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?‍??Th£ CRAZY BEGGAR??‍?

( $h£’s th£ one I’ve been look!ng for)


Oops! No one guessed right ? so I’ll dedicate th¡s episode to every of my fans who take ₱1ea$vre !n read!ng my stories?

?Now Enjoy?
Wh£re did Danielle get th¡s courage from? $h£’s th£ weakest among us and $h£’s able to get everyone’s attention at that. I thought

What did you j√$t say? Th£ boss asked h£r and th£ cops also looked perturb£d. Bro! Your workers really have some nerve !n th£m, see how $h£ entered with th£ motive of mak!ng th£m stop what th£y were do!ng… Gabriel !nterfered.

Well! I guess th£ environment isn’t welcom!ng at th£ moment, so I was try!ng to ask why th£ sudden change !n everyone’s mood and my colleagues aren’t look!ng happy except Mia and I can see h@ndcuffs on Matilda… Danielle replied

It’s so sad to know that our boss isn’t th£ one I used to know. You don’t j√$t prejudge people like you do nowadays. You called th£ cops on h£r despite h£r claim!ng $h£’s !nnocent. My question is, did you ch£ck ©vt footage of every happen!ngs !n th£ house? $h£ asked

Wow! I never knew $h£ could be th¡s brave and I could see everyone star!ng at h£r !n utmost surprise.

Do you wanna get arrested alongside h£r? Do you th!nk I wouldn’t have ch£cked th£ footage before tak!ng action? Th£ boss replied and $h£ laugh£d.

“You’re wast!ng our time young lady. Can you j√$t get straight to th£ po!nt and tell h£r what th£ problem is and stop b**t!ng @r0vnd th£ bush or you get yourself away from our way and let’s proceed !n carry!ng ©vt our duty? One of th£ cops said and $h£ walked to h¡s front.

“Alexander Wilton” $h£ read aloud from th£ badge on h¡s br£@st pocket. Can you j√$t relax while I teach you how to do your job perfectly? $h£ half yelled.

My oth£r question is, did th£ camera capture h£r steal!ng th£ do¢vment and keep!ng !n h£r room? $h£ asked aga!n but h£ kept quiet and ignored h£r question.

You see, ever s!nce I got to th¡s house, I’ve never been rude to anyone and I’ve always been th£ weakest but not until I was falsely accused of exchang!ng th£ boss’s do¢vment with a fake one and I was severely puni$h£d. Th£ boss was too bl!nd to see th£ truth and that shii hurts real bad.

I’ve always had my eyes on everyone !n th¡s house to see who th£ villa!n was and was conv!nced th£ day I caught Mia add!ng m©r£ sauce to Lucy’s cook!ng which I corrected secretly with©vt anyone know!ng till date and I saw th£ look of disappo!ntment on h£r wh£n $h£ didn’t see any effect of what $h£ did work!ng on h£r.

Th£ real culprit h£re is Mia, not Matilda. So I’d like you to rem©v£ that th!ng from h£r and put it on th£ real owner… $h£ said

How dare you accuse me of steal!ng!!! Mia yelled and charged towards Danielle to slap h£r, but $h£ was quick to dodge th£ slap. $h£ raised h£r h@nd to make an attempt to slap h£r aga!n but was h£ld b@¢k by th£ boss.

And what evidence do you have to prove what you j√$t said? h£ asked still hold!ng h£r h@nd.

Of course we all know th¡s country and it’s policy is no joke. It would be so dumb and stupid of me not to have evidence before talk!ng so confidently… $h£ said and brought ©vt h£r phone

What!!! What’s go!ng on? $h£ asked no one !n particular as $h£ looked at h£r phone, “I guess $h£’s lost th£ evidence” I h£ard Gabrielle say !n a wh¡sper. “I guess so too” I said !n a wh¡sper too but no one h£ard me like i h£ard Gabrielle.

Can you now see $h£ was j√$t bluff!ng, let go of my h@nd and have th£m leave th£ premises already… Mia said to th£ boss with a smirk

Wow! I got you all, I can see th£ look of triumphant on Mia’s face. Y’all must be th!nk!ng I’ve lost th£ evidence, right? It’s really obvious.

I’m sorry I had to put !n that small show. Th¡s is th£ picture I took wh£n I caught h£r steal!ng th£ do¢vment and tak!ng th£m to Matilda’s room. I kept it !n my phone j√$t !ncase a situation like th¡s occur… $h£ said and h@nded h£r phone to th£ cops who later pa$$ed it on to th£ boss.

I h£aved a sigh of relief and w!nked at h£r. “I owe you one” I wh¡spered to h£r and $h£ smiled. Release h£r and take th¡s bitch !nstead. Th£ boss said and th£y released me.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do it, it wasn’t !ntentional” Mia pleaded as $h£ was be!ng h@ndcuffed. Weren’t you ab©vt to slap h£r claim!ng $h£ was ly!ng aga!nst you j√$t now? Th£ boss asked h£r.

“Save me please” $h£ said to Gabriel and h£ sh°t h£r a deadly glare before go!ng to sit.

I thought you both hate me, why don’t you save your acqua!ntance now that $h£’s !n need of your h£lp? I said !n a jeer!ng tone.

I’m sorry for not mak!ng better research before call!ng you, please take h£r away and give h£r a proper punishment… Th£ boss said to th£ cops and th£y saluted h¡m.

“We’re sorry for not do!ng our job properly” th£y apologized to us all before f!nally tak!ng h£r away.

“Thank you so much, I love and appreciate you for sav!ng me j√$t now” I said and jumped on Danielle while Gabrielle also came to hug me.

“You’re welcome dear, let’s get b@¢k to our duty posts” $h£ replied and we dis£ngaged from th£ hug.

I went to th£ boss’s front and made direct eye contact with h¡m mak!ng h¡m uncomfortable. “Apologize already” I said !nwardly but h£ left !nstead and I followed.

Why are you follow!ng me? h£ asked. “Well! I’m do!ng my job, as your personal a$$istant h£re at home and try!ng my best not to be falsely accused of steal!ng” I replied so as to make h¡m feel guilty.

Leave now! I’ll call on you wh£n I need your attention… h£ said.

What if your th!ngs get lost aga!n? I asked still mak!ng direct eye contact with h¡m.

I said leave and stop mak!ng me feel guilty!!! h£ half yelled and I laugh£d. “Well! Apologiz!ng to me won’t make you feel less of a man” I said but h£ left me !nstead and ascended th£ stairs.

“See h¡s h£ad” h£ said star!ng at h¡s b@¢k while h£ climb th£ stairs.


Boss we found h£r location… Elon said to h¡s boss as h£ sipped h¡s w!ne. “Good, I need you to f!nd any way of kidnapp!ng h£r. We must get rid of h£r before $h£ ga!ns th£ power of com!ng for us, and I can’t stand hav!ng any of my opponent’s family breath!ng th£ same air I breath£”… h¡s boss replied.

Okay sir! I learnt one of h¡s workers got arrested recently and h£’ll be need!ng someone to replace h£r, so I plan on hir!ng a lady to disguise h£rself as a worker !n that house. It’ll be easier to know everyth!ng $h£ does so we’ll get h£r !n our h@nds and elim!nate h£r afterwards… Elon replied and h¡s boss clapped.

You’re so wise, I don’t regret mak!ng you my favourite. j√$t make sure you keep be!ng you, so you won’t be my weakness… h£ replied

“Take th¡s and use it for yourself” h£ said throw!ng a bundle of money on th£ table for h¡m.

Thank you sir, I’ll br!ng h£r h£re tomorrow… Elon said with a bow before gett!ng dismissed.

*h£re $h£ is sir” h£ said as h£ brought !n a lady as h£ promised”.

Wow! $h£’d fit perfectly for th£ job. I’m sure you’ve been told what you’re to do wh£n you get to that house. That’s some money for you, you’ll have anoth£r once you make progress !n your l!ne of duty… h£ said as h£ h@nded an envelope to h£r.

“Go now and br!ng me good news later” h£ said and patted h£r shoulder. “Alright boss” th£ lady replied with a bow.

“I can’t wait to have you !n my h@nd Matilda” h£ said and let ©vt a wicked laughter.

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