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?‍??Th£ CRAZY BEGGAR??‍?

( $h£’s th£ one I’ve been look!ng for)

Why is it tak!ng th¡s lady so long to return or is h£r stomach condition that bad? I said to myself. Wait a sec, I left h£re for a while, does that mean $h£ might’ve left wh£n $h£ didn’t f!nd me h£re? I asked myself and quickly took my phone to dial h£r number. Mat wh£re are you, what’s tak!ng you s… I was say!ng but was caught short wh£n $h£ hung up.

WTF! Why is th¡s lady do!ng th¡s !n th¡s situation, why would $h£ end th£ call with©vt even answer!ng me and i haven’t f!ni$h£d talk!ng, swears, imma give you an earful of words, you j√$t wait, I said and dialled h£r number aga!n but it isn’t go!ng through aga!n and that made me panick.

C!ndy I need your h£lp please, I need you to h£lp me ch£ck th£ ladies restroom, Matilda is tak!ng too long to come ©vt… I said as I ran to meet h£r wh£re $h£ was sitt!ng at. “Oh! Really? Have you called h£r number”? $h£ asked “yeah I have, $h£ picked up at first but hung up and h£r number wasn’t go!ng through after that first time and that’s what got me worried and that’s why I came to meet you h£r” I replied.

“Let’s hurry up th£n, someth!ng might be wrong with h£r, we never can tell” $h£ replied and ₱v|| h£r dress up a bit before runn!ng off.

“Let’s go togeth£r” h£r hubby said as I was ab©vt leav!ng too. We’ve got a problem right h£re, $h£ isn’t !n any of th£ rooms. ‘Let me also try call!ng h£r to see if it would go through” $h£ said and dialled h£r number but it still didn’t go through. Do you have anyth!ng !n m!nd? Like somewh£re $h£ could’ve gone to or why $h£ could’ve done th¡s? h£r hubby asked me.

I should’ve s£nsed someth!ng was wrong wh£n $h£ said $h£ suddenly have an upset stomach. I’ve always been so smart., how come I didn’t see th¡s com!ng? I said and th£y stared at me, obviously perturb£d. What do you mean, could $h£ have been kidnapped? Does $h£ have anyone that’s after h£r? Th£y both asked me and I nodded.

“Does that mean we’re be!ng monitored? Th£y’ve must have poisoned h£r food or dr!nk to make h£r have that upset stomach so th£y would kidnap h£r while $h£’s at it. Jeez! How do I tell john ab©vt th¡s” I asked with a grunt. “Relax dude! We can’t !nform h¡m now, let’s go ch£ck th£ CCTV footage first and we can m©v£ on to th£ next step” C!ndy’s hubby said.

“F!ne! You two should go ah£ad first, I’ll jo!n you soon. I wanna go ch£ck ©vtside to see if I could catch a glimpse of th£m or j√$t to see any car leav!ng that I get suspicious of” I replied and we took action immediately.

“Rew!nd that” I said to th£ official show!ng us th£ footage. “What is that man do!ng with h£r?” C!ndy asked. h£’s obviously try!ng to act like a nice guy to w!n h£r h£art, but why does it seem like $h£’s dizzy? h£r hubby replied h£r.

$h£ must’ve been hypnotized. Who !n th£ world dresses like th¡s to th¡s k!nd of event if not a bad person. Not even a s!ngle worker h£re uses a face cap, even th£ security personnel wear suit with©vt anyone know!ng th£y’re security guards if not because th£y’re always stand!ng at th£ entrance… I said

Th¡s party needs to be stopped immediately, we need to let th£m know one of us has been kidnapped and is miss!ng. I apologise on h£r behalf !n advance… I said and turned to leave but C!ndy and h£ hubby h£ld me b@¢k and j√$t th£n, my phone started r!ng!ng and my h£artb**t skipped wh£n I saw my broth£r’s name appear on th£ screen as th£ caller.

h£y broth£r! I said as th£ call connected try!ng my best to sound well !n order to avoid suspicion. h£’s th£ type that s£nse someth!ng easily. “Elon and h¡s colleagues abducted h£r” h£ said. What‼! How on earth did you know, I mean I haven’t even told you yet, or did you have someone monitor our m©v£ments? I asked

C’mon bro, I’ve got everyth!ng planned. I was ready for th¡s, I j√$t didn’t tell you and remember we’ve decided to keep an eye on every worker we have… h£ replied

I got b@¢k to my room tired from th£ journey and th£ day’s activities. “Br!ng my food to my room now!” I said to th£ maid on th£ phone as I undressed myself. I got ©vt of th£ shower and ch£cked my phone to see th£ calls I’ve missed.

Damn! I cursed as I saw my spy’s name among th£ names of people I missed th£ir calls and remembered I had to be monitor!ng th£ people I left beh!nd. I took my Ipad immediately to watch th£ cl¡ps from th£ camera I fixed on th£ necklace I bought for Matilda.

Damn! I knew h£’ll try someth!ng like th¡s. I’m glad I saw th¡s com!ng… I thought and placed a call across my spy. What are y’all still wait!ng for? I’m sure you saw th¡s before me, th£y musn’t get away with th¡s… I said to h¡m

Yeah and that’s why I called you. I j√$t need you to !nform your broth£r of th£ happen!ngs so h£ will jo!n us, but right now, I th!nk th£y’re h£ad!ng toward our direction. My colleagues and I are ready for operation. s£nd h¡m th£ location of wh£re we are… h£ replied and I sigh£d.
h£y bro! h£ said as soon as th£ call connected and I laugh£d softly at h¡s pretense. “Elon and h¡s colleagues abducted h£r” I said and h£ gave th£ reaction I expected. I’m s£nd!ng you th£ir location now so I want you to follow th£m now, though I’ve got people do!ng that already. j√$t leave th£ place you are now and do what I said… I said

We’re on our way already, but how come you have all th£se under ¢©Πtr0|? h£ asked. “Well! All thanks is to my level of !ntelligence. I was so smart to have planted a camera on th£ necklace I gave h£r and a tracker on th£ haircl¡p I fixed !n h£r hair too” I replied.

Wow! I’m so proud of you broth£r, I regret ever los!ng my guard for once. I’m glad $h£ ran b@¢k to put on th£ necklace, because $h£ almost forgot to put it on… h£ replied
Take anoth£r direction now! Th£y’ve changed direction and have switch£d cars, th£y’re not so dumb as I thought. Th£y should be h£ad!ng towards th£ir boss’s dest!nation now… I sh©vted and h£ard th£ loud screech!ng sound th£ car tyres made.

Th£y must’ve !ntentionally gone to that secluded area to get you !n th£ir h@nds. Don’t do anyth!ng, j√$t wait for th£m to take action first and don’t get ©vt of th£ car. I said to h¡m as I watch£d everyth!ng from my iPad.

What will happen to Matilda now, wait! Can you see h£r? Is $h£ f!ne? h£ asked sound!ng worried.

$h£’s f!ne, th£y haven’t noticed th£ necklace yet and that’s why I still have access to everyth!ng. Don’t worry, my men are th£re already, th£y’re j√$t watch!ng th£ir steps first and are also wait!ng for th£ir m©v£ment… I replied

“Wow! Th£y mean bus!ness really well” h£ said as h£ also watch th£m br!ng ©vt guns and are ready to shoot at th£m. I trust Gabriel to be th£ strong one, h£ wouldn’t have h£sitated to go !nto military if not because I stopped h¡m.

Bro! None of us have a gun, how do we stop th£m from shoot!ng, should we j√$t get ©vt of th£ car already? h£ asked.

Relax dude! You can’t use a gun, you don’t have a license so it’d be illegal for you to use any. j√$t let th£ ones that have that opportunity to do th£ir work and don’t h£sitate to w!nd th£ gla$$ d©wΠ, th£y’ll throw you a bulletproof jacket once th£y arrive… I said and j√$t as expected, th£ idiots started shoot!ng and my men drove !n immediately with strong force of retaliation. Which made shock written all over th£ir faces.

Y’all better watch who you target next time. “Yes! Th¡s is perfect” I said as I switch£d on my laptop and a clearer video appeared on th£ screen. “I make no mistake !n choos!ng who to work for me and I deserve an award for that”… I boasted as I watch£d th£ cl¡ps after it’s been made easier for me after by th£ people I asked to fix a camera at a better place that’d give me $@t!$faction.


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