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? WRITTEN & EDITED BY Anita obi. ?




Wovia… please put me down,I don’t want you to get involved in this ” I said to him but he kept running as many soldiers were pursuing us….”

Get them nowww” father said aloud to them as they kept running after us ”

Wovia…why can’t you understand that I was born to suffer,let me go back to them… there’s no use of me living, Wovia can you hear me? I’m talking to you ” I kept saying as he entered into the wolf forest with me in his arms”

As soon as he entered…the soldiers entered too and surrounded us…With their swords and arrows…

” Wovia kept me behind him holding a stick pointing at them when suddenly we saw the wolves surrounding them as I grabbed Wovia closer ”

Wovia… the wolves are coming they might eat me too” I said grabbing him firmly as the soldiers said to father ”

Oh no my king,the wolves are here..what should we do ,will they eat us?” One of the soldiers asked as father said to him angrily ”

Shut up and protect me…why are you afraid of death,you should repay me with your lives because I spared your lives years ago just for you all to serve me , what are you all waiting for… take them and kill the wolves ” father commanded as Wovia signal the wolves and they jumped on some of them and began to fight them ”

” Wovia stood with me protecting me from father”

Father stop this already…please ” I said in tears as father used a spell on me and dragged me closer to himself”

” Wovia rushed to him groaning with his teeths open and grabbed father’s legs with his hands as father pushed me to land on the ground and used his leg to kick me hard”

” The little wolf rushed to me and licked my face then suddenly it rushed to father and grabbed his hand trying to chop off father’s hand ”

” Oh no … does the little wolf really cares for me this much ”

Hey kiddie, don’t fight him..come back you’re too small to fight” I said to the little wolf as father grabbed the wolf and landed it on the ground ”

” I looked behind and saw that Wovia and the wolves has killed almost all the soldiers father brought and they were left with only two…

Wovia turned to father after killing the last soldier he was holding and groaned at him angrily as father said ”

Retreat… Retreattttt” father commanded as they began to run away while Wovia was about chasing them when I held him back ”

Wovia.. don’t, please” I said in tears as he grabbed me into himself and hugged me immediately ”

He pull me out looking all over my body as he carried me again in his arms and took me under a tree as we descoverd a scratch on my face”

” Wovia looked at me sadly without saying a word and rushed under a tree to get some leafs as the little wolf came to me and looked at my face”

Kiddie,why were you stubborn back there…you should be hiding and not going to fight That evil father of mine,what if he killed you.. Wovia would have gone crazy ” I said to the little wolf as it came closer to me and licked the blood on my face from the scratch ”

” Wovia rushed with the leafs to me and granded it with his hands and then placed it on my face,then he said to me ”

Mona” he called sadly looking into my eyes as I held his hands saying ”

Wovia, I’m so sorry…I really did not mean to bring war between father and you, it’s all my fault,I know the other wolves will be very angry at me, Wovia please let me go okay,I don’t want to cause any more trouble…for years now you’ve been living peacefully..this war came because of me…” I said sadly as he hugged me tight saying”

Mona, plis don kwel Mee” he said smiling at me as I smiled back ”


I sat down on the throne thinking about the shame Shantel has brought us…how could the only child I cherish so much do this to me…

Since yesterday..the queen has refused to eat because of the shocks she had after seeing what Shantel was doing to the innocence.

Father.. mother, don’t tell me you’re still thinking about Shantel, common you two need to know that we have lost her for good…” Samuel said sitting next to his mum tapping her back”

Samuel, where have you been ” I asked”

Been hunting father ” he responded as his mother said”

Hunting again.. Samuel.. have you forgotten you’re the crown prince? always in the bush ” his mother said as I said to him”

Son, guess who came here to report to us that Shakira was sick ” I said”

I should guess? Okay..it should be cansana ” he said as we all hissed”

You guess terribly ” his mother said as I laughed”

Hahaha… indeed he doesn’t know what he just said… listen son..it was your dream woman that came here..” I said as he stood up immediately and rushed to me saying”

Father,you mean Moana from sukunda kingdom?” He asked with his eyes opened”

Yes Samuel..and because you love staying in the bushes you missed seeing her for the first time ” I said”

Gosh..why didn’t you send the guards to call me..that was supposed to be my first time setting my eyes on her father ” he said sadly”

Son..I really don’t know why you should fall in love with someone you haven’t even seen..what if she was ugly.. you’re lucky she isn’t…son, Moana will be happy if a man like you ask for her hand in marriage,who dares refused a handsome crown prince like you” his mother said”

No body mother, hahaha ” he said happily as the new maid came in bowing to us”

Greetings my king, greetings my queen, greetings my prince ” she said bowing”

You may rise ” I said as she rose”

Father..who is she” Samuel asked ”

Son..this is Lydia our new maid and also a seer… she’ll be serving you and you’ll be her master” I said ”

She’s a seer? Father,what makes you believe what she says ” Samuel said as Lydia bowed to him and said”

My prince…I know it’s hard to trust people now..but I’ll make you believe in me…my king I want to ask a favour from you ” Lydia said”

Go on” I said”

My king,in other for you all to believe in me..I would want you to do this for me tomorrow’s morning so I can show my powers to you all,I want you to assemble every girl that their mothers died after their birth…I want to find someone very important to the whole world ” Lydia said”

What! Isn’t that too difficult?” Mother said”

Lydia,why is is the girl very important to the whole world ” I asked curiously”

My king, she’s important because she’s the woman that will defeat cansana and send him to grave” Lydia said as I stood up immediately”

What! Are you saying the truth?” I asked surprisingly”

Lydia..are you sure about what you’re saying ” my queen asked”

Yes my queen…I want to prove to you all that my powers are real…do this for me tomorrow and I’ll bring out the defeater of cansana ” Lydia said as Samuel looked at her surprisingly”



I woke up and saw myself lying on wovia’s legs while he was seriously sleeping…

To say the truth, Wovia is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen…

His lips were looking so soft and Pinky as I took my finger forward to touch his lips but suddenly he opened his eyes and saw me..

ERM.. Wovia you’re awake, sorry I wanted to take this dirt off your head” I said taking my hands to his head and removing a leaf from his head which was not my problem at all”

He stood up smiling at me and began to look around…

Wovia.. what are you looking for” I asked but he didn’t say anything”

I looked beside us where kiddie was supposed to be lying but he wasn’t there..

Wovia, you’re looking for kiddie? Maybe he’s with your mother wolf , don’t worry he’s fine.. kiddie is a smart wolf ” I said smiling at him as he looked at my dress ? and saw how stained I was as he carried me down to the stream he loves having his bath ”


It was morning…I didn’t sleep in my room because I was outside doing some rituals…

I need excess powers to fight with the wolves and take back Moana,All this years I’ve never thought about battling with them or destroying their territory,up till now I’m still wondering who the boy is,why does the wolves obey him…I need to take back moana and find out the secret behind the wolf boy and his powers.

I stood up to go have some rest in my room,I got in and was shocked with what I saw on the center of my well arranged bed..

I big hip of sheets..

What! ” I said surprisingly and walked closer as I took my nose closer to perceive”

It was a wolf sheet…

Guards, guards…” I called aloud as they rushed in”

My king ” they bowed”

Search everywhere…find the wolf.. they’res a wolf in the palace..go now ” I said aloud”


We finished bathing and he carried me out and gave me some of his Wolf clothes to dress on..

Suddenly we heard some footsteps in the forest as he took me to a place a hid with me..

We saw father and his men coming as we heard him saying…

Moana..I know you are in here because you have no where to go,come out now else I’ll kill this little wolf ” he said bringing out kiddie from a bag as Wovia squeeze his hands in anger”

Oh no kiddie”I said about rushing out when Wovia held me back and hid me very well in the grasses”

” Wovia took another Conner out to them and stood Infront of them stretching his hands in anger for them to return kiddie to him as father laughed”

Hahaha… seems he can’t even talk… listen wolf boy, where is Moana,I don’t want to talk much…as you can see I brought this wolf in exchange for Moana,if you don’t return her to me then I shall kill your little wolf” father said removing his sword and pointed at the wolf as I rushed out immediately”

Father..stop this already, please let the wolf go…you can take me” I said with my hands up as Wovia rushed and stood Infront of me ”

Hahaha, Moana..what makes you think I can fall for your tricks,you sent this little wolf to come mess up my bed and here you are acting like you don’t know what has happened” father said angrily as Wovia became more angrier placing his hands on the ground for war , acting like a wolf himself”

Moana you know me so well that I don’t play with my words,come with me now and I’ll let the wolf go” father said”

Fine.. I’ll come..let it go …let I and the wolf move at same time”I said as Wovia was about stopping me when I shook my head at him saying”

Don’t stop me Wovia, I’ve caused too much problems for you” I said as I began to Walk to the other side where father was and father released the wolf while it began to walk going to the side Wovia was…”

I and the wolf got to the middle when suddenly father dragged me to his side and an arrow from no where….shot… kiddie…..as we saw kiddie landing on the ground with blood rushing out”

Nooooooooo” I said aloud as Wovia rushed to kiddie on the ground in tears,his lips were shaking as he cried out aloud which drew the attention of other wolves to come”

” Wovia stood up angrily and flew to father saying”

Nooooooooo” he said angrily for the first time and grabbed father’s neck with his left hand raising him up ”


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