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?‍??Th£ CRAZY BEGGAR??‍?

( $h£’s th£ one I’ve been look!ng for)

How one earth did you get h£re, what are you do!ng h£re? $h£ asked after dis£ngaged from th£ hug. Will you relax and let me give th¡s twerp th£ reply h£ deserves… $h£ replied and went to th£ guy’s front.

Th£ last time I ch£cked, you were puni$h£d for be!ng rude to a teach£r and were warned to stay away from anyth!ng that’d put you !n detention, should I advise h£r to report you for try!ng to bully h£r on h£r first day of resumption to th£ school? Are you th£ only rich man’s son h£re? Why do you wanna turn th£ school to that of Korean by !nculcat!ng th£ habit of bully!ng‼! $h£ retorted leav!ng th£ guy speechless.

Excuse me young man, yeah I’m actually th£ beggar you saw that day and I’m th£ one you’re see!ng !n th¡s expensive school right now, you can $pr£@d any rumour you want, but all I want is you remember!ng th£ fact that I b**t you up th£ oth£r day and I won’t h£sitate to make you hate yourself for com!ng my way aga!n if you do. Ignore th£ fact that I’m new h£re, we all are Americans we’ve got our rights, th¡s is a warn!ng to everyone…Matilda said too and went to h£r seat.

Wow! Two crazy friends !n a school and th£ same cla$$, swears God h h¡s reasons for do!ng th!ngs. Despite th£ fact that we’ve been separated, our bosses still s£nt us to th£ same school at th£ same time… Anita replied wh£n Matilda f!ni$h£d narrat!ng everyth!ng to h£r.

“That’s why I said we’re meant to be for each oth£r”. Matilda replied and ₱v||ed h£r ch£ek

“I can see you’ve made friends already, that’s cool though. th¡s is th£ teach£r that’d be tutor!ng you for th£ forthcom!ng exam, h£’ll be tak!ng you with oth£r students, I hope you study h@rd so you’ll ace th£ exam, you really have along way to go… a teach£r said to Matilda as $h£ called h£r to th£ staffroom. “Alright ma’am” $h£ replied

Alright bye! My regards to Desmond and your boss. Tell th£m I say a big thanks for tak!ng good ¢ar£ of you… Matilda said to Anita as h£r own car arrived and th£y set to depart. “I sure will and I’d love to !ntroduce you to h£r children, i know th£y would be glad to f!nally meet you after all th£se while that I’ve been tell!ng th£m ab©vt you” $h£ replied.

That would be next time, j√$t tell th£m we met !n school, I’m sure th£y will be h£re tomorrow if truly you’ve become friends with th£m. I have to go now… Matilda replied and entered th£ car. “Be ¢ar£ful okay!” Anita sh©vted “Alright love, I will” $h£ sh©vted b@¢k.

What’s up with everyone, whose luggages are those and who are those men I met ©vtside? Th£ir faces doesn’t look familiar to me …Matilda asked Gabriel as $h£ returned from school.

Th£y’re my broth£r’s newly hired workers. Th£y will be work!ng !n th¡s house from th¡s moment on and those luggages are m!ne. I have to hurry d©wΠ to Spa!n and my flight is sch£duled for tonight. I don’t th!nk I’ll be return!ng anytime soon, I have to take ¢ar£ of my bus!ness… h£ expla!ned

Why didn’t you !nform me beforeh@nd? Why do I feel like cry!ng, of course I’ll miss see!ng you everyday. What if someth!ng happens to me while you’re away, can’t you !nform your employees to manage your company while you’re away? $h£ said already !n tears and h£ smiled.

“Stop cry!ng” h£ said as h£ went to hug h£r. Why are you act!ng like a kid? Of course I’d have !nformed th£m to do that if it isn’t necessary. I’ve been away for months and it’s time for me to return now. My employees can’t do what I’m go!ng for right now. And for your oth£r questions, noth!ng is gonna happen to you aga!n, I promise.

You have my broth£r to call upon if you need anyth!ng. You know h£ loves you so much and wouldn’t h£sitate to give you anyth!ng you ask for. j√$t make sure you stay safe and always be ¢ar£ful. I promise to always keep !nt ouch with you, and I’ll always miss you… h£ said to pacify h£r

Alright! I’ve h£ard you, I’ll b!0w you h£ad off if you refuse to keep !n touch with me. M!nd you, I wanna see you with a fiancé th£ next time we meet… $h£ replied “yes boss” h£ answered

John smiled as h£ watch£d th£ drama b£tweeΠ h£r and h¡s broth£r, you better take h£art and let h¡m go take h¡s seat !n th£ plane…h£ said to th£m and h£ let go of h£r, don’t forget th£ promise I made to you, okay? And make sure you take good ¢ar£ of m broth£r for me…Gabriel said as h£ wiped h£r tears with h¡s palm. “Alright! Go quickly, I don’t wanna del@y you” $h£ said and ₱u$h£d h¡m

I can’t believe you can show your tears to people. Look at you act!ng up j√$t because h£’s leav!ng th£ country. What will you do if I happen to be th£ one travell!ng ©vt and actually leav!ng forever? John asked as th£y drove b@¢k home. “you can’t possibly leave your companies h£re alone !n th£ h@nds of strangers, I trust you for that.” $h£ replied and h£ laugh£d.

You’ll be liv!ng h£re with th£ oth£r workers, you should get along with th£m so it won’t be bor!ng to you. I’ll always stop by to ch£ck on you all before leav!ng for th£ oth£r house. j√$t bear with th£ situation till we get our h@nds on h¡m. j√$t let me know if you need anyth!ng… h£ said to h£r.

Alright! goodnight sir… $h£ answered perfunctorily which made h¡m smiled and tut as h£ watch£d h£r walk away !n a sad mood.
h£llo sir! $h£ said to john on th£ phone as $h£ placed a call across h¡m days later. “Yeah! What’s up with you?” h£ replied. “Noth!ng much, I j√$t wanna !nform you ab©vt my appo!ntment with C!ndy tomorrow, $h£ had asked me to come start my modell!ng ¢ar£er tomorrow due to some urgencies and I’ve given my reply already, so I decided to !nform you” $h£ replied.

Alright! j√$t get yourself prepared, I’ll come take you to h£r company tomorrow morn!ng and if I’m not able to make it, I’ll s£nd my chauffeur to you… h£ replied

$h£ dropped th£ phone on th£ table after hang!ng up and was ab©vt stand!ng up wh£n anoth£r call came !n which made h£r sit b@¢k. An unknown caller? Could it be Anita? $h£ said to h£rself as $h£ deliberated wh£th£r to accept it or not.

h£llo! $h£ said as $h£ f!nally summoned courage to accept th£ call. “h£llo is th¡s Matilda?” th£ person asked.

“No, you’ve dialed wrong digit” $h£ replied and th£ person hung up.
h£llo! Trace th¡s number right away! $h£ said to chris as $h£ s£nt h¡m th£ number that called h£r. Weren’t you told not to answer any calls !nclud!ng th£ ones frim unknown contacts? h£ half yelled.

“I’m sorry, I was th!nk!ng it might be frim my friend. j√$t do what I said before my boss f!nds ©vt” $h£ said


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