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?‍??Th£ CRAZY BEGGAR??‍?

( $h£’s th£ one I’ve been look!ng for)

j√$t make sure you don’t answer any unknown call aga!n till we solve th£ issue on ground… h£ said and hung up.

“Make sure you don’t repeat that mistake aga!n” $h£ read th£ message that popped on h£r phone screen… “So h£ already know ab©vt it” $h£ said to h£rself and dropped th£ phone

I have to get go!ng now, I’ve got th!ngs to do at th£ office so you have to go home with th£ driver, h£’ll drive you home. And make sure you call me wh£n you’re !n need of someth!ng… john said to h£ as h£ dropped h£r off at C!ndy’s fashion house

“h£y Good morn!ng! Thanks for honour!ng my !nvitation and accept!ng my offer” C!ndy greeted as $h£ came ©vt of th£ company, th£reby !nterrupt!ng th£m. “Good morn!ng! You came j√$t right !n time. I was j√$t ab©vt leav!ng h£r h£re, you ladies should proceed I have to go now.” John replied.

“Let’s get d©wΠ to bus!ness already, you need to get your face and hair done before gett!ng dressed. We can proceed to th£ shoot!ng section after that. Hurry now please, we’ve got limited time” $h£ said to Matilda as th£y got to th£ ma!n room !n th£ company. “You! take h£r to th£ dress!ng room” $h£ said to one of h£r employees and left for anoth£r th!ng.

Wow! Th£ pictures really turned ©vt better than I could ever imag!ne. You should become a ₱vblic figure already, you’re really beautiful and gorgeous… C!ndy complimented as th£y both stared at th£ pictures after th£ end of th£ shoot!ng. “I knew it would th¡s has always been my dream ever s!nce I grew up to have th¡s stature and I’m glad I met you and you made th£ offer” Matilda replied.

One th!ng I’m sure of is that lots of companies would love to have you as one of th£ir models once th£y see th£se pictures of yours and would make attempts to have you model for th£ir brand. I j√$t hope you won’t quit work!ng with me even if you become famous and start hav!ng bigger deals because I know I’d have competitors once your face reach£s ©vt th£re… C!ndy said.

C’mon, how can I ever forget wh£re I started from, what I started with, and who I started with? If it turns ©vt th£ way you’ve j√$t said, it th£n means you are th£ one who made me known to th£ world, th£ one who made my dreams come through. So tell me, how can I ever forget that person? $h£ replied

“Alright! Thanks for com!ng and thanks for do!ng bus!ness with me, I hope to see you some oth£r time” C!ndy said to h£r as $h£ walked h£r to th£ park!ng lot. “Okay bye! Thanks for th£ job offer as well” $h£ replied

Wow! You’ve really made it girl, I saw your picture on th£ shopp!ng bag a lady was carry!ng while I was com!ng and I could swear on my life that it was your picture I saw on it. Tell me, how many brands are you modell!ng for? How many companies? Anita said as soon as $h£ entered th£ cla$$room and got to Matilda’s seat.

How time flies. It’s j√$t like yesterday wh£n I started with C!ndy’s brand. $h£ told me th¡s would happen and it !ndeed happened. I really can’t believe I could be th¡s rich even though I’m j√$t start!ng. I !ndeed got calls from different companies and I accepted offers from th£ ones I’m contented with, so that’s how I’ve made it so far. Don’t worry girl! I promise to make your dream come through and true very soon, imma enrol you !nto fashion school wh£re you’d be tra!ned to become th£ best of th£ designers ©vt th£re. You can th£n be my personal designer… Matilda replied h£r

Dhoor! $h£ said and rolled h£r eyes. Do you really th!nk I’m not rich enough to do that myself? I mean, do you know how much I get paid and how much I’ve saved so far? We both are still hustl!ng and struggl!ng, so let’s save whatever we have for our future… $h£ replied

You should know th£re’s noth!ng I wouldn’t do for you if I’m capacitated, so don’t blame me for say!ng such… Matilda said aga!n.

“Excuse me lady I’ve started learn!ng how to sow some styles onl!ne, I can design some styles already. So me attend!ng a fashion school is j√$t for a certificate. I j√$t wanna conclude my high school education level before embark!ng on that journey. My boss could sponsor me if I let h£r know I’m ready for it, don’t both£r ab©vt me, okay?” Anita replied

It’s so funny how th£ table turned on you girls so f*st. You renowned beggars !n a school like th¡s and speak!ng of be!ng rich all with!n a year. I was so shocked to see you modell!ng for brands already and I must confess, God is !ndeed great… a cla$$mate of th£irs said.

That’s exactly why you need to get someth!ng done !n your life. F!nd someth!ng done and don’t j√$t rely on your parents money. Stop meddl!ng !n people’s matters and discuss with your parents on how you can survive th¡s world with©vt th£ir fortunes… Matilda retorted

Anoth£r th!ng, never !n your life should you prejudge someone aga!n, it’s annoy!ng to h£ar you talk with©vt us!ng your bra!n, don’t j√$t hurt your bra!n’s feel!ng by giv!ng it total silence, don’t j√$t ignore it totally, make use of it at least once !n a while. Wake up and stop be!ng a dweeb… Anita added and some students jeered.

What!!! Y’all should ch£ck your phones, I j√$t saw a news ab©vt th£ man beh!nd th£ murders that has been happen!ng all th£se years be!ng declared wanted. h£’s face has been known and h£’s location is be!ng search£d for… Th£ir cla$$ president said as h£ came !n.

Isn’t that whom you and your boss have been search!ng for? Anita asked h£r and th£y both took ©vt th£ir phones to ch£ck th£ news.

Have you seen th£ news already? $h£ asked John on th£ phone as $h£ walked to th£ school garden.

I did, that’s a do or die affair now. You’ll return home, you have to go jo!n oth£rs and I’m sure Ca$$andra would lead us to wh£re we’re go!ng to. $h£’ll try to do someth!ng stupid and we can use that as our stepp!ng stone, Chris would be th£ one to come pick you from school today, I’ll meet you at home wh£n I return at night… h£ replied

Alright! That’s a nice idea, I j√$t hope h£ gets appreh£nded soon enough and get sh°t on th£ spot, h£ needn’t face any law aga!n but should be elim!nated immediately !nstead… $h£ said

Wow! I’m glad you’ve got many knights. You really are lucky, I j√$t pray everyth!ng should get resolved soon and you should be b@¢k to liv!ng your normal peaceful lifestyle… Anita said

All will be over soon, I hope so. I j√$t wanna make sure I get to meet h¡m and ₱0ur my h£art ©vt. I wanna hurt h¡m even if it’d be th£ littlest pa!n h£’d pa$$ through. I wanna make h¡m feel someth!ng from me too and that I’d do with©vt lett!ng anyone know beforeh@nd.

I’ll have h¡m castrated and amputated. I need you to get th£ equipments I’ll need for me please. I’ll transfer some money to your account, please let it be ready on time.

I Know h£’d be caught soon, now that th£ wh0l£ country is aware of h¡s acts and face… Matilda said while Anita j√$t sat and watch£d h£r our ©vt h£r !ntentions

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