exclaimed in fear

“Help! Someone!” Sara screamed in fear trying to wake Sugar

{The Supermarket}

Sohyun bought a lot of goods happily, she walked towards her car only to see…

“Husband snatcher” Anie said to Sohyun angrily

“I am not that which you call me” Sohyun said to her calmly

“I see, but ya took him away from him” Anie shouted at her angrily

“You cheated on Jack and he married me” Sohyun said trying to control her anger

“After you killed your ex husband” Anie shouted angrily at Sohyun

“I have no time for insults” Sohyun said trying to get into her car

“My son, Soal remains the only heir to Jack’s property” Anie said stopping Sohyun from entering her car

“My son Seojun also have a right in Jack’s property since am legally his wife” Sohyun said to Anie almost angrily

“Seojun is not Jack’s son but your old poor ex husband son” Anie shouted at Sohyun trying to mock her

“Have some respect for my late husband” Sohyun shouted, slapping Anie angrily

“Now, get lost” Sohyun said again at Anie

“And you think, you will get home alive” Anie shouted at Sohyun angrily

“Get lost” Sohyun shouted and entered her car

She drove her car, all of a sudden she couldn’t control the wheel and she ended up crashing into an electric pole not far from the supermarket..

“You have no idea what am capable of” Anie said smiling brightly to herself as people gathered round the car to save Sohyun

{Nora’s home}

“Ouch” Chio screamed as Nora dragged her feet

“What’s wrong?” Mr Gregoi had as he entered their home

He had helped Nora get some food stuffs….

“She broke her leg” Nora replied him softly

“Let me help” Mr Gregoi said placing his hands on Chio leg

“Ahh! Omg! Am dead! Am dead” Chio started to scream, when Mr Gregoi hasn’t even dragged her feet

“Shut up” Nora shouted at her angrily

“Don’t worry mummy, I won’t die” Chio shouted calmly at Nora

“Shut up” Nora shouted at Chio

“I will drag it now! 1,2” Mr Gregoi shouted and drags Chio tiny feet

“Mummy, something have happen” Chio shouted Mr Gregoi let go of her feet

“What happened?” Nora asked her almost in fear

“Mummy! Panic! Panic!” Chio shouted at Nora holding her feet

“What happened? What happened?” Nora shouted panicking

“What happened?” Mr Gregoi asked her in shock

“Mummy! Ahh! Mummy! Panic? Panic?” Chio shouted almost in tears

“I am panicking?” Nora shouted in fear panicking

“Mummy! Ooh! Mummy! Ahh!” Chio shouted making Nora scared

“Mummy! This man! Oh? Ahh!” Chio shouted making Nora more scared

“My leg is not paining me again” Chio said, standing up and walked away

“Omg, this kid won’t kill me” Nora said holding her chest

“You have to calm down” Mr Gregoi said sitting close to her

.. … … ….

Cadigo walked towards a restaurant outside the school, he walked into it calmly

“Look at this idiot” A man shouted from behind

“Stone him” Someone shouted angrily

Everyone started stoning him hardly

“Let me go” Cadigo screamed almost in tears

He trier to run toward the main entrance but someone had close it

Many people passed by and refused to help him instead they hissed and abused him

Meanwhile, Joana went out of the school looking for Becalisa & Beauty..

She noticed Cadigo being stonned, she ran towards the restaurant, burst it open and dragged Cadigo out…

“Thank you” Cadigo said to her calmly

“Why were they stoning you?” Joana asked him in shock

“There are secrets you don’t know…me…our…school…them” Cadigo said breathing heavily

“Your jacket is torn” Joana said removing Cadigo’s school Jacket

“I promise to pay you back for your help” Cadigo said to Joana softly

“I will help amend your school Jacket” Joana said dusting his Jacket

Immediately, Joana notices the strange mark on Cadigo’s neck and her jaw dropped, she hurriedly walk away in fear

“How is this possible?” Joana kept herself as she walked towards the school

“Why will Jennie & Cadigo have the same mark I saw on the Gold & Silver box?” Joana asked herself almost in confusion

Cadigo watched her leave, he purposely blinked his eyes and immediately the restaurant got destroyed and collapsed…

“This is what happens for messing with me” Cadigo said angrily, as his eyes turned blue


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