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The goddess of water ordered one of her faithful servants Lydia to go to the land Bruzuna
And find her child..

She needed to be sure the girl was fine before getting ready for war with cansana because she’s the only one not afraid to battle with him in other to protect her people…

The goddess is a kind and generous creature but when it comes to battling…she shows no mercy.


My legs began to hurt as I was feeling too tired to chase after him because he was very fast in running just like a wolf…

Hey… that’s enough… I’m not feeling too well…stop stressing me” I said sitting on the ground as he stopped and rushed back to me looking at my dress that was covered in blood”

” He raised me up with his hand and turned me around like we were dancing some romance dance,I saw him looking at my dress,he must be surprised why I’m covered with blood”

” I noticed he can’t talk…he doesn’t even have a name i guess,but why is he in the wolf forest,how did he survive living with the wilds”

” I was deeply in thought about his existence ,he quickly carried the pot again and began to run to a place I didn’t know ”

Hey..not again,I don’t want to play… goodness mother will be waiting for me to return” I said walking tirelessly behind him”

” Suddenly we arrived outside the wolf forest and I saw a big stream..it was the cleanest I’ve ever set my eyes on…oh no.. could it be the stream I was asked to fetch from?”

The boy walked back closer to me and held my hand..he took me behind a tree covered with grasses and hid me there like a baby…

Hey.. why should I hide” I asked as he said to me”

Plis don kwel Mee” he said as I hissed ”

Seems he just learned this from me gosh” I said as he took the pot and rushed to the stream…he was about fetching when suddenly a beautiful goddess appeared ”

” For the first time I set my eyes on one, she’s so pretty and young…oh no..is she going to kill him? I heard she’s wicked…”

Boy ..why are you here again, didn’t I ask you never to return? You came last time and fetch my water for your little wolf that was sick and here you are today, aren’t you afraid of disobeying me” the goddess said in a high tone as the boy said to her”

Plis don kwel Mee” he said as I couldn’t hold back my laughter,the goddess looked at him surprisingly ”

What! You just tried to speak? How did you learn that…I can see you’ve been interacting with someone,but who will want to be close to you when you behave wildly , listen carefully I know you can hear me but if really you’ve been interacting with anyone stop it.. because you don’t know who your enemies are…you can’t die now that you’ve grown up ,you need to be wise and stay with the wolves,you should know the risk I took entering the wolf forest years ago just to save you,I made the wolves to cherish you and handed you over to the mother wolf because I couldn’t take you to my kingdom,you aren’t one of us…so be greatful to me and stay alive, goodness I’m just saying everything to the stream I guess because he’s not even understanding me” the goddess said as he said to her”

Plis don kwel Mee hahaha ” he said as the goddess hissed”

Goodness… could you please fetch the water and leave,I have many things to do today ” the goddess said demonstrating as he quickly fetch the water and smiled at her”

Smiling at me .. just leave ” the goddess said and vanished as he quickly rushed to where I was hiding and held me up as we ran back into the wolf forest”

We got there and he quickly brought the water to my mouth asking me to drink from it..

Seems the water can really cure this bleeding but I can’t drink it..I don’t want to be punished by father… beside if I keep bleeding there’s no possibility of me marrying him ..

Hey…give me the water, it’s actually not for me.. it’s for mother,her hand is bleeding ” I said taking the pot from him ”

Hey..I should get going, thank you so much for today ” I said happily as he became sad”

why being sad, common…I know you’ll miss me, don’t worry I’ll always come here to be with you okay ” I said as he held my hand sadly saying”

Plis don kwel Mee ” he said sadly”

I’m not a killer… goodness I’ve said many things today while you’re with me,why can’t you learn something else…and beside I didn’t say plis don kwel Mee but please don’t kill me” I said smiling at him”

Common, I’m smiling but you’re frowning…hey let me give you a name, I’ll call you Wovia” I said as he smiled at me touching my hair”

Okay Wovia..bye .” I said and left”


I gathered everyone to wait in two hours time if Moana will return and if she doesn’t then it means she’s been killed by either the wolves or the goddess of water…

Shantel,are you really sure about what you told me…” I asked my wife”

Yes my king,I dare not lie to you my king.. Moana insisted in going to the stream to fetch from it so she could heal herself” she said as we saw Shakira coming”

What! Mother what did you say? Common can you stop lying already, Moana was forced to go to the stream by you…you asked her to go there even when she refused,she told you that father will kill her if he finds out but you pushed her away ” Shakira said when suddenly we saw Moana coming looking very tired as Shakira rushed to her”

Moana,oh my goodness..you came back alive,are you okay…did the wolves hurt you” Shakira asked as I walked closer to Shantel saying”

Shantel..tell me the truth,was Shakira telling the truth?” I asked angrily”

No my king,you know how our daughter acts when it comes to Moana,she can do anything just for her”Shantel said”

” I was surprised to see her coming alive,how could she…I mean there’s no sign of a scratch on her ”

Moana…how dare you disobey me by going to that stream” I asked angrily as she knelt down immediately”

Father..it wasn’t me who wanted to go..it was mother that asked me to go ” she said as Shantel came forward”

You liar ..how could you ..fine,my king.. since Moana claims I asked her to go there,to prove my innocent please check her up and see if she’s still bleeding…she probably must have taken the healing water which she went for” Shantel said”

Shantel is right… where are the maids, take Moana inside and get her changed, bring her out here with clean clothes so we can all see for ourselves if the clothes will be stained or not” I said as they took her away”


Few minutes later

They brought her out with clean clothes,it wasn’t up to a minute and her clothes were covered in blood.

I walked up to Shantel angrily saying..

How dare you try to hurt her by disobeying me, have you lost it ” I asked angrily as she knelt down pleading”

My king.. I’m so sorry” she said”

I’ll deal with you later, where are the maids, take princess Moana to her room and give her some food to eat ” I said and left”



It’s been two days but I still feel sad,how could I let a little girl win me,it was so embarrassing…

I need to figure out what to do to that brat…

” I prepared a good meal and added the substance I got from the medicine man in my father’s kingdom”

I want to make a fake reconciliation and kill her…. definitely she’ll die after eating this meal and my worries will be over.

I’ve always thought of getting rid of her with this poison but I was just too afraid,but now that she has embarrassed me to the public..I will definitely kill her…


I layed on my bed as I kept thinking about Wovia.


Oh no.. please don’t kill me” I said”

Please don kwel Mee ” he said smiling”


How can parent abandon their child in the wolf forest,if not for the goddess of water,he may be dead by now…thank goodness he survived because I’ve just found a friend…

Tomorrow all the maids will be cleaning Shakira’s banquet…when everyone leaves by then I’ll sneak down to the forest to see Wovia, seems the worst place to be is about being the best place for me …yesss” I said inside me smiling all to myself”

And why is she smiling all alone ” mother said coming in and smiling at me for the first time”

Mother” I Called surprisingly as she dropped a plate of nice rice and bush meat”

” She sat beside me on the bed smiling”

Moana dear…how are you, how’s the bleeding… please pardon your dad my child,he doesn’t know what he’s doing.. he’s now an old man,you know how old people behave sometimes like children” she said holding my hand as I kept looking at her with my mouth open”

Common my child,I know you’re surprised with the way I am with you today… Moana dear,I have always wanted to treat you well…I really don’t know why I should do all those things to you…let me tell you a story, your mother and I were best friends but she died because she gave birth to you, even when she knew the king forbided everyone from making love to Thier husbands,she still went ahead and did it…I have always treated you bad because I thought you were the reason my best friend died… Moana I’m so sorry” she said in tears”

Please forgive me Moana” she said crying seriously as I hugged her immediately”

Mother please don’t cry, you’ll make me cry too” I said sadly”

I’ve made you cried for so many years now..I wouldn’t want to see a drop of your tears again… common…I made you this” she said”

The food looks delicious.. mother..I wish we can always be like this” I said smiling as she touched my cheeks”

Of course..we will, nothing will ever make me try to hurt you again…” She said as Shakira burst in”

Hey..you two are talking and smiling for the first time? OMG.. tell me, what’s the secret for this reconciliation” Shakira asked”

Shakira dear, your sister and I are now good” mother said”

Really.. I’m so happy… OMG.. White rice and bush meat ?..my favorite” Shakira said happily and carried the plate of food and began to eat as Mother looked at her surprisingly ”


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