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? The billionaire’s crazy wife ?

(The two years marriage contract)

Written by Ibrahim Gift

Chapter twenty


They got home and everyone went to their separate rooms to have rest.

Javen is now scared of what he is beginning to feel for Diana.

His worst fear is beginning to come to pass she it will get to see time that he wouldn’t be able to control himself around her.

Now that violet is around, there will surely be problem.

After Diana freshen up, she came out to the kitchen. She couldn’t sleep so she decided to get herself drunk, she went to take her beer from the fridge and then opened it immediately.

She didn’t see kally and Callie and she wondered if they had gone to sleep cos it was still early.

Diana couldn’t help but to think about that violet girl, she knows that she doesn’t have any right to be worried or jealous cos javen can never be hers but still … It’s a feeling that she can’t get rid of, that’s how much she loves him.

She heard footsteps and it turned out to be javen.

He didn’t come to do anything, he just asked out since he couldn’t sleep too.

“Do you care for a drink?”, She asked and he reluntanly nodded and she handed a bottle to him.

“What Williams said, was it true? Did you really tell him all that because you didn’t like him?”, He asked and she nodded and javen smiled inwardly.

Just what he wanted to hear.

“If I didn’t come up with something, I would have gotten married to him even when I don’t love him.”, She replied feeling sleepy already.

“Do you still like me like those high school time? You were always getting rejected but you still didn’t stop confessing your love.”, Javen said and Diana just stared at him in dismay.

She likes this drunk javen better, he is not as cold as the normal.

“I thought you didn’t remember me, you didn’t treat me like you know me from high school. If I didn’t like you javen, I wouldn’t be in this marriage and I think that’s what I regret most.”, She said.

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe agreeing to this fake marriage was a mistake, things won’t turn out fine for us. I should have tried hard to fight my feelings but it’s just so difficult and frustrating.

“I am sorry.”, He apologized not knowing the reason tho.

“You don’t need to apologise because you don’t feel the same, I think maintaining our distance is still the best thing since we can’t call off the wedding till my two years.”, She said but javen said nothing.

“I will try giving others chance like Williams, he did nothing but I treated him badly.”

“No… I don’t think he is the right person for you, he doesn’t look good.”, He said and Diana almost mistook that as jealousy but she remembered that he doesn’t even like her.

She has had too much to drink already.

Javen didn’t even finish his second bottle, he was already drunk.

*He’s just like a woman*, she thought.

He stared at Diana’s lips for a long time and when she stood to leave for her room he pushed her gently to the wall, stared into her eyes and captured her lips roughly.

He has tried to maintain the urge of kissing her so badly but he couldn’t hold it any longer.

Diana looked so surprised but she didn’t push him away.

She was enjoying this drunk javen but she was scared that if does anything or says anything, he will return to his normal self.

In no time, Diana closed her eyes and responded to the kiss. He deepened the kiss sucking very corner making Diana wondered how he is a good kisser.

He carried her and put her on the kitchen table where they were drinking.

He sucked her lips like his life depended on it and Diana reciprocated.

She was lost in the moment that she didn’t remember to push him away in order not to make getting over him more harder.

She knew that Javen was only drunk and would regret it later but she still allowed him to have his way, after all she was enjoying every single thing.

They kissed like separated lovers that finally got back together after like years of separation, Diana wanted to take over the kiss but javen didn’t give her a chance.

He broke the kiss because they were out of breath and then he continued but this time it was deeper and slower

He hands trailed down to her left Brea*st and he squeezed it tightly and she shivered and became so weak.

She didn’t understand the spark she felt. That was when she came to her senses to push him away.

Her body couldn’t move, her brain shut down and her heart was beating very fast

“Are we going to have s3x now, what I fear the most.”, She wondered scared.

She broke the kiss and moved away from him embarrassed.

She couldn’t even afford to look at him in the eye.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, you are drunk.”, She said and javen fell on the floor.

She helped him up to his room and laid him in the bed.

She looked at him for some moment then went back to her home.

She knew that there was no going to be sleeping for her, she wouldn’t stop thinking of what happened.

How will he react if he wakes up Tomorrow?

What if he hates me?

What if he doesn’t even remember?

Different thought kept running in her mind and she ended up staying awake throughout the night.


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