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? The crazy billionaire’s wife ?

(The two years marriage contract)

Written by Ibrahim Gift

Chapter thirteen

* * *

Javen got back from work around 9 and yet Diana wasn’t yet back.

He didn’t want to look worried so he focused on his unfinished work.

Not quite long, Diana entered a bit drunk.

She had drinks with Blake.

Her eyes met that of javen’s and she took them away and left for her room.

“Maybe it’s better I maintain my distance in order not to let my hopes high.”, She told herself but it was impossible.

As she was climbing the stairs, she missed a step and she fell but Javen just start staring at the drunk Diana who hurt her ankle though it wasn’t severe.

“Hey! Aren’t you even going to help me? What kind of man are you?”, She yelled but javen continued what he was doing.

Then Immediately Diana started crying and javen didn’t turn to her direction at first but when she became louder and he was distracted, she finally got his attention.

“What are you? A crybaby?”, He asked and she increased her voice.

“Help me up or I won’t stop crying.”, She threatened and he scoffed.

“Why don’t you ask the person you spend the day with? Why should I be the one to help you?”, Javen replied.

“He isn’t here or else he would have helped me unlike you. Wait! Do you by any chance like me?”, She asked in realization.

“Kally! Callie!”, Javen called them.

“Help her up.”, He instructed them when they came.

“Noooo! I want you to carry me.”, She said and javen just stared at her without a word.

When she saw his hesitation, she continued her cry.

Javen stood up and walked past her to his room and she screamed in frustration.

“Help me up!”, She almost yelled at the maids who didn’t know what to do.

# Next day

“Mr Dex is here to see you, should I allow him in?”, Ana asked and javen nodded.

“Hello brother! It’s nice seeing you again but where is your wife?”, He asked looking around while javen just stared at him.

“It is just a shame that you are a coward and you couldn’t even defend yourself, your fake wife had to do it. I had a lot of things to spill but unfortunately you ran away.”, He said as he took his seat.

“What do you want Dex?”

“What do I want? I want everything you collected from me… Every single thing.”, He yelled but javen watched him without a word.

“I didn’t coll_____!”

“Cut the crap javen! I am well aware of the reason you married Diana, you married her because of her money and because you want the company.”, Javen fired.

“I don’t need the company Dex. I have a company of my own, I didn’t ask Dad to give me the company.”

“That was the lie you told me___ I blame myself for foolishly believing you, the truth is that you are selfish and self centered. You are collecting everything from me even my right, you lied about not wanting the company javen__ you lied!!!”, Dex shouted but javen still maintained a straight face.

“You are selfish javen, I see why your mom wanted you dead.”, He said and javen’s countenance changed.

“Why? You are hurt after hearing the truth? Yes___ she left you to die because she knows that you are of no importance.”, He added seeing the change on javen’s face.

“You should leave now.”, Javen said clenching his fist.

“You can never take anything that belongs to me because I won’t let you, I won’t think twice before getting rid of you.”, He said and left.


“I want an ice_cream.”, Dia said to Blake after she just finish three thirty minutes ago.

“You looks more ugly pouting.”, He said and she spanked him and he groaned.

“Of course I am just kidding.”, He said pinching her nose and she slapped his hand away.

“I am a married woman, you should have respect for me since we are no longer in the same level.”, She said jokingly and Blake’s expression changed.

For a moment, he forgot that Diana was married and now she had just reminded him.

“Are you pregnant?”, Blake asked and Diana’s eyes widened.


“Pregnant women crave for something and you are craving for ice cream, did you and javen __”, he stopped when he couldn’t complete his statement.

He was too scared to hear her answer.

Suddenly Diana slapped his head. “What nonsense are you saying? Javen doesn’t even act like I exist and I can’t get pregnant for him, our marriage is just for two years remember?”

Blake breath a breath of relief after that she said.

“How did you know that pregnant women crave for things? Have you put a lady in a family way? Is it Claire?”

“I just know, everyone knows come on. Why do you keep mentioning Claire, didn’t I tell you that I don’t feel anything for her?”, He said a bit annoyed.

“I don’t know why you are getting annoyed.”, She said rolling her eyes.

“I am sorry, let’s get ice cream.”, He said and she jumped in excitement.

“You are the coolest but most annoying guy I know.”, She said ruffling his head and he frowned Even though he thought it was cute.


To be continued…

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