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? WRITTEN & EDITED BY Anita obi .?




I fell on the ground in pains as I saw father with his soldiers coming out from their hidings…

I looked up to Shakira who was just smiling with her hands on her waist..

Shakira… Shakira what have I ever done to you” I managed to say in pains as father came closer to me and hit my face with his leg saying”

Cut the crap…you want to be cleaver than me right? ” Father asked angrily as Shakira said”

Father..did I make you happy? ” She asked smiling”

Of course Shakira… at least you have done something reasonable today but remember that your mother isn’t safe because she has no where else to get babies and pregnant women from, she needs to keep to her promise till the day she dies”father said”

Father Don’t worry.. mother will make it up to you..and as for this Moana girl.. please do to her as you wish” Shakira said”

Guards…set the hole on fire and Don’t let any of the wolves survives especially the wolf boy” father said as I held his shirt from the ground in pains saying”

No..fa..fa.. father don’t.. don’t do this to the innocent wolves, everything was all my fault.. please take me with you and do whatever you wish just as Shakira has said” I said in tears as he landed me a slap saying angrily”

Get your hands off me..do you know how many times you’ve insulted me? For you to make me battle with the wolves and lose, don’t you know it’s a slap on my face? I have always treated you well Moana because of my feelings for you.. listen carefully, I’m the only one who deserves the most beautiful girls in my kingdom okay, years ago when I met Tasha,I fell for her because of her beauty and wanted to make her mine but what did she do,she fell in love with my elder brother,not only that,I discovered her best friend your mother was also beautiful and I wanted to approach her but before I could know, Abigail married another man…now that I’ve waited for years just to have a taste of love from you , here you are following the wolves like Thier lovers, guards.. guards set the hole on fire” he ordered as they went ahead setting it on fire”

” There’s nothing I can do at this moment,I have no strength in Me…I can’t even lift my leg,this is all my fault that the wolves and Wovia are going to die in the hole, before I left the hole I saw all the wolves sleeping…how can there escape fire in a hole…now that father has blocked the way out ..how would this be solved,why has life turned me into a bad luck,this is all my fault”

Nooooo????” I cried out watching the fire burning as we heard the wolves screaming and we began perceiving some smells as they were burning”

Cansana I hate youuuuu ?????” I said angrily to him ”

Guards.. take her with us” he commanded as they took me away with them”



Inside the hole …the wolves were on fire searching for where to run to but didn’t find anywhere… Wovia an kiddie were at the other side of the hole in the stream…

Wovia was still giving the little wolf water to drink as they kept playing with themselves..

Suddenly Wovia perceived a strange odour which drew his attention to look back…

Wovia looked back and saw some smokes and began to feel some hotness as he carried kiddie immediately rushing to the part where the wolves and Moana were sleeping..

Wovia got there and to his greatest surprise..he saw the wolves burning to ashes…

At first he was confused…so he whipped his face to see clearer,he saw the same thing…

Monaaaaa” Wovia called looking all over but couldn’t find her”

Wovia couldn’t hold back his tears and anger… they was nothing he could do because the wolves were already dead and the fire was coming to the side he and kiddie were…

Wovia felt pains especially watching the mother wolf that took cared of him dying …

Kiddie struggled to go meet his mum after watching her burning… Wovia held kiddie tight not to go…

Nooooooooo?????” Wovia cried out in pains”

if they were to be other words he could say,I don’t think he wouldn’t want to say something like..

” I Must destroy who did this”

As the fire was reaching them .. Wovia grabbed kiddie into his arms and began to Rush out ”

Wovia got out with kiddie as he looked around but Mona was no where to be found…

Wovia quickly looked on the ground and saw footsteps with some blood stained…

Even though he didn’t know Shakira stabbed Moana but one thing is clear that the blood should be moana’s because she bleeds.

Wovia has never been angered like this before….he’s ready to take revenge and save Moana …

At this point…no one can stop him from doing what he wants to do ..

Cansana has destroyed his family…his play mates and protectors…the wolves meant allot to him .

Wovia was about leaving when he looked at kiddie in his arms…

He gave it a thought that if kiddie comes with him…he may mess up things for him..

Kiddie is still too little to go for such battle…

So Wovia decided to keep kiddie in a saver place inside the cage they normally keep him to play…

Although kiddie could still be a kid but he knows that his mum and other wolves are dead and he also knows that his best friend Wovia was going for war …

Kiddie watched Wovia putting him in his cage as he struggled not to be in… Wovia locked the cage and touched kiddie’s head saying goodbye…

Wovia left as kiddie felt so sad and lonely for the first time.



We arrived at sukunda kingdom as cansana quickly ordered for me to be prisoned…

Guards.. take her to prison…get her a doctor to treat her wound ” he said leaving”

Yes my King ” thei responded as I saw Shantel the jezebel coming and smiling at me”

Look who we have here..the wolf girl hahahaha ” she laughed coming closer to me as I spat on her ”

What! ” She said surprisingly cleaning her face raising her hand to slap me when the guards stopped her saying”

My queen..the king ordered no one to hurt the future queen except himself ” they said as she dropped her hand back angrily saying”

Well I don’t care about that , Moana dear..how does it feels to be left alone in the world…I heard Shakira handed you over to my husband and I also heard my husband killed all the wolves including the wolf boy” she said as I said to the guards”

Guards.. take me to prison immediately as my future husband has ordered” I said angrily”

Yes my future queen ” they responded about taking me to prison when Shantel said angrily”

What! How dare you call him your future husband huh.. Moana I can see you’ve got some guts” she said as I smiled at her saying”

Listen to me Shantel,very soon.. you’ll bow to me ,you know why? Because I’m going to be the king’s favorite ” I said as the guards took me away”

You call me Shantel?” I heard her asking but said nothing more”


I and some elders were discussing about how my wedding will go tomorrow with Moana when suddenly we saw the wolf boy coming…

Our eyes were wide opened as I thought it was a dream..

An elder rushed behind me saying…

My king..my king..I thought you said you killed him too..why is he here.. oh no we are going to die”he said as I pushed him to land on the floor saying”

Where is the medicine man… bring him here immediately ” I commanded as they brought him forward”

We saw the wolf boy climbing the fence coming into the palace looking very angry…

My king.. I’m here ” the medicine man said”

Yes you’re here so what can we do to stop him” I asked in fear”

Fear not my king…I have the wolf weaker ” he said showing me a powder”

What’s this for..how do you think it’s gonna work since he’s human ” I asked”

My king,he may be human but he grew with the wolves and eats what the eat…so don’t worry..this will make him weak and sleep off if it’s been poured in his face,then we can do whatever we want with him” he said as I said immediately”

Soldiers… assemble ” I said as they quickly assembled and I gave the powder to one of them as they headed outside the palace…”

We stood upstairs watching at them fighting the wolf boy as the wolf boy fought and pieces their faces with his leg…

He looks so angry that I myself was in fear…

Suddenly the soldier with the power poured it all over his face as the wolf boy rushed to him and twisted the solder’s neck and he died…we saw the wolf boy coming directly to where we were as I said in fear..

Oh no..the powder was fake..it didn’t work on him..what should we do…” I asked in fear when suddenly we saw the wolf boy landing on the ground with his eyes closed”

It worked… yessssss ” the medicine man said as I sent my soldiers to take the wolf boy to prison immediately ”


I went to the forest for hunting…

I’m so fed up with that Lydia girl being my maid…

She lies allot…

The other day she made father to assemble some girls but she couldn’t provide the defeater of cansana..

She’s such a joker…

” I kept talking to myself when suddenly I heard some noise somewhere like something was struggling ”

This part of the forest is close to the wolf forest… could it be that the wolves just caught an animal…

Let me go check…

I got there and was shocked to see a little beautiful wolf In a cage..

Oh my god…so pretty… ” I said opening the cage”

Helo..my name is Samuel.. I’m the crown prince of….” Before I could complete my statement..it took off immediately”

Oh no.. where are you going to” I asked watching at it running very fast”

Whatever…I saved you but you couldn’t say thank you… ungrateful wolf.


I was in prison in chains….after the doctor who treated my injuries left…I saw them bringing in Wovia as I was shocked ”

Wovia” I called happily as they took him into another ceil and chained him too”

” Wovia is still alive… I’m so happy…”

” I shouldn’t be too excited because I know he’ll hate me so much..he has lost his family because of me”

I’m so sorry Wovia” I said looking at his face as he was unconscious when suddenly I saw Shakira coming ”

How are you doing kid sister..or should I call you my step mum to be?” She said as I didn’t say a word to her”

MOANA..I know you must see me like an ungrateful being but I’m just doing what I should have done to you for years…do you know how long I’ve endured the pains of people saying you’re the most beautiful? I’m the real princess..I wear golds but why don’t they regard me as the prettiest…” She said looking at Wovia in the ceil ”

Oh wow.. seems your dream man was caught too… what a love Moana you’re really a disgrace to this kingdom..you chosed to be with this dirty, irritating and low class wolf boy instead of my dad, aren’t you being too stupid?” She asked when suddenly a stick from no where landed on her head from the roof”

Ahhhh..what was that…” She asked looking up but didn’t find anything”

Rubbish.. I’ll come back for you Moana ” she said leaving without me saying a word”

” I stood with my chains watching at my Wovia who has been unconscious…I know the pains he’s going through and I wish I can shoulder some”

I saw the soldier that was kept to watch us sleeping as I said to myself…

There’s nothing I can do this time to save me and Wovia from cansana ” I said when suddenly kiddie landed on the ground from the roof?”

Kiddie ” I whispered as it Iooked at my face shaking her tail”

Kiddie…you came…hey..what can you do to help us out ” I asked looking around as I saw the keys to unlock our chains in the sleepy soldier’s pocket”

Kiddie..can you get those keys for me? ” I asked but she kept looking at my mouth ”

Hey…go and get the keys for me” I whispered to him with a sign using my finger to point at the soldier as I saw kiddie rushing to the soldiers..he got to him and began looking at him angrily as I said ”

Kiddie..go on..get ….the…keysssssss” I said as I saw kiddie opening his mouth and raising his head to chop off the soldier’s neck as I whispered ”

Oh no.. kiddie I didn’t ask you to eat himmmmmmm” I whispered ”


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