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? The crazy billionaire’s wife ?

(The two years marriage contract)

Written by Ibrahim Gift

Chapter two


“Good morning Javen!”, Ana greeted javen. She his secretary.

Javen only nodded, he didn’t remove his gaze from what he was doing.

“You have a meeting in one hour time.”, She said touching Javen.

“Do you realize that I am the boss here? This should be the last time you will be doing this.”, Javen said looking at her and she removed her hand immediately.

Ana knew that he was in a bad mood because javen could never complained.

“I will be leaving now.”, She said and left.

Javen’s telephone rang almost immediately and he picked it. It was his dad, Alexander ford.

“I want to see you when you are less busy.”, He said and hung up immediately.

Javen only sighed then returned to what he was doing.


“I know what you did, Williams didn’t do anything wrong to deserve all what you said to him.”, Felix scolded his daughter.

“I don’t care, I don’t like him and I am not interested in him period.”, She said nonchalantly.

“Who exactly is your type?”

“Javen.”, She replied and her dad shook her head.

“Blake is around and I am heading to work already. I already asked the maids to bring your breakfast to your room.”, Felix said and left for work.

Blake knocked and entered.

“Hey dia!”

“Hey!”, She replied sitting up.

“Looking beautiful more than ever.”, Blake said and she rolled her eyes.

“I know.”, She said.

“How did your date go? Has he asked you out already?”

“As if.”, She said and he quick but he made sure Diana didn’t see it.

“What do you plan on doing today?”,.he asked her and she shrugged.

“Maybe partying or what do you think?”, She replied and the maid knocked and entered with her food.

“Ok, partying it is.”



Javen entered the Ford’s mansion to see his father.

“Ah…! Javen you are here already, have your seat.”, He said pointing to the seat opposite him.

“Have you finally signed the contract with the A & B groups?”

“Yes.”, Javen replied.

“I will soon be giving the company to you but I want you to get married first.”, He said but javen said nothing.

He just listen carefully.

“Why should I get married?”

“I want to be a step ahead of your brother, I want you to have my first grandson so that the company can be passed to him.”, Alex said.

“I don’t want the company, you can just give it to dax. I have my company already.”, Javen said getting husband point.

“Is this what I get for taking you in? Should I have left you to die where your mother left you? Maybe I shouldn’t have taken you that day.”, He ranted.

Javen hated the fact that he keeps using that whenever he refuses to do something.

“When is the wedding?”

“Aren’t you curious of who you are marrying?
Well one more thing I forgot to say was that the wedding won’t be a grand wedding, it will be a contracted marriage for two years and after two years you will divorce her.”, He explained.

“I don’t want you to be tied down to this wedding because I have a friend’s daughter that is interested in you. The main reason you are marrying her is because her father just won a contract and it is worth billions. We will benefit from it for the two years before you divorce her.”, He explained but javen had no interest in whatever his dad was planning.

He really doesn’t still understand why the marriage is for two years but he is aware that his dad wants him to Marry because of her money.

“I can’t do this! I mean we have enough money, we don’t have to depend on another person’s wealth.”, He said and Alex gritted his teeth.

“I shouldn’t have raised you, you ungrateful being! I regret ever coming for you. I can’t believe that you would refuse my order, who are you without me and my money?”, He ranted again.

“Are you doing it or not?”

“Yes.”, Javen said helplessly and Alex smirked.

“I will speak to the lady’s father and remember this warning, don’t fall in love with her or make her pregnant. Your marriage will end after two years and you will marry someone else.”, He warned.

Mrs Ford was has been eavesdropping since the beginning of the conversation quietly left.

She couldn’t believe Alex still chose javen over her own son, dax.



Felix sat in his study room worried.

What alex was asking him was quite difficult. He had asked him for Diana’s hand in marriage but just for two years.

He didn’t want Diana to be part of their family mess.

“Dad what’s wrong? You don’t look too well.”, Diana said when she noticed his mood.

She was knocking on his door but he didn’t reply so she decided to enter and now she met him looking pale.

“Are you having problem at work? Or do you miss mom, Is that it?”

“Diana javen is asking you to marry him.”, He said and her eyes widened.

“Are you joking with me right now?”, She asked and then she saw the seriousness on his face.

“Why then are you not happy for me? You don’t want me to marry javen?”

“It’s not like I’m not happy but … He paused to choose the right choice of words before he regrets.

“The marriage is just for two years and once it is over, Everyone will go their separate ways and I am afraid that you won’t be able to take it since you like him since much.”

“And you are too young for marriage, I haven’t been a prefect father but I have tired my best to act like a father and mother but it will still be different because you still need a mother to advice you and say girls stuff to.”, He added and diana felt emotional.

“Dad I love you so much and thank you for everything. If you don’t want me to marry him then I won’t I will just continue to admire him secretly.

“Now you are making me look quilty, you can marry him if you want but can you handle this? What if he makes you sad or he betrays you?”

“I am a strong girl dad and don’t worry I will make him fall in love with me that he won’t want me out of his sight.”, She said and hugged her dad tightly.

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