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{ War Of Hearts… }

THEME: In His Poems


BY: Naomi Cindy B.



Jennifer’s brows squeezed slightly as she moved under the duvet.

She dragged the duvet over herself completely, then she rolled over to the right side before lifting it from her head.

She pushed the hair on her face away before sighing, then she sat up, placing an hand on her forehead.

She’s feeling so hungover, and her mouth still tastes like tequila.

“Oh my head…” she muttered, falling back on the bed.

She yawned slightly and got her phone from the stand, logging in to Stargram.

Her eyes widened when she saw a new post from Cross with his new girl.

“What!” She sat up, checking out the pictures. They had visited a beach, and the girl is in a bikini.

“He broke up with me last night, and he’s already doing this?” She muttered hurtfully, looking at the girl.

“She’s not even pretty” she mumbled.

She bit her lip hard, going to her gallery to stare at the pictures she snapped with him.

Before she knew it, tears fell out of her eyes, but she quickly wiped them when the door flew open, and Tanya came in.

“You’re still in bed? You’re resuming school today remember? Come on get up!” She shouted, pulling the duvet away from her body.

“Mum please stop! I’m dealing with headache here!” Jennifer complained, but Tanya did the worse by pulling her down the bed, and she fell on the ground, holding her head with her two hands.

“Mum!!!’ she shouted as she dragged her up and started pulling her into the bathroom.

She pushed her in and locked the door.

“Get clean and come down for breakfast, unless you want me to bath you” she said.

“I don’t mind” Jennifer replied from inside, and Tanya opened the door, seeing her nakedness.

“I was only joking mum!” Jennifer laughed.

“Your b**bs grew larger” Tanya teased, and she quickly covered them with her palms.

“Take your time, breakfast is ready” she smiled before leaving.

Jennifer got into the bathtub and dipped herself deeply, letting the bathing bombs and foams have the whole of her.

“Don’t worry, Cross, I’m stronger than you think, and I’ll surely get over this fast” she whispered, closing her eyes, but they flipped open when she remembered something.

“How did I get home last night! How did I….

Her eyes widened more…

“AHHH!!!” Aaron screamed when she pressed her heels on his d**k, and that’s when Teddy stepped in, taking her away from him.

“Leave me alone I need to kill him! I need to do to his heart what he did to mine! That bloody idiot! Let go of me!!!” She screamed crazily, throwing her legs forward as he took her out of the bar forcefully.

He got her in a taxi with force, and she popped out her head through the window.

“Heya! Who are you?” She narrowed her eyes drunkenly, burping softly.

“Your address” Teddy replied, pushing her head back in.

She smiled and laughed out immediately.

“You’re soo handsome! Will you replace Cross? Let’s date!” She shouted.

“What the hell is your address!” He snapped, and she rested her head on the headrest.

“Gregory estate, 113” she pouted.

“Heard that? Please take her” Teddy told the driver, giving him the fare.

“Sure” the driver replied and started driving off.

“I love you handsome!!!” Jennifer screamed.

“Oh kill me! Just murder me and end my miserable life! I’m a disgrace!” She shouted, covering her face with her palms.

“I crashed a bottle on his head, vomited on him and stepped on his prick? Oh no!!!” She screamed, throwing up her legs.

Lather and bubbles flew around the bathroom, and she sighed.

“We’ll never meet again, that should be enough consolation, Jenn calm down ok?” She smiled and had her bath quietly.

She left the tub after she was done, then she walked to the mirror and stayed in front of it with a large smile, her baby blue butterfly hair clips looking cute on her.

“Watch as I get over you in a matter of one day, Cross!” She shouted before rushing out of the bathroom.

Within twenty minutes, she was already dressed in a white crop top which gave out the lowest part of her tummy, then tight denim on white boots too.

She let her brown hair lose as usual, adding a white hairpin though.

Her lips popped cuter with the light red lipstick.

“All done!” She smiled at herself, carrying her bag and phone.

She went downstairs for breakfast.


Aaron’s eyes flew open, and he sat up at once.

Vance and Pascal are beside him, and when he remembered what actually happened last night, he jumped down from the bed.

“Who the hell is that girl! How dare she crash a bottle on my head and even stomp on me!” He shouted, and Pascal laughed mockingly

“She puked on you too, right on your head”

“What!” Aaron rushed to the mirror to check himself.

“You aren’t expecting to still see the puke, right? The maids washed you up last night” Pascal said again.

“The maids saw my nakedness? What!” His eyes widened.

“Can you just stop it and go dress up? I’m not ready for professor Pussy’s tantrums” Pascal said.

“And where the hell is Teddy! He’s the sole cause of this I need to teach him a lesson!” Aaron snapped, wanting to go out of the room, but Vance held him back.

“Stop it, I somehow think you deserve what the girl did”


Vance returned to his phone without another word, but Aaron snatched the phone from him and smashed it.

“How could you saw that V! I deserve what?” He glared.

“The level of your bullying has been alarming since our last year in highschool. You changed in case you dunno, and it’s childish” Vance said freely, and when Aaron made to go closer to him, Pascal got between them.

“You should stop now, Aaron” he said.

“Cut it out Kiss! You heard what he said!” Aaron spat.

“Will you both always fight like this? Please…” Pascal said, and Aaron glared at Vance before storming into the bathroom.


Cindy descended the stairs all dressed for school, looking so cold as she always is.

Her heels tapped the ground richly, and she’s whining her waist with her movements like she does.

Veronica and her dad are already seated at the dinning room, having breakfast.

She rolled eyes at Veronica hatefully.

“Cindy” Mr McDonnell stood, walking to her.

He stroked her hair and held her shoulders.

“Come have breakfast” he smiled, trying to take her to the dinning.

“I’m never eating on the same table with her” she replied and started walking out.

“Cindy!” Veronica stood, rushing to her.

She blocked her and held her face.

“Baby, you know you can’t stay mad at your mum forever. I’m sorry about what happened yesterday ok? You need to eat something” she said, caressing her cheeks.

“Forget it” Cindy slapped her hand away with a smirk and walked out of the house.

“Cindy!” She screamed, but she never turned back.

“Gawd, she’s driving me nuts” she muttered.

Mr McDonnell got his suit and ran after her.

She was already in her car, so he entered with her at the backseat while the driver drove out.

“Don’t tell me you’re here to talk to me about mum again” she said, staring out of the window.

“She’s your mum no matter…

“But she’s cheating on you cos she’s rich! How come you’re ok with everything! She even brought home a man last week when you weren’t around! How could you be so cool about it just because she’s the family breadwinner? ” Cindy snapped, and he smiled, stroking her hair as she folded her arms on her chest.

“She can do whatever she likes Cindy, my only purpose in that house is to take care of you and make sure you’re fine” he said.

“You always say that” Cindy scoffed, and he took her hands.

“Just promise me one thing, that you won’t bully in school today” he said.

“Let’s see about that” she rolled eyes as the car pulled up in front of the school.

She came out, and Mr McDonnell joined her, giving her a hug.

“I’ll come back with the driver to pick you up later”

“Ok” she smiled, breaking the hug to walk into the school.

Someone suddenly bumped into her, and a scowl dominated her face.

“What the hell!” She shouted.

“I’m sorry! I’m looking for Business Management Hall” Jennifer said.

“That way” she pointed.

“Thanks!” Jennifer smiled, running away.

“Whoaaa! Did the great Cindy McDonnell just showed someone the way? This morning is a good one!” Seven laughed, joining her.

The shiny expensive grills on her teeth gave her a distinct look

Seven is her bestie, her partner in crime.

“Stop it” Cindy laughed, and they both giggled.

“I love your skirt!” Seven gasped, turning her around to check it out.

“It’s the new one from my favorite brand” Cindy replied.

“I’m getting it today after school, let’s go shopping!” Seven linked their arms.

“How many girls are there among the scholarship students this year?” Cindy asked.

“One girl and two guys” Vernon replied, appearing behind them.

“Babe!” Seven rushed to kiss him, and Cindy made disgusting faces.

Vernon is Seven’s boyfriend, and she’s part of their crew too.

“Eew!” Cindy spat out, and Seven broke the kiss to stick her tongue at Cindy.

“Whatever! I’m so disappointed it’s only one girl” Cindy said.

“The girl and one of the two guys are actually twins. Alex and Alexa” Vernon said.

“You have all the information really” Seven said.

“Your boyfriend is sure” Vernon winked, and Cindy laughed again.

“So what’s the name of the third one?” She asked.

“Teddy, heard he’s a cleaner at Aaron’s house” Vernon replied.

“Then he’s done for! Aaron will kill him!” Seven gasped.

“And yunno what? They’re all in our major” Vernon laughed.

“Even better, more dramas to witness, let’s go” Cindy smiled wickedly, and they walked into their building at once.

Business Management building is the largest in the school, and that’s because it has the most numerous population of students. It’s the most popular and the most important major.

Surprisingly, they met students running around with pails when they entered.

?️ They’re coming!

?️ Be fast!

?️ Alex and Alexa!

?️ The paint!

?️ Pour me some!

Cindy exchanged glances with her partners, and they found pails too.

They joined the others and got their paints before climbing the stairs with the others, staying behind the rails.

The twins came in downstairs, and everyone set the pails of paint over the rails, and immediately they got to the base, they poured it on them.

Their clothes got soaked with blue paint immediately, and it started dripping down as everyone laughed at them, dropping their pails.

Cindy led the students as they rushed down to them.

“Whoa! Nice sight! Smile!” She laughed, getting her phone to start snapping their pictures.

Alexa grabbed Alex’s hand and tried leaving with him, but Cindy blocked them.

“Where do you think you’re going? We’re not done yet” she smirked.

“Why are you doing this to us? You don’t own the school!” Alexa shouted, and Cindy slapped her hard.

She staggered back, and when Cindy made to slap her again, Alex stepped forward, getting slapped instead.

Her palm got stained with paint in the process, and Seven passed her an handkerchief which she wiped them with, then she threw it at Alexa’s face.

“For rich kids like us, this place is paradise, but for dirty scholarship things like you, it’ll be hell trust me, and it’s just starting” she smirked.

Suddenly, the screams of girls took over the place, and more of them ran down the stairs.

?️ The Beautiful Knights!

?️ They’re here!

?️ They’re so bright!

?️ My stars!

?️ Aww!

?️ My heart just stopped!

?️ F**k! They’re all I want!

?️ My Aaron!

The three musketeers stepped into the hallway, and girls went totally bunkers as usual, screaming to get their attention till they got to the twins.

Aaron’s merciless eyes stared at the two, and he smirked.

The level of hatred in his eyes couldn’t be measured.

“On your knees” he ordered them, and their eyes widened.

“What!” Alexa gasped.

“I won’t repeat it” Aaron replied meaningfully.

“Why should we do that! We came here on scholarship to learn and not bow down to jerks!” Alexa said stubbornly.

“Shit!” Aaron spat and kicked Alex’s legs.

“Don’t hurt my brother!” Alexa covered the gentle boy, and Pascal laughed from Aaron’s right side.

Vance wasn’t even looking, eyes on his phone screen as usual.

“Take them to the Graveyard” Aaron ordered, and some guys grabbed the twins.

“No! Where are you taking us to? Let us go! No!!!, Leave us alone!!!” Alexa screamed as she was dragged away with Alex, out of the place.

Graveyard is a punishment hall for anyone who defies Aaron, the smallest building in the school.

“What the hell just happened?” Jennifer said shockingly, coming down the stairs.

“Is this an highschool or what? What was that? Really? Jeez!” She shouted.

“Can’t they just grab their pricks and squeeze out their balls? Like… shit!” She spat, but then her stomach suddenly made a loud noise, her eyes widened.

“Gosh! I shouldn’t have had veggie lasagna on my first school day! Where the hell is the nearest restroom!” She held her tummy and ran up the stairs.

Teddy came in that moment, his long hair looking dangerously cute as his beautiful eyes scanned the place.

He was rubbing the star pendant of his necklace as she looked around.

He intensionally came late to avoid his share of morning bullying, and it worked luckily.

?️ He’s handsome!

?️ Is he a new student?

?️ Damn! The hair!

?️ My total type!

?️ I swear I’m wet!

?️ Those lips!

The passing girls stopped to stare and comment lustfully. Some were even snapping pictures of him.

He quickly covered his face with his palm and was about to turn away when he saw Jennifer running up the stairs.

‘The girl from last night?’ he thought, climbing the stairs too.


Jennifer found no restroom around, and the noise coming from her stomach is already driving her crazy.

She badly needs to use the restroom but where the hell is that!

She held her stomach tighter as she ran to another corner, but she still couldn’t find any.

“Shit! I’m about to burst! why did I take those damn veggies! My stomach!!” She shouted funnily, tightening her legs together.

She was about to leave the place when her eyes suddenly caught a white door.

She rushed to open it, then she met another door, and she opened that too.

“Finally!” She gasped when she met a sparkling restroom.

Thanks to the urgency of the situation, she didn’t see the label in front of the restroom.


She did her business and came out to wash her hands, then she sighed and left the room, but she jumped when she saw Teddy waiting in front of it.

“You scared me!” She gasped, holding her chest.

“I’m sure you remember me” he replied curtly, and she smiled.

‘Of course I do’ she thought, but she can never admit it, she’d never.

“I don’t” she replied and started leaving fast.

“I paid your fare last night, give me the 50 thousand dollars” He said, and she turned back swiftly.

“You gave the driver ten thousand dollars! And you could have just got me into my car instead!” She snapped before realizing.

“And you’re telling me you don’t know me” Teddy raised his left brow.

“Whatever!” She said and rushed out of the place, but immediately she got out, her eyes widened.

Aaron is coming ahead, hands stuck in his pocket cockily as usual.

“Wait! The… The guy from last night?” She muttered, remembering everything she did to him.

“I’m dead!” She gasped and ran back into the corner just when Teddy was walking out.

She crashed heavily into him, and their eyes expanded as they went down together.

Her face got stuck on his chest, and she refused to look up or stand.

“What are you doing? Get off me” Teddy said.

“I promise to pay you the fare, and I swear I remember you! So help me again please!” She said on his chest.

“Get up” he replied, trying to push her away, but she dipped her face deeper, and his eyes widened again as the last person he was expecting appeared.


“The f**k are you doing in here?” Aaron glared.

“Get up already!” Teddy tried pushing Jennifer away again, but it was fruitless.

“Wait… The crazy b**ch from last night?” Aaron suddenly said, bending towards them.

“Damn” Jennifer muttered.

She finally raised her face slowly , looking like a zombie as their eyes met.

“Please, kill me” she said funnily, and Aaron smirked.

“How do you want it? Your death” he said.



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