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Teddy walked away, and Alexa folded her fists tightly as she watched.


Jennifer’s wide eyes finally blinked once, and she pushed Aaron away from herself, breaking the kiss.

A hot, stinging sensation pierced his face immediately as Jennifer slapped him with a loud smack.

Eyes widened, and mouths did the same as he fell on the ground with a bleeding lower lip, but that wasn’t the end.

She folded her right fist, and without warning, she punched him hard on the face, and he went flat on the ground as his face got slightly bruised, his lip bled more.

“F**k you Aaron Walker!” She spat on his face and walked angrily out of the hall.

Aaron remained on the ground, smiling despite his bleeding mouth.

Nothing beats the look on her face earlier. She looked shocked and defeated at the same time, and he’d surely pay billions to see that look over and over again. It was entertaining.

He finally stood, and one of his crushes came forward with an hanky.

“Your handsome face is a mess, damn her gosh!” She whined, wanting to wipe the blood on his lips, but he snatched the hanky from her.

He wiped the blood by himself and threw it on the ground, then he smiled again and pocketed his hands, walking away.

The girl picked the bloody handkerchief and kissed it deeply, going crazy over Aaron’s scent on it.

“Let’s go get your faces treated at the clinic” Leslie said to the twins.

“Sure, they can’t go to class like this” Miranda added, and they took them out together.


Cindy came in her mum’s car today. She didn’t say a word to her throughout the drive, even since the humiliation at the orientation.

She came out of the car and grabbed her backpack, slinging it on an arm before starting to walk into the school.

“Baby wait!” Veronica rushed to her.

“What?” She glared hatefully.

“I already told you I’ll take care of that Jennifer girl, don’t you trust me? So smile ok?” Veronica said, stroking her hair.

“Come back to talk to me when you’re done taking care of her” Cindy rolled eyes and walked away.

“Gosh! I can never understand her!” Veronica muttered, and her phone rang.

She smiled widely when she saw it’s one of her men f**kers.

“Hey babe!” She gushed, entering her car.

“Cindy!” Seven ran to her immediately he entered the hall.

“Aww! You must have cried a lot, your eyes are still tired” Seven pouted, pressing her cheeks.

“Did something happen?” Cindy asked when she saw the cleaners cleaning the doorstep.

“A lot!” Seven replied and got her phone.

She played the kiss video on the blog, and Cindy’s eyes widened.

“What! Aaron kissed that b**ch? Is he insane?”

“I think he’s on drugs, rumours say that was his first kiss” Seven replied.



Vance and Pascal are currently playing snooker on the table. Aaron sat on the sofa beside them, chuckling like a child as he reminisced about the kiss.

A b**ch is in with them, caressing Pascal as he played.

Vance hung his cue stick on his shoulders before getting his phone, then he went to the blog to check the comments on the kiss video.

“20k comments, 200k reactions already” he said.

“I’m sure the video is gon’ trend throughout this week” Pascal laughed, and they both turned to Aaron who was still laughing on his chair.

“Hey was that really necessary? You used your first kiss to get a revenge? She did nothing wrong bastard” Pascal said, playing with the b**bs of the b**ch.

“Did nothing wrong? You saw how she talked back at me in the graveyard, and she even said my name is ugly, I hate her guts” Aaron replied and started laughing again

“Jeez! I wish I could see the look on her face earlier again, I badly wanna see it” he said, grabbing the bottle of reposado tequila on the stool.

He drank from it and crashed the bottle on the ground, then a maid wheeled in a table of pancakes, Aaron’s favorite.

“Your fans will almost kill her, you know how scary your female fans are” Vance said, dropping the cue stick.

“Even better, then she’ll learn how to stay on her lane” Aaron laughed again, picking one from the pancakes, then he pressed syrup on it before eating.

“When did you start eating pancakes with syrup? You hated it” Vance said, settling beside him.

“A while ago” Aaron replied.

Vance sighed and got his phone, burying his face in it as usual.

Pascal was already kissing the b**ch. He lifted her to the billiard table already, and he’s stan Iding between her legs which were caged around his waist.

He unzipped her gown behind and pulled it up at the same time, grabbing her backside.

“Kiss…” She moaned loudly, and Aaron hissed.

“Go get a room Kiss! This ain’t an hotel!”

“Wanna join? Let’s make it threesome” Pascal replied on the b**ch’s lips, and Vance giggled, not looking up from his phone.

“I lost my appetite” Aaron dropped the pancake and walked out.

Vance sighed, thinking about what he saw at the studio.

Aaron suddenly stopped being a leftie, and now he likes syrup on pancakes?


Jennifer’s head is currently down on the zinc bowl, and she’s collecting water on her palms which she’s bathing her lips with.

She has been in the restroom since centuries ago, washing her lips with water as if it’d get the memory of the kiss away from her head.

She raised her wet face and got an handkerchief which she dried her face with, then she looked at her face in the mirror, but a single imagination of the kiss made her head lower to the zinc bowl again.

“I’m about to die here! How could that jerk defile my lips! How could he!!!” She shouted, washing her lips again.

“I feel like killing myself right now, how do I cut my lips and grow another one? Aaron!!!!” She screamed, gardening her finger on her lips as she washed.

Suddenly, the door opened forcefully, and ten mean looking girls came in.

Jennifer raised her head, and she wasn’t chanced to wipe the water from her face before one of them grabbed her by the hair.

“How dare you go close to Aaron!”

“How could you even think of kissing him!”

“Who do you think you are to take the first kiss of our idol!”

“Are you out of your mind?”

Different questions were thrown at her, and the one holding her hair pulled at it, hurting her scalp.

“Let go of my hair” Jennifer muttered.

“Answer the questions b**ch!” She snapped.

“You think I’m happy to have his filthy lips on mine? I’m about to die right now just by remembering it! Now let go of my hair!” Jennifer shouted.

“Filthy lips? Did you just say his lips are filthy?” The girl said, pulling tightly at her hair again, and that was it.

Jennifer grabbed her hair too, then she grabbed the hair of another girl, hitting their foreheads together afterwards.

Their heads banged, and they passed out on the ground.

The remaining eight girls ran towards her at once, grabbing her in different places.

They’re much, so they overpowered her, pulling her hair and trying to strip her naked.

Leslie suddenly came in with Miranda and Alexa whose forehead was plastered, and their eyes widened.

“What the hell!” Miranda shouted, grabbing one of the girls.

She slapped her and turned her around, then she slapped her again before plunging her down.

Leslie kicked the second one on the face, and she went down with a bleeding nose.

The third one came for Alexa, and she delivered a delicious lunch on her face twice, sending her to the ground in blood.

It was easy to knock down all the girls like that till there were able to take Jennifer out of the restroom,but they met Cindy and Seven waiting outside already.

Cindy raised her hand to slap Jennifer, but Jennifer caught the hand and brought it to her mouth, biting it hard.

“F**k!!!” Cindy screamed painfully, and Seven’s eyes widened shockingly.

Jennifer let go of Cindy after two minutes when her teeth has almost dug Into her skin.

“Don’t mess with me or my friends, I’m not that easy ok?” She said, and Leslie pushed Seven out of the way.

Seven fell on the wall, hurting her wrist.

“Ouch!” She whimpered.

“F**k! My hand!!!” Cindy cried as the girls walked away.


Teddy sat on a bench under the tree, jotting poems on his diary.

The main hall is so noisy, and that’s why he came here. He found the solitude he needed.

Another stare at space, he wrote down another line.


He smiled lightly after jotting that, then he dropped his pen and started rubbing his necklace.

Cindy was returning from the school clinic where she went to treat her hand when she saw him.

She smiled and walked to him, settling beside him without asking.

“Hey cutie” she winked, but he shifted away from her immediately.

“Hi” he replied dryly and returned his diary into his back.

While zipping up, Cindy touched his hair, caressing it gently.

“Your hair is what I love most about you” she said, and he faced her, then she held his face with an hand.

“Then your face” she said, and he quickly stood.

“Date me. Become my boyfriend and no one would dare touch you in this campus” she said dreamily, and he stepped back.

“I don’t like you” he said casually and walked away.

“Teddy!” Alex suddenly found him, grabbing his arm.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you buddy!”

“Was under that peach tree” Teddy replied, and Alex turned to look.

“Cindy is there!”

“Just ignore her” Teddy replied as they finally went out of sight.

“What the hell!… Did he just reject me? How dare he turn me down!” Cindy said angrily, the veins on her neck revealing as usual as she rolled her already red eyes about.


“I don’t have money for lunch” Alexa said when the girls dragged her into the cafeteria.

“Your lunch is on me” Jennifer winked, and she smiled.

“Thanks, Jenn”

All eyes are on Jennifer as expected, the video is still trending.

“Just overlook” Leslie said, but Jennifer stopped walking immediately.

“Do I look like a spectacular?” She said, loud enough for everyone to hear.

The cafeteria became as silent as a graveyard immediately.

“Stop staring at me! Else you’ll all go blind! Ok?” She continued, making funny faces before taking her seat on a table for four.

The others joined her, and Leslie started laughing.

“You’re mad Jenn, they’ll go blind?”

“Trust me” Jennifer replied as their server arrived, and they all ordered lunch.

“Cheese burger” Jennifer said freely.

“Fried chicken and waffles” Leslie and Miranda said at a time, and they all faced Alexa.

“Fried chicken too” She said.

“That’s all, and fruit juice” Jennifer told the server who left to get their orders immediately.

“So… Alexa do you have a boyfriend?” Leslie asked.

“Boyfriend? Who’d date a poor thing like me” Alexa replied.

“You don’t have a crush too?” Miranda asked.

“You guys don’t get tired of these questions?” Jennifer said, giving them blank looks.

“I’m thinking of becoming a matchmaker” Leslie said.

“So what are you doing in business management?” Jennifer rolled eyes, and they all laughed out as their orders arrived.

“We’re having Prof Ethan’s class tommorow! I can’t wait!” Leslie said as she picked one from her chicken.

“Professor Ethan again?” Miranda rolled eyes.

“Don’t tell me she’s crushing on a professor” Alexa said.

“I’ll tell you” Jennifer replied, and they laughed again, but it was interrupted when someone suddenly pushed away all the meals on their table.

“Jeez!” They all stood to see Vernon with Seven beside him.

He grabbed Leslie by the collar, throwing her to the ground.

“Leslie!” Miranda quickly rushed to her

“How dare you hurt my girlfriend! How dare you push her to a wall!” Vernon spat, wanting to attack Leslie again, but someone held his hand.

“Teddy” Jennifer muttered.

“Scholarship thing? How dare you hold me vermin!” Vernon yelled and took his hand from Teddy roughly.

“Guys hurting girls is animalistic” Teddy said gently.

“Piece of shit!” Vernon spat and threw a punch at Teddy’s face, but Teddy ducked and caught his fist, then he threw off his hand, shocking everyone.

“You can punch anywhere else , but not my face” he said, and Jennifer smiled.

“What!” Vernon said shockingly.

“I thought Aaron was the only animal in this school, but turns out there are more” Pascal’s voice said from the door, and all eyes turned to him.

?️ Kiss!!!

“Pascal” Vernon said.

“Who said you could call my name?” Pascal replied, then he proceeded to pushing him down just the way he pushed Leslie.

?️ Whoaa!!!

“Touch any girl in this school again, and I’ll make you hate your own face” Pascal warned, and Vernon swallowed hard on the ground.

“Nice one, dude” Pascal told Teddy, and he smiled lightly.



Mrs O’Brien just finished making dinner. She set it on the ground since they’re even too poor to afford a table.

Alex and Alexa came out of the room they share with plastered fsces, and Alex sat on the ground immediately.

Mrs O’Brien opened the pot of mashed potatoes, and Alex started eating immediately.

“Alexa, sit and eat” she said, but Alexa glared meanly at her.

“Mashed potatoes again? Are we gonna continue eating it till it grows on our heads?” She said angrily.

“Alexa…” Alex stood.

“Why did we become poor! Why are we back to square one why!!!” She shouted in tears, and when she remembered how Aaron kissed Jennifer earlier, she kicked the pot of potatoes away with her leg.

“I hate everyone!!!” She screamed, running out of the house.

“Alexa wait! Alexa!” Mrs O’Brien ran after her.



Jennifer is currently sitting on her bed, checking updates on her phone.

A lot happened in school today, and the blog is still bubbling with posts every minute, but none can be as heated as the kiss video.

She muted notifications from it so she’d stop seeing it, but new posts kept popping up.

Her eyes widened when she got a live video notification from Stargram, it’s Cross!

She clicked on it immediately, and she bit her lip hard when she saw he’s making the video with his new girlfriend at an amusement park.

She bit her lip hard again, staring at them. They look so happy, kissing countlessly on screen.

She suddenly got down from the bed and got a jacket from her closet, then she put on her sneakers and rushed out of the house.

She drove to Victorian gardens amusement park and started searching for them with his eyes, walking around the crowded park.

She suddenly bumped into someone, and her eyes widened when she turned around to see see she’s looking for.

Cross and his new girl

“Whoa! Look who’s here! Are you still stalking me after I broke up with you? That’s the only sensible explanation” Cross grinned, and Jennifer folded her fists.

Her plan was to slap him and make him regret ever breaking her heart, but she couldn’t, it’s like her hands are tied now that she’s seeing him.

“Meet my girlfriend, her name’s Solar” he said, and the brunette pulled him close.

“Who’s she?” She asked, caressing his face.

“My childish ex” he replied, and she kissed him.

“I love you” she smiled.

“I love you too” he replied, and they were about to kiss again when Jennifer’s fist finally came unfold.

She was unaware of when her hand flew to his face, and she slapped him hard with tears on her face.

Cross’s eyes widened, but not for long, cos he grabbed her blouse in the front and locked it in his palms, revealing the shinny chains on her waist.

He pushed her violently and let go of her, and she staggered back roughly, falling on a chest.

She was still crying as the person held her tightly, stopping her from falling.

She hasn’t even looked up to see who it is when the person punched Cross with the other hand, and Cross fell heavily in the middle of the merry-go-round.

“Cross!” Solar gasped.

“Pushing a girl that way is animalistic” the familiar voice said, and Jennifer’s eyes widened on his chest.


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