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? The billionaire’s crazy wife ?

(The two years marriage contract)

Written by Ibrahim Gift

Chapter twenty_ one


Javen took a sip of the beer Diana had offered him but didn’t like the taste.

Infact this was his first because he doesn’t drink.

He kept throwing questions at Diana and she replied– he saw the sincerity in her response.

After a whole bottle, javen was drunk but not completely drunk not to know what he was doing.

As soon as his urge to kiss Diana was unsuppressable, he knew he was getting attracted to her.

If he doesn’t control his feelings, they would be get hurt at the end especially Diana.

Diana stood up to leave for her room and he stood up, pushed her to the wall gently stared at her pink and inviting lips and they captured it.

He tried to pull out from the kiss but when she kissed him back, he couldn’t stop himself.

He touched her Brea*st and she shivered and she froze.

“You shouldn’t be doing this, tou you are drunk.”, She said moving away from him.

Javen groaned when he remembered what happened yesterday.

He wasn’t completely drunk but the beer had an effect on him.

“What was I even thinking?”, He asked as he ruffled his hair.

Someone knocked on the door and Callie entered.

“Good morning Mr Javen.”, She greeted and bowed.

“Miss Diana said I should give you this because of your hangover.”, She said and dropped the cup at the nightstand.

“Why didn’t she bring it herself?”, He asked Callie.

“I don’t know.”, She replied, bowed and then left.

Why was he even asking her when he knows the reason- she was avoiding him.

Javen was confused on what to do, he had told that that they can never be together and yesterday he almost got into her skirt.

Javen drank the tea Diana asked Callie to give him and he prepared for work afterwards but he decided to talk to Diana about what happened yesterday but when he entered her room, he just froze.

She was facing the mirror and putting socks in her top to increase the size of her Brea*st.

Diana has never been so embarrassed in her Life. Her memory flashed back to yesterday.

She wondered what he must thought when he squeezed her small brea*st.

She then decided to put socks in her top to increase her Brea*st but she didn’t imagine that javen would come see her in her room.

Immediately he opened the door, she jumped on her feet and a sock fell down.

Her eyes met javen’s and they both looked at the sock and she picked it up embarrassed.

Then what happened yesterday made her very shy.

“Hmm can we talk?”, He asked and she saw how tensed she was.

She said down without looking at him. Not after his she embarrassed herself.

“Did anything happen yesterday? I don’t seem to remember.”, He lied.

He had to change what he had to say when he noticed how uneasy she felt.

“Nothing really happened! We just had a few drinks.”, Diana replied somehow relieved and at the same time disappointed.

The room was filled with a lot of silence. No one was saying anything.

“I am leaving.”, Javen said awkwardly and she nodded covering her front view since a sock was still hanging there.

“I am coming with you to the office.”, She said

“Because that Violet girl will be coming today.”, She added but in her mind.

#Javen’s company

Not long after they arrived the office, Violet came and all the employees wouldn’t stop talking away her and Diana hated all the attention she was getting.

“Good morning ma’am.”, Ana greeted and she ignored her greeting.

“I’m looking for your boss.”, She replied and Ana inwardly. She’s so rude.

“Do you have any appointments with him?”, She asked Violet.

“Inform him that his wife is around.”, She said and ana scoffed.

“Ma’am I think you are mistaken, boss javen is married.”, Ana replied and she hissed and barged into javen’s office.

“Sir I am so sorry, I didn’t know she was going to enter forcefully.”, Ana apologized as she entered after Violet.

“It’s okay, you can leave now.”, He said and dismissed her.

“Javen it’s good to see you again! I hope you finally recognize me, I am your wife to be.”, She said but javen said nothing.

“I think we should get to Know each other, what do you say?”, She asked and he nodded.


Diana kept stealing glances at them, she planned on ignoring them but she just can’t.

Javen’s eyes met hers and he looked away Immediately and pressed the button to remove it from transparent.

Diana wondered why she was suddenly cold to her after last night.

“Are you okay?”, Blake asked seeing that Diana’s gaze didn’t leave javen’s office.

“What did you say?”, She said when Blake tapped her.

“Nevermind.”, He said with jealousy.

“What do you think she’s doing with javen?”, She asked no one in particular.

“I don’t know- why should I even care?”, He replied with jealousy.

Diana was tempted to interrupt whatever conversation they were having to ensure that she was maintaining her distance from her husband but she didn’t.

She didn’t want to look like a desperate wife fighting for her husband’s attention.

Violet still didn’t come out of the office and Diana became so worried.

“What if Javen falls for her straight away?”

“Why am I feeling so insecure? I wasn’t like this before.”

“Blake, someone name Claire is here to see you.”, One of the employees informed Claire walked inside.

“You don’t happy to see me.’, she stated.

“Thank God you noticed, what are you doing here?”, He asked her but she avoided his question.

“I see you are with your so called best friend.”, She said as she glared at Diana who did the same.

“You haven’t changed a bit Claire.”, Diana said but she rolled her eyes.

“Stay out of this matter, this is between Blake and I.”

“This matter concerns me because Blake is involved in this.”, Diana fired.

“You are just too proud for my liking Diana. you haven’t changed a bit, it’s just that apart from running after my boyfriend, you are also after Javen Ford just because of his money.”, Claire fired back and everyone just watched them.

“Take back what you said Claire or I will deal with you.”, Diana threatened.

“You are just after javen ford money.”, Claire repeated and Diana lost it and started pulling her hair with all my power.

“What’s happening here?”, Javen said and Diana released her immediately.

“You was badmouthing me.”, Diana explained.

Javen faced Claire and said; you can’t just into my company to insult my wife, I hope this doesn’t happen again or else you will blame yourself.


“Just leave!”, He said sternly.

Blake was getting mad, mad at himself most especially. He was the one that was supposed to stand up for her but javen beat him to it.

“Let’s go.”, Javen said to Diana leaving Violet.

The employees cheered and when javen turned to look at them, the smile disappeared and everyone turned to their work.

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