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{ War Of Hearts… }

THEME: In His Poems

GENRE: Romance

TAGS: College, Drama, Love Triangles, Bullying, S£x, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Revenge, Rivalry, Unrequited Love, Secrets, Jealousy, Hatred, Heartbreak, Family, Crime/Thriller.

BY: Naomi Cindy B.


Sunrise group is the largest conglomerate in the USA, owned by Mayor Walker, with hundreds divisions across the globe.

Sunrise technology, Sunrise automobiles, Sunrise electronics, Sunrise Investments, Sunrise Highschool, Sunrise College and many more.

Of all the divisions, Sunrise College (SRC) is the most popular, a school for the wealthy in Manhattan, New York.

Sunrise college houses the richest kids in NY. Bratty heirs and heiresses who’d go any length to get what they want, wicked bullies, and The Beautiful Knights.

The Beautiful Knights are the three prettiest and richest guys in the school who gets girls kissing their feet at every step they take.

Vance Ernest. The coldly cute phone addict whose eyes are always glued to his phone. He rarely speaks. His parents are German billionaires.

Pascal Lane. The s£xy player, popularly known as Kiss. His dad… Oxford Lane owns dozens of casinos, resorts and hotels.

Aaron Walker! The leader of the gang. He’s a handsome jerk, and a dangerous bully. Making the scholarship students bleed is his hobby.

To him, they have no right to be in the school, so he makes them regret coming by bullying them till they quit or get wounded severely.

No one would dare question him anyways. He’s the only son of Mayor Walker, so he’s the heir of Sunrise conglomerates.

Sunrise college only takes three scholarship students yearly.

Teddy Tiffin, son of the gardener at Walkers’ estate was lucky to pass the scholarship exams, and he became a student of the school.

Being a poor boy whom Aaron hates with contempt, his sufferings only doubled immediately he resumed.

Aaron was determined to make life hell on Earth for him, but things took an intense turn when a girl got involved.

Jennifer Sanders, the feisty girl who got all the guys crushing since her first day in the school.

Aaron swore to have her. He’ll make her his girl, even if it means killing Teddy.

What next?

The poor Gardener’s son, or the rich heir of a conglomerate? Who gets Jennifer Sanders???

What if there’s a deep secret about Aaron that no one knows about?

What if there’s more to Teddy?

Can’t wait to meet the college brats and get hooked with crazy dramas?

Buckle up and follow me.

Don’t miss out!


{ War Of Hearts… }

THEME: In His Poems


BY: Naomi Cindy B.


WEALTH… It’s the only perceivable scent in the richly wide living room which has various maids walking it.

It’s the biggest mansion in the USA anyways, so that much is expected.

Some maids are running errands for the wealthy family currently, and some are fixing breakfast, but in the middle of the living room, stood Teddy.

His star pendant necklace dangled on his neck as he mopped the floor of the living room professionally. It’s his daily job.

His father is the gardener of the walkers’ family garden down the estate, but they’re both living in a room in the mansion. Thanks to Mayor Walker who allowed them since they couldn’t afford a house rent.

Cleaning is the only thing he could do to thank the family besides helping his dad in the garden, and that’s why he does it wholeheartedly everytime.

His eyes widened when the familiar perfume hit his nose. The smell of Caron Poivre, an indication that the devil is coming downstairs.

Teddy concentrated more on the cleaning, and the maids lined up below the stairs quickly, each holding a tray of different cups of coffee.

A minute later, a pair of customized sneakers appeared on the stairs… AARON WALKER was inscribed on every part of it, giving it a uniquely expensive look.

The maids held the trays tighter, and Aaron’s face finally came to view as he stepped down. If hot was a person, he’d be. His natural cocoa brown eyes would leave girls on their toes staring.

He has a carefree face as usual, the face of someone who has no care in the world.

He got to the first maid and took the cup of coffee from her tray, but he spit it out immediately he had a sip, and it landed on the already cleaned ground.

He threw down the cup too, and it broke with the remaining coffee in it.

“Why is it so f**king bitter!” He complained, taking the second cup, but he did the same thing, staining the ground more.

Teddy kept mute as he watched. He dare not talk anyways, what’d he probably say to the only son of the house?

“Why the eff is the sugar low!” Aaron yelled, breaking the fourth cup of coffee.

“The… Mayor ordered… the… Reduction” the maid trembled.

“Damn that old father of mine! Shit I lost my appetite!” He shot, facing Teddy.

“Hey cleaner, clean up this shit! Must I tell you before you do?” He said sharply.

“Yes, young master” Teddy bowed and made to leave to get the sweeper…

“Pick them with your f**king hands” Aaron ordered, and he came back.

He bent in front of him and started hand-picking the broken glasses hurting his fingers in the process.

He began bleeding, but he never stopped picking, and Aaron grinned.

“Money is really good, don’t you think?”

Teddy stopped moving.

“I mean… I can order you around even where we’re age mates, life is all about what you have oh boy” Aaron continued, then he raised his sneaker to Teddy’s head, marching it.

“Heard you passed the scholarship exams, I’m expecting you in school, cleaner” he laughed, pushing his head away.

Teddy fell, and he laughed again as he pocketed his hands and walked out of the house.

Two cars were already waiting outside, his friends are waiting beside both.

As usual, Vance’s eyes are on his phone, browsing online.

Pascal on the other hand is with a girl, one of his new girlfriends. They’re kissing hard beside his blue Lincoln.

“Here!” Aaron announced, and Vance looked up.

“Took you long enough” he said and got in his car.

Pascal broke the kiss with the girl and did a fist bump with Aaron, then they grinned before entering their respective cars.

They screeched out of the estate, and Teddy sighed from the window where he has been watching them from.

He looked at his bleeding fingers and got the kit to take care of it, then he did the rest of the cleaning before making his way to the garden where his dad is.

He’s not in school yet cos the rich kids resume a week before the scholarship students, the scholarship students are resuming tommorow.

“Teddy” Mr Tiffin smiled immediately he entered the garden.

He was pruning the cocoa trees.

“I’ll help” Teddy took the scissors from him and took over.

“You should get an haircut” Mr Tiffin said, stroking his hair fondly.

“Soon” Teddy replied, and that was when he saw his hand.

“Why is it wounded!” He grabbed it, and the scissors fell from Teddy who kept quiet.

Mr Tiffin got it immediately, and he hugged him.

“I’m sorry, if only I could afford to rent a house outside” he said.

“I’m fine, you know I always take it strongly” Teddy replied, and he smiled.


A maid could be seen climbing the the luxurious stairs, looking pale as she did.

She climbed up eventually and walked to the third door.

“Miss Cindy, your breakfast is ready!” She announced loudly, bowing in front of the door.

Almost immediately, she stormed out of the room and pushed the maid out of the way, then she smirked and started walking downstairs, her heels looking so s*xy on her leather shorts and top.

Cindy McDonnell is the only daughter of Veronica McDonnell who’s the CEO of Elite holdings.

Apart from being a CEO, Veronica is also a major shareholder in Sunrise conglomerates. She owns the largest shares, and that automatically makes her the richest woman in USA, so Cindy is the richest girl in Sunrise college.

She got downstairs and settled on the table, gluing the cold look to her face as she got her spoon and had a taste of the banana split, but she spit it out instantly.

“You added plum extract?” She glared at the maid.

“Madam ordered me to add it” the maid replied, and Cindy scoffed before taking the wine cup.

She drank from it, but she spit it also.

“You added plum extract too?” Her eyes widened.

“Madam ordered me to…

That was all the old maid could say before she threw the wine at her face.

“Mum is not the one eating so why do you have to listen to her orders concerning my meals!!!” She yelled, and the woman went on her knees immediately.

She was about to start begging when Veronica herself came in, looking beautiful as always. She slept out last night actually.

“Where the heck are you coming from, mum” Cindy muttered angrily, staring at the necklace on her neck as she walked closer.

“Do I have to explain myself to my daughter now? Seriously?” Veronica glared, and Cindy went closer to her.

“You went to see another man again? When will you stop cheating on dad!”

“Why can’t i? I’m the breadwinner of this family! He gives me nothing so why!! I own my body young girl!” Veronica shouted, and Cindy’s hand went to the necklace on her neck.

She pulled it off, tearing it apart before throwing it on the ground.

“What the hell?” Veronica’s eyes widened.

“The man you met bought it for you, I’m so sure of it!” Cindy yelled, and Veronica slapped her across the face immediately.

“How dare you!”

With red angry eyes, Cindy pushed all the dishes on the table away furiously, and they all crashed on the floor.

“What are you doing!” Veronica yelled, wanting to slap her again, but she picked a table knife and placed it on her neck.

“Touch me again, and I’m f**king slitting my neck!”

“Cindy drop that knife! right now!” Veronica’s eyes widened, and Mr McDonnell came in.

“Cindy!” He gasped, rushing to the scene.

He stylishly took the knife from her, and Cindy gave Veronica the middle finger before storming out of the house.

“Cindy!” Mr McDonnell ran after her.


“Cheese!” Jennifer smiled, smiling out her round cheeks on her baby face as she snapped a picture of herself.

She just finished wearing makeup, preparing to go meet her boyfriend, Cross.

They took a break from their relationship a month ago when she was preparing for Sunrise college entrance exam so she’d focus more on reading, and now that she got admitted already, it’s time to resume their relationship.

She badly can’t wait to kiss him again.

She was smiling as she posted the picture on her status with the caption; Relationship resuming soon with my pie! ?

She quickly stood and carried her bag, then she started running out, but her eyes widened when she remembered something… Her waist chains!

“Dammmnn!” She gasped, coming back for the three stunning chains.

“Cross goes crazy for this, can’t believe I almost forgot” she said, wearing them.

She pulled down her burgundy top and rushed out of the room.

Her mum is not around, so she successfully left the house without questions and drove herself to Mastro’s steakhouse where she’d be meeting Cross.

She happily rode to the second floor, then a waiter directed her to Cross’s table.

“Pie!” She gushed, and he stood slowly.

Her happiness blocked her sensory organs so much that she didn’t sense his slowness as she jumped into his arms.

“I missed you so much, pie” she pouted, giving his neck her signature kiss.

“Jennifer” he whispered.

“Yes baby? Should we go to your place? I bought new waist chains, you might wanna…

“Let’s break up” he cut her off, and she staggered shockingly away from him, her eyes so wide.


“I’m sorry Jennifer, I…

“You’re… Joking?” She said breathlessly, she really wasn’t breathing.

“During our break, I…. I fell for another girl, and I… I dunno…

“You told us to take the break so I’d prepare well for my entrance exam, so why…

“Try to understand me Jennifer, I fell in love with another girl during the break, and I hope you find another guy soon, it’s over” he said curtly and walked out.

Jennifer’s butt landed on the nearest chair, and tears rushed out of her eyes, but her eyes widened suddenly, and she ran after him.

She caught up in front of the steakhouse, and she held his shirt.

“You should at least have an explanation, right? Why… Cross..

“What other explanation is needed? I fell for another girl, so what?” He replied, adding salt to the burning injury.

“Cross please don’t do this, we’ve come too far to break up like this, I love you” she cried pathetically, and he unlocked her palms from his shirt.

“Go home” he said simply and started walking to his car, but she blocked him, and he pushed her this time.

She’d have fallen, but thanks to a passing stranger who caught her by the shoulders. Teddy.

“Pushing a girl like that is animalistic” he said to Cross.

“Then play human by taking her home, idiot” Cross rudely talked before getting in his car.

“Cross!!!” Jennifer ran after his car, but he never stopped.

A coming car nearly hit her, but Teddy ran to pull her out of the road.

“Get a hold!” He yelled, and she looked up at him with her wet face, dampened with tears.

She couldn’t talk, so he let go of her and started leaving, but her eyes caught a necklace on the ground.

She picked it slowly, and that was when Teddy noticed his necklace is gone.

“Angel” he muttered, turning back with wide eyes.

He rushed back to Jennifer and snatched it from her.

“It’s…yours?” She sniffed.

Without replying, he made to leave, but she grabbed his hand.

He quickly snapped it off with a glare.

“Don’t touch”

“Follow me to the bar, please…” She sniffed.

He pretended not to hear and started leaving, but Jennifer started walking towards the road again.

He turned back and ran to pull her back.

“Are you mad?” He breathed.

“Accompany me, please…” she pleaded.


Teddy and Jennifer arrived, and she rushed into the bar immediately.

He had no choice but follow her to save a life, but immediately he got in, his eyes widened.

He met The Beautiful Knights by the door, and his throat went dry when his eyes met with Aaron’s.


“Ohhh… My cleaner visits the bar too, whoa!!! Teddy is growing up!” Aaron laughed, grabbing his face roughly.


Meanwhile, Jennifer was already swimming in alcohol. She’s on the second bottle, and she’s already seeing things.

Vance found himself a sit while Pascal watched interestingly from the midst of his three girls.

“I can’t get enough of your handsomeness” one of them said.

“I know” he chuckled, kissing her.

“Who let you in here!” Aaron demanded angrily, pushing Teddy.

He fell on the ground, and Aaron kicked his face hard, making him bleed.

“I just asked what the heck you’re doing in here!” Aaron yelled, and Teddy shifted back on the ground.

“I… I… I followed…

“Heyaaa!!!” Jennifer’s drunk voice screamed, and Aaron looked up to see her standing with a bottle of alcohol in hand, her wet pink lips puckered as she swayed drunkenly.

“Whoa! S*xy!” Pascal smiled, staring at her.

“And you are?” Aaron measured her up with his eyes arrogantly.

Jennifer smiled drunkenly, turning her eyes around.

Right now, all she’s seeing is Cross’s face on Aaron’s.

“How dare you break my heart you son of a snake!!!!” She cried out at once, running fast to Aaron.

His eyes widened, and Vance looked up from his phone to watch the spectacle.

“Who’s she?” Pascal chuckled as she continued running with the bottle in hand.

Teddy’s eyes widened on the ground, and so is Aaron’s.

She got to him and crashed the bottle on his head, causing Aaron’s eyes to turn as he crumbled unconsciously on the ground.

“The f**k?” Pascal stood, and Vance dropped his phone.

“Master!” Teddy stood, and as if that wasn’t enough, Jennifer’s throat rumbled, and before she could be stopped, she threw up…

Her vomit poured directly on Aaron’s head on the ground, but it didn’t end there…

She placed her right heels shoe on his d**k and grinned…

“Now let’s pop your balloon”

“Stop her!” Pascal told Teddy, but before he could get to her, she pressed her heels endlessly hard on Aaron’s d**ck, and his eyes flew open.



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