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??The Billionaire
And His Therapist??
{His Dark Desires……..?}


By: Midnight Flames✍♡



Fiona still held her chest tightly gasping for air, her face so pale Jason thought she’d faint by now. “Mom! Mom! What happened?! Are you involved with Daniel….. Please tell me the truth!” Jason screamed, his eyes darts around the room.

Fiona stumbled back and breathes deeply to regain control, ‘tell the truth’, how could she? How could see tell her son that she had snatched away someone’s happiness and now her past was coming back to hunt her.

“What is happening here?!” Peter walks in briskly. As soon as his eyes land on Jason, he scowls. “What are you doing here?” He asks calmly.

Jason scoffs inwardly, after everything his father was still not happy to see him. “I came back home, dad.” He mutters, his tone laced with sarcasm.

“Get. Out.” Fiona and Jason both looked up in shock, Peter had never looked more enraged.

“Peter…..” Fiona immediately rushed to his side to plead with him but he shrugs her touch – disgusted. Jason on seeing the interaction, fumes “I thought you said things changed.” He states calmly.

“Son–” Fiona tries to explain but Peter interrupts. “Get out of my house! You disgraceful boy.” He spat out.

“Peter!!” Fiona screams.

“I can’t believe I even came back.” Jason mutters sadly and makes to leave.

“Jason, please.” Fiona grabs his hand, tears brims her eyes. He shakes his head and pulls away, slamming the door shut.

“LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!” Fiona screams at him, the tears she had been trying to hold back now falling freely down her cheeks.

“Do not test me woman….. I will not allow a drug addict stay in my house!”


“He is YOUR son, not mine. You cannot deny that he has always been a disappointment. Gangs and drug dealing….. And then all of a sudden he comes home and you welcome him with open arms like nothing ever happened. No, not in my house.”

“I don’t even know what I ever saw in you.” She chuckles lowly, “you know I think I’d Dianne a favour from freeing her from her scum like you! She was better off without you.” She taunts and leaves the room. Peter bangs his fist on the table in anger and unknowingly, Jason had stood at the door and heard everything.


After a very cold shower, Dominique sat on his home chair filing paperwork but his mind was far off. He couldn’t stop thinking about Lucille, for the first time- after Clair’s betrayal, his thoughts is about a woman. Not just any woman: Lucille Dumont.

He could not still believe that the once shy girl in high school was now a very sexy and curvaceous woman. She made him feel things he’d never felt before. A smile graces his face when he thinks of her, this feeling is–

“Dominique!” He looks up to see his mother standing in front of him, her eyes narrowed in slits and by the look on her face it seems she had been standing there for a long time.

“What are you thinking about?! I’ve been calling your name for five minutes!”

“Sorry mama. It’s just work.” He lied.

“Don’t stress yourself okay….” She stroked his head, he nodded.

“Tomorrow I’ll be going out….”

“To where?”

“To check on something very important. I just want to let you know.” She said and walks out. Dominique shrugged and went back to filing, determined not to think of her. This is merely lust and once he goes to the club tomorrow he’ll satisfy his hunger. “It’s nothing but lust.” He convinced himself.


Lucille plopped on her couch exhausted from today’s activities. She was happy that she wasn’t going to see Dominique tomorrow, she had other responsibilities, plus she needs time to relax. Suddenly, her phone rang, sighing she reached into her handbag- grabbing the phone she placed it in her ear.

“Lucille!!” She removed the phone from her ear grimacing at the loud shrill voice that greeted her.

“Sophie….” She grumbled. “Sorry girl, it’s been so long…” Lucille could almost see Sophie’s pout on the other side. She had met Sophie on her first day of work. She was her first client who had been raped and was traumatized because of the it. Lucille had managed to convince her that although they are bad men out there, they are a lot of good men too.

It’d take some time for Sophie to finally heal, during the sessions they clicked and after she got over the horrible experience- they became friends ever since.

“Guess what!” Sophie giggles.

“What?” Lucille had never been good with guessing. “Am in town!” She screams excitingly.

“Really? Oh my goodness, that’s great news!”

“I know right…. Spain just didn’t seem lively anymore. So… To celebrate my return I’ll pick you up tomorrow at nine. We are going to party! Oh! And I’ve someone I like you to meet.”

“Sure. It’s not like am doing anything tomorrow” she sighs.

“Good. I’ll see you tomorrow chica. Bye!” Immediately the call disconnected, Lucille smiles. A party. Yes, that’s what she needed to cool down and to get her mind of her certain billionaire.






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