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?‍??Th£ CRAZY BEGGAR??‍?

( $h£’s th£ one I’ve been look!ng for)


I was still th!nk!ng of a way to get myself ©vt of th£ trouble I j√$t caused for myself wh£n I suddenly felt my h£ad hit someth!ng slightly. I tilted my h£ad a bit and saw a nylon filled with fruits.

Wow! Was th£ only th!ng I could say as I took some apples and started devour!ng th£m, but not with©vt struggl!ng a bit before I could take th£m because th£ place I was !n was really t!ght. I was enjoy!ng th£ feel!ng I was hav!ng at th£ moment as I couldn’t h£lp but do so due to th£ fact that i was very hungry at th£ moment forgett!ng th£ fact that I’m !n trouble. I was !nterrupted by th£ sudden r!ng!ng com!ng from my phone, ‘geez! Why would Anita call now that I’m not !n a good situation, th¡s phone wouldn’t stop tell!ng me it’s a fake one by br!ng!ng ©vt a loud yet annoy!ng tone’ I said as I picked th£ answered th£ call. “h£llo!” I said as soon as th£ call connected and froze as I felt th£ car halt. OMG! Has h£ arrived, or did h£ h£ar me talk? I asked as I shook !n fright. I h£aved a sigh of relieve as i notice th£ car m©v£d aga!n. “I’ll call you later, don’t get too worried ab©vt me” I texted Annie before switch!ng th£ phone off f!nally.

I th!nk it’s time to face th£ reality and accept my fate… it thought as th£ car f!nally halted. I stated h£ar!ng some voices and I knew !nstantly th£ man has gotten to h¡s house which I guess was h¡s dest!nation.

“Go get th£ th!ng from th£ trunk” I h£ard h¡m say and shut my eyes as I started say!ng th£ prayers I know !n my h£ad.

Wait! I’ll get th£m myself, you go take ¢ar£ of th£ gate… I h£ard h¡m say aga!n as h£ started walk!ng towards my direction.

Jesus! I h£ard h¡m s¢r**m and I opened an eye. I opened my eyes properly and th£ last piece of fruit I was munch!ng fell off my m©vth as I was lost admir!ng th£ h°t h@ndsome, yet angry dude stand!ng before me. WTF are you do!ng h£re and who th£ h£ll are you!!! h£ yelled

What’s th£ matter sir? A man asked as h£ came runn!ng to h¡m upon h£ar!ng h¡m yell.

I’m talk!ng to you, answer th£ goddamn question!!! h£ yelled aga!n mak!ng me fl!nch. “Gosh! For how long have I been drool!ng” I thought

Br!ng th¡s th!ng ©vt of my car trunk now! h£ yelled at th£ man whom I guess h£ was th£ gatekeeper h£ was talk!ng to earlier. And th£ idiot dragged me ©vt roughly

Th£ guy scanned me from h£ad to toe and scoffed, how on earth did th¡s th!ng get h£re and why did you allow th¡s th!ng that looks noth!ng different from those deranged people on th£ street !nto my house? h£ sh©vted at th£ man. “You brought h£r !n remember and as we all know $h£ smuggled h£rself !n h£re by hid!ng !n th£ car trunk” h£ replied.

Now answer my question! Why are you h£re? h£ asked and I did th£ least th!ng that could be expected of a normal human be!ng to do. (I tried touch!ng h¡m) h£ jerked h¡s h@nd away and asked th£ gatekeeper to get hold of me while h£ put a call across th£ cops to come get me.

Why won’t h£, wh£n I’m h£re dressed !n a torn cloth with no sl¡pper on and a scattered hair, I look noth!ng different from one who needs to visit a psychiatrist right now and !nstead of me to answer h¡s question and probably set myself free, I’m h£re daydream!ng and scatterbra!ned as I am, i tried to touch h¡m. I’m noth!ng but a dumb person, I know right.

Excuse me sir, why don’t you j√$t listen to my story !nstead for tak!ng th£ issue that far? I said as i f!nally found my voice b@¢k. “Oh! So you can talk, like you a!n’t deaf” h£ said and I fell on my knees immediately. “please j√$t let me go, I had no option than to run !n th£re wh£n I was been chased” I begged s!ncerely. No wonder I had some feel!ngs and even h£ard some strange sounds while driv!ng, I had to shrug it off because it’s unusual not know!ng th£ unusual has happened

Make sure you get a good grip of h£r, I must meet h£r h£re wh£n I return… h£ said as h£ made to leave and I stood up immediately and ran to obstruct h¡m from go!ng furth£r. Excuse me sir! I already begged you to let me go b@¢k to th£ street I belong to, I am a lady who begs for a liv!ng. I was !n trouble wh£n I had to hide !n your car trunk.

What th£ fv¢k is wrong with you rich people, why aren’t you always so arrogant, why do you all decide to look d©wΠ on people that doesn’t have as much as you do? I was !n your car trunk and not even th£ ma!n car. Oh! You would’ve ordered th£m to beh£ad me for sta!n!ng your expensive car with my poor b©dy, right… I ranted.

F!ne! I know I did someth!ng wrong, and already apologized for that but you still !nsist on h@nd!ng me over to th£ cops. F!ne! Do as you wish, but give me some cash before you leave h£re, at least I’ll have someth!ng to feed on after leav!ng th£ police custody… I requested and h£ scoffed aga!n. I noticed h¡m give th£ man beh!nd me a certa!n look which is !ndirectly pa$$!ng a message across to h¡m.

‘Who are you to talk to my boss like that’ h£ said as h£ charged towards me to grab me. I was quick to give h¡m a kick which s£nt h¡m stagger!ng you should never dare someone who grew up !n th£ street… I said and stretch£d my h@nd ©vt giv!ng h¡m th£ message that h£ should give me th£ money I requested.

h£ brought ©vt h¡s wallet while h£ kept gawk!ng at me, I’m sure h£ is speechless… I thought. h£ was tak!ng too long to grant my request and I snatch£d th£ wallet from h¡m and took ©vt some cash. I was ab©vt h@nd!ng th£ wallet b@¢k to h¡m wh£n we h£ard th£ siren of th£ police car. Wow! th£y got h£re so f*st… I said and threw h¡s wallet on h¡m.

If you tell th£m I’m th£ one you called th£m h£re to arrest, I swear I’ll torment you for th£ rest of your life… I threatened before saunter!ng away.

I took a glance at h¡m and th£ cops to see what th£y were do!ng and scoffed on see!ng h¡m give th£m a faux smile as h£ shook h@nds with th£m.

Now wh£re do I go to, what direction am I supposed to follow, wh£re exactly am I? I asked myself as I stood akimbo observ!ng th£ environment I found myself !n. “wow! Th¡s guy must be really rich, h£ sure lives !n a big and exquisite house” I said admir!ng th£ build!ng.

I hovered @r0vnd th£ house till I saw th£ cops leav!ng. I was quick to run !nto th£ compound before th£ gate close up completely. Excuse me! I said to th£ gatekeeper. What on earth are you do!ng h£re aga!n, oh! You’re h£re to b**t everyone up aga!n right? h£ asked giv!ng me a look of res£ntment.

I tutted and answered “could you tell your boss to drive me b@¢k to my place please, I don’t know wh£re I am right now, I’ve never be!ng to a place like th¡s” !n a plead!ng tone.

Yes sir! I h£ard h¡m say and it was th£n I got to know that h£’s got an Airpod on. I guess h£ has j√$t been ordered to do someth!ng. I was still wonder!ng what th£ matter could be wh£n h£ suddenly swept me off my feet and threw me ©vt of th£ gate. ‘fv¢k you!’ I cussed at h¡m

After some m!nutes of walk!ng, I f!nally found someone who gave me some directions to follow which I did as told and got to my dest!nation ab©vt an hour later.

I brought ©vt my phone to put a call across Annie. I became worried after call!ng h£r number severally and $h£ isn’t answer!ng h£r calls. I ch£cked ©vt every places I know $h£ could possibly be but $h£ isn’t th£re.

Could $h£ have been !n trouble? I thought and shrugged it off… Nah! $h£ isn’t th£ type that causes trouble, wh£n it’s not me… I said to myself regrett!ng and blam!ng myself for not answer!ng h£r call !n th£ afternoon.

It’s gett!ng dark already, wh£re are you Annie? I sh©vted at no one !n particular as tears had already welled up !n my eyes. ‘Oh Lord! Please keep h£r safe for me’ I said silently with my eyes shut. I was ab©vt dial!ng h£r number aga!n wh£n I saw a figure limp!ng home. That made me stand up immediately as I walked towards th£ direction $h£’s com!ng from. Anita what’s wrong with you, why didn’t you pick my calls and why are you limp!ng? I asked bombard!ng h£r with questions as I dis£ngaged from th£ hug.

“Will you j√$t chill and h£lp me get settled first before I answer all those questions of yours” $h£ replied weakly.

Why would you tell me to chill wh£n you didn’t leave home !n th£ morn!ng like th¡s! I half yelled and bent a bit, ‘hop on’ I said and $h£ smiled before gett!ng on my b@¢k.

Now tell me what happened exactly… I said after $h£ f!ni$h£d dr!nk!ng th£ water I gave h£r.

Well! I bumped !nto a guy and th£ bags h£ was hold!ng dropped off which made th£ th!ngs h£ !n th£m f@||. h£ mistook me for a thief and asked some set of guys to b**t me up, I was rescued by th£ pa$$ers by and th£ wallet h£ was hold!ng was returned by a lady who works at th£ store h£ dropped it at… $h£ narrated and !n flared up immediately.

How many times have I told you to always fight for yourself and never let anyone !ntimidate you, must you always show your weakness to people!!! I nagged.

Well! I’m sorry ab©vt that, $h£ apologized and I gave h£r a scornful look.

What! Th£ guy has apologized, h£ paid for my treatment and I’m f!ne now. h£’s th£ one that brought me h£re, I doubt if h£’d have seen a cab now though… $h£ said and a smile escaped my l¡ps.

You came through that direction, right? I asked and $h£ nodded.

Why are you ask!ng? $h£ said and stared at me suspiciously. “I’ll be right b@¢k, I need to go thank h¡m for tak!ng ¢ar£ of my sister” I replied and ran off.

‘Wait! I know you’re j√$t be!ng sarcastic’ $h£ said but I paid deaf ears and ran off so I’ll catch up with h¡m.

Excuse me young man! I said to th£ only guy I met at th£ junction. h£ turned and I gave h¡m a punch on th£ nose and I h£ard someone g@sp from beh!nd.


Someone should tell Matilda to be calm!ng d©wΠ nah.

Wait! What if $h£ had hit a different person??

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