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? The crazy billionaire’s wife ?

(The two years marriage contract)

Written by Ibrahim Gift

Chapter nineteen


“Ma’am try this on!”, The attendant said bringing Diana out of her thoughts.

“I am not deaf you know.”, Diana replied and hissed.

“This is too long, I want something short and tight. That’s my style.”, She said and the attendant changed it.

“She wore it and checked the mirror and then she smiled. It was prefect just how she wanted it.

The attendant took her to show javen who was working on something in his phone.

He didn’t notice Diana until she cleared her throat and he looked up.

He was too stunned to speak. He just stared at her and wondered why she is so prefect.

He was still recovering from the shock when the attendant spoke.

“Is this okay sir?

“I don’t like it.”, He said disapproving and Diana looked at him in disbelief.

*How can he not like it?*, She thought.

“It’s too short and too revealing, we are not going for a night party.”, He simply said and she didn’t believe he had just said that.

“I have always been wearing short and revealing clothes, so why are you complaining now. This is what I feel comfortable in.”, She answered.

“After what happened to you today, you feel comfortable wearing this. Do what you like and let’s go, we are running late.”,’ he said looking at his wrist watch.

“It won’t happen again because I will be more careful, let’s just go.”, She said and he nodded and paid for the cloth and they left.

# In the car

“This sight is beautiful, don’t you think?”, Diana said putting her head outside the window and admiring the beauty.

When she didn’t hear any reply from javen, she turned to look at him and he was fast asleep.

“How can he fall asleep now? Maybe it’s the drug.”, She said adjusting his head.

She was still staring at him when he opened his head and she looked away Immediately.

“I wasn’t staring at you, don’t take it the wrong way.”, She said trying to be convincing and then the car came into a sudden halt making Diana hit her head in the driver’s seat because she was sitting opposite him.

“Ouch!”, She groaned

“Let’s go.”, He said and got out of the car.

As soon as they got out pictures of them were taken. Reporters rushed to ask them question.

“Mr Javen Ford the lady beside you, Is she really your wife?”, A reporter asked.

“Yes.”, He replied and he looked at Diana who only rolled her eyes.

“I heard you got married secretly, why was that Mr javen?”

“That’s a personal reason, no more questions.”, He said and dragged Diana along but the reporters kept throwing questions at them.

“Sir please tell us if your marriage is real or not. If it is real why didn’t you do a grand wedding or are you ashamed of your wife?”, A reporter said and javen stopped.

Diana was about talking too hut javen beat her to it.

He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her closer, removed his nose mask and kissed her and the reporters took pictures Immediately.

“I love my wife and I am not ashamed of her, keep all the questions to yourself.”, He said and walked away holding Diana hand.

Diana heart kept beating very fast, thus wasn’t the first time they were kissing but the first time he was kissing her.

As they entered, Diana bumped into someone.

“Diana!!!”, He said quite surprised.

“Williams.”, She said with the same Expression too.

“Nice seeing you Mr javen Ford, I am Williams Connor, it’s my Honor.”, He said stretching his hand for an handshake.

“Sane here.”, Javen said responding to the handshake.

“I guess you are the lucky one after all to win Diana’s heart.”, He said to javen then turned to Diana.

“I can’t believe that you put up all those act just because you didn’t like me, I knew it was a lie but I didn’t want to force you.”, He said and Diana smiled.

Javen just stood glaring at the man.

“Were they dating or what?”, Javen wondered.

“What are you talking about Williams?”

“Oh! I guess you didn’t know about it, you are very lucky to have Diana. I liked Diana and I wanted to court her but she came up with several things and did things just because she didn’t want me to. She really is crazy!’, he said smiling remembering how their date went.

He told javen every details of what happened.

“The seminar is about starting, let’s have a seat.”, Diana said to Javen a bit uncomfortable.

She didn’t know why he would react or what he would say.

Before the seminar ended, a lady walked inside and everyone’s attention turned to her.

Her pictures were taken and everyone was talking about how gorgeous she was.

The clothes were prefect and they brought out her shapes well and make up she applied made her very beautiful.

Diana’s couldn’t take her eyes off her.

She talked to someone and they directed her to her seat.


After the seminar, javen left Diana to talk to a few people and she went to get a drink.

“Hi you are Diana ford right?”, He asked and she nodded.

“I am Robert.”, He said asking for a handshake but Diana pretended not to see it.

“You are beautiful and I think you don’t deserve someone like javen Ford.”, He said and Diana tried walking away but he held her but Diana only pushed him away slightly in order not to create a scene.

“Let’s go now diana, Mr Robert I think it will be good for you if you stay away from my wife.”, He said and they left.

Diana’s heart melted at what he said but she doesn’t want it to get to her, after all he was saying all of that because of the public.

“Javen!”, The lady that had entered earlier called causing everyone to turn to them.

The reporters were ready to take pictures or videos.

“It’s nice to finally see you, you are really as my dad described.”, She said when she go to him and Diana furrowed her brows.

“Who are you?”, He asked and Diana laughed and they both turned to look at her and she stopped.

“Violet brown.”, She introduced and javen said nothing.

“Your dad must have told you about me, it’s our first time meeting. I hope we get to know each other well.”, She said smiling showing her dimples which annoyed Diana.

“Yeah!”, Javen replied his eyes not leaving her face.

“I will see you in your office tomorrow.”, She said and pecked javen on his cheek quickly and left.

Javen just stared at her shocked, he was caught unwares.

Dinana entered the car angrily and javen did and then the ride back home started

“Who is she?”, Diana asked even after convincing herself that she doesn’t need to know.

“A friend.”, He replied.

“She pecked you and you didn’t push her away or something, you should really know why to push someone away sometimes.”, She said getting angry.

“It was too fast and I wasn’t expecting it.”, He defended and wondered why he was defending himself when he should tell her that it isn’t her business.

“That’s the problem, you are too slow too notice things. You shouldn’t be allowing people to be kissing you without permission.”, She said and then she replied that she suddendly remembered that she was also guilty.

“Including you?”, He asked with an arched brow and she felt embarrassed.

Maybe she shouldn’t have said that in the first place.

“E__except me … Of course and besides you kissed me too, it has been cancelled.”, She shuttered and the ride become awkward.

Javen touched his chest and it was really beating fast and he wondered if Diana was hearing the heart beat.

He stared at her and then she caught him staring at him and he had to give an Excuse.

“I… Your friend Williams_ nevermind.”, He shuttered and then turned to look out of the window.


What do you think about this new girl? Who is she?

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