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?‍??Th£ CRAZY BEGGAR??‍?

( $h£’s th£ one I’ve been look!ng for)

I chatted Gabriel up but h£ didn’t reply and that got me m©r£ worried and s¢ar£d. I called h¡m repeatedly but h£ didn’t answer my call despite th£ fact that h£’s onl!ne.

I placed to and fro !n th£ house as different thoughts came runn!ng on my m!nd, but I still couldn’t th!nk of wh£re th£ problem could’ve come from.

I decided to give John a try but remembered Chris’s word. Everyth!ng has always been f!ne among us and we’ve never for once had any misunderstand!ng and that alone is what I’ve always loved.

I guess it’s th£ devil’s do!ng. My mom once told me devil always f!nd a way of ru!n!ng a happy and peaceful home and th¡s is anoth£r time I’m experienc!ng that… I thought

I was guzzl!ng water wh£n th£ door flew open and Chris cane !n. I didn’t even know wh£re th£ force came from, I dropped th£ cup !n my h@nd and found myself at h¡s front almost !n a flash.

Come $h£d light on th£ matter please, thanks for com!ng. Now tell me what’s go!ng on please… I said as I ₱v||ed h¡m to th£ couch.

Relax! Have you ever had a mental illness before? h£ asked and I arch£d my brow. “Sorry that sounds offensive. I mean, have you ever had a memory loss? Do you remember every you’ve done !n th£ past?”

No, I’ve never had a memory loss. Why did you ask that question? I replied.

Well! If you could remember vividly, John or Gabriel might’ve said someth!ng ab©vt th£ir parent’s murderer. Th£ir parents were murdered !n cold blood while th£y were ©vt of th£ country.

Th£y’ve been !nvestigat!ng th£ case ever s!nce th£y grew up and it was yesterday John s£nt some do¢vments to my mail…. h£ said

Alright! What’s th£ do¢vment all ab©vt? I asked and h£ sigh£d. h£ brought ©vt h¡s phone and opened h¡s mail. “Ch£ck th£se pictures ©vt” h£ said and I collected th£ phone from h¡m to ch£ck th£m ©vt truly.

Th£se are my old pictures and it shows that I was younger. What’s my picture do!ng with you and how did h£ get th£m? I asked.

Are you try!ng to tell me you don’t remember be!ng at th£ scene th£y were murdered? h£ said and I laugh£d softly.

What are you try!ng to !ns!nuate? Are you tell!ng me I know who h¡s parents are or are you try!ng to say I killed th£m?. I asked

Well! Those are pictures from one of th£ surveillance cameras that was secretly planted !n th£ room and it shows you had th£ knife th£y were stabb£d with. That’s why I asked you if you once had a mental illness.

What on earth are you utter!ng. Why would you say i killed someone, do I look like a killer to you? Is that why John was giv!ng me th£ attitude? How !n earth would I know who h¡s parents were not to talk of murder!ng th£m. What offence could th£y have committed to make me do that? I was young for goodness sake and my parents were also murdered. Why would anyone th!nk of me as a murderer, why!! Why!!! I yelled ©vt cry!ng profusely already.

I knew you couldn’t have done that, and that’s why I told th£m we have to !nvestigate furth£r. Th£ video cl¡ps might be edited… h£ said as h£ patted my b@¢k.

Th¡s men h£lped me a lot. Th£y fought so h@rd and risked th£ir lives j√$t to make me get th£ proper revenge, so why would I have done that to th£m !n th£ past… I said

I’m sorry you had to go through th£ accusations, but I th!nk we’d have to visit th£ hospital you’ve been us!ng ever s!nce you were born to see if we could get any record of your h£alth issues. You’re th£ only suspect h£re and trust me wh£n I say th£ broth£rs could harm you anytime. Th£ an th£y’ve always had foe th£ir parents murderer isn’t a joke… h£ said

I sat d©wΠ and started rack!ng my bra!n to ch£ck if th£re’s someth!ng ab©vt my past that I didn’t know but every effort proved abortive as I couldn’t f!nd anyth!ng.

Get yourself prepared, we will be h£ad!ng to th£ hospital like I said earlier and please don’t over th!nk ab©vt it, everyth!ng will get sorted ©vt soon. I’ll try my best to f!nd th£ real evidence… h£ said

I woke up th£ next day with a throbb!ng h£adach£ and I got dressed quickLy and hurried d©wΠstairs to see if Chris is @r0vnd.

I was ab©vt call!ng h¡s phone wh£n I h£ard th£ screech!ng sound of tyres. I ru$h£d ©vt of th£ house only to be welcomed by Gabriel whom I met at th£ doorstep look!ng furious and scary.

H..hi..I stuttered as I walked b@¢k !nto th£ house while h£ walk to me.

I can’t believe th£ one my broth£r and I have been h£lp!ng is th£ one we’ve been look!ng for. Matilda I loved you like my sister, why do you have to be th£ one?

What did my parents do to you that you made you kill th£m? Why were you so angry wh£n you family was ru!ned too? Why did you chose to cabbage from a murderer wh£n you know you can’t br!ng those you’ve killed b@¢k alive? h£ asked angrily

I’m sorry, but I didn’t do any of what you all are accus!ng me of. Why would I kill a human wh£n I can’t even kill an !nsect? Let’s j√$t f!nd m©r£ evidence !nstead of th£ ones you have before believ!ng I did kill th£m… I retorted.

“I need you to expla!n th¡s video” h£ said as h£ dropped th£ phone on th£ table which I picked up immediately. Th£ phone dropped from my h@nd as soon as I saw myself !n th£ video.

What’s happen!ng, I’m go!ng crazy!!! I cried.

Get h£r!!! I h£ard h¡m say and look up only for me to see th£ guys come to drag me.


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