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??The Billionaire
And His Therapist??
{His Dark Desires……..?}


By: Midnight _ Flames✍♡

Genre:- Romance.

Tags: Heartbreak, Billionaire, Lies, Secrets, Betrayal, Mafia, Hate, Anger, Lust, Erotica, Envy, Greed and Love.

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❝It’s not Love. . . . .it’s Lust and I won’t stop until I have you naked beneath me in my bed mon chéri❞


Dominique Monet: a successful multi billionaire. Cold, ruthless and powerful, he could make or break a man’s reputation with just a wave of his hand. He has sworn never to feel love again after the woman he had given his all to – betrayed him in the worst way possible leaving him heartbroken. He had become closed off to women only using them for his sexual satisfaction.

Lucille Dumont: a kind hearted therapist with a heart of gold. Ever since her father had abandoned her at a young age and her mother passed away shortly after, Lucille had made it her mission to help people heal from their traumatizing experiences because she knew light, hope and love can drive away darkness and pave the way to a new start.

After an accidental run in with Mrs Monet who takes an instant liking to Lucille, hires her to be Dominique’s therapist. Will Lucille be able to make him see that not all women are the same or will the past get in the of the attraction brewing between them.

Lucille whimpers backing away from Dominique slowly, he was looking at her as a predator watchs it’s prey. Although she was wearing his thin black shirt that reached her knee and was in no way transparent, she could feel his hot gaze piercing through her as if he could see right through the cloth.

“Come here Lucille” Dominique growled lowly, he didn’t know why he was so possessive about her, she is just his therapist nothing more nothing less.

Lucille had always been so innocent and over the years, it didn’t change a bit. She was still that shy girl he knew back in the day except that shy girl was now a sexy curvaceous woman waiting to explored by the. . .right man.

She shook her head and continued to back away, he is her client, she is supposed to be heal him from his heartbreak but with the way he had been with her these few weeks she highly doubts if this man is the same man that tried to commit suicide.

“Wrong move” he replied and quickly strode to her making back away faster, only when her palm did hit the wall did she know what he meant by. . . .wrong move.

He caged her protectively, “why do you chose to run away from me Lucille” he hands reached up to caress her cheeks slowly.

“Dominique please……I am your therapist, you cant- shouldn’t be doing this” she shivered involuntarily when his hand began to trace her leg sensually.

He backed up instantly and ran his hand over his dark curly hair, he then turned to her. “Don’t you think I know that Lucille, that this relationship should be strictly professional…..”

“But I cannot control the way I feel about you” Lucille’s eyes widen in shock,

“No….! It’s not love, it is simply lust. Lust….. I just want a taste Lucille and then we can go our separate ways” he said it like it was no big deal but it was a very big deal to her.

It was like a bucket of cold water had been poured over her, Her body……that’s what he wants to use her for. Who does he think he is?

“If you think that I am one of those lose women that will just jump into your bed because of money or power—”

“Oh…. I know you are not one of them my sweet Lucille but we’ve a problem……. You’ve seduced me and I plan to have you in a bed one way or another”

Lucille glared at him “Seduced you! I did no such thing and I’ll never ever sleep with you!” She yelled.

“We’ll see….” His tone held a promise, one he was not going to break after all Dominique is a man of his word.

Lucille glared one last time before she tried to walk past him, before she could he grabbed her arm and spun her to face him.

There was no distance between them this time, Lucille could feel his hard muscular body and Dominique could feel her breasts pressed against his chiseled chest.

Her strawberry honey scent filled his nostrils making his cock harden in his pants, Lucille is different, very very different. So far she has made him feel things that he swore he would never feel again.

Every fibre in his being wants every inch of her: tasting her pink plumb lips, spread out for him as he tastes her, legs wrapped around his waist as he plunges into her, on her knees pleasuring him only him.

“Let me go” she struggled against his hold but it only made his pants tighter. With one tug, he pulled her closer and slammed his lips on her.

She gasped in surprise placing her hands on his chest she tried pushing him of but with each push his hold tightened.

She tried to fight it, tried to ignore the sparks between them, tried to ignore his musky scent clouding her senses but she couldn’t, not being able to fight it anymore slowly she begins to move her lips on his kissing him back.

His hand moves to the back of her neck holding it firmly as he deepens the kiss, the other traces her neck down to her hips and then rests firmly on her ass squeezing it.

She gasps and he takes it his chance, he thrusts his tongue into her mouth, tasting her, devouring her completely and when her tongue meets his, they battle for dominance; in which he wins.

Her hands move to grab his soft hair tugging on it as they continue to kiss passionately, Dominique has never felt this way before especially with just a kiss, the way their lips molds into each other so perfectly.

He breaks the kiss both panting heavily, If this is what kissing her feels like then she was only his to kiss. He touched her now swollen lips. “You are mine Lucille, only mine. . . . .”





I hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as I loved writing it.??


All Copyright Reserved ©️ 2022 Flames.

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