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? The crazy billionaire’s wife ?

(The two years marriage contract)

Written by Ibrahim Gift

Chapter four

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Diana asked callie for her room on the second floor and she was asked to choose any room.

“Where is javen’s room?”

“Third floor, the last room.”, She replied smiling.

“I will be leaving now, if you need anything press the bell.”, She said pointing towards it.

“Wow! Nice room.”, She said she tell on the bed.

Her room was also big and beautiful but this is far better.

Her mind then drifted to what javen had said earlier.

“Maybe I am the only happy one.”, She muttered and fell asleep.

Dia rolled and rolled till she oft tired of sleeping in the bed.

She touched her tummy, she was farmished. Just as she was about shouting her maid’s name, she remembered that she wasn’t in her house any longer.

She came downstairs and entered a place she suspected was the kitchen.

“Miss Diana what do you want?”, Kally asked.

“I am hungry.”, She admitted and kally served her food on the dinning table and she rushed the food like her life depended on it.

“Javen? Has he eaten?”, She asked kally.

“No, he might not eat today.”, She replied.

“What do you mean?”

“He rarely eats whenever he comes back from work and sometimes it is depending on his mood.”, She replied and Diana nodded.

“We are opposite when it comes to food.”, Diana said remembering when she got her maid fired for not bringing her dinner in time.

“I will give him his meal.” She offered and kally handed it to her.

Diana was leaving already and then she remembered that she doesn’t know his room.

“Third floor, last door.”, Kally said and Diana remembered Callie telling her earlier.

Diana got to the last room on the third floor and knocked but there was no reply, so she entered.

“What are you doing here? I didn’t ask you to come and are you planning to eat here?”, He asked with a frown and Diana wondered why he was always frowning whenever he sees her.

“You haven’t had anything yet, so I bought your food here.”, She replied still standing at the door.

Javen didn’t say a word he just stared at her.

“Drop it on the nightstand.”, He instructed and Diana sashayed.

At that point, she changed her walking step because she wanted to look prefect for javen. After all her mission is to make him fall for her.

Diana missed a step and ended up falling with the food she was holding. To make things worse, the food spoilt her clothes and she felt so embarrassed.

Javen didn’t even make attempt to save her like they do in movies and stories, he just stared at her preplexed.

“Why are you just there watching me?”, She snapped.

“What are you expecting me to do? Take care of the mess you created?”, He asked and she glared at him forgetting that he was the love of her life.

“Why can’t you do just that? This is all your fault.” She stated and he scoffed.

“All my fault? How?”

“Because I… I ___” she couldn’t say that because she wanted his attention. “Forget it.”, She added.


Javen stood up and went to his bathroom and Diana waited for him thinking that he is going to take her to the bathroom and clean her up.

“He is also romantic apart from being so rich and handsome.”, She said and blushed.

“What are you still doing?”, He snapped .

“Were you not planning to___” her words trailed off when she realized that he only went to wash his face.

She stood up immediately and ran out of the room embarrassed. How could she mess things up? She just thought that if she changed her walking posture, javen might see her beautiful and cute.

“What a pyscho!”, Javen said and continued with his laptop.

This is not the first time, she would be embarrassing herself in front of javen, she was embarrassed a lot when they were still in high school.

She ran into her room and entered the bathroom and sat there hitting her head with her hand.

“I might become less beautiful, if I continue to hit my head.”, She said and arranged her hair.

She took off her clothes and freshen up and changed into her night wear.

She was still drying her hair when kally knocked and entered.

“Boss javen asked me to call you.”, Kally said and Diana’s heart beat faster.

“Tell him that I will clean up the food later.”

“I already cleaned that up so don’t worry.”, Kally replied.

“So why does he____ her words trailed off again when she realized why he sent for her.

“Does he want to have sex with her now? But they just got married.”, She thought.

“Anyways you look so beautiful today.”, Kally complimented and it didn’t make Diana feel any better.

As she was going to his room, she kept thinking of many things.

One thing Diana never admitted was that she was afraid of sex, that’s why anytime she’s lying to her date, she prays that they don’t realize that she’s lying.

She’s afraid of sex more than anything, she didn’t realize how much she was shivering.

She entered the room and javen’s eyes did not leave her body, his eyes scan her body and heart beat increased more than before.

“I was right all along, he wants sex hut it wasn’t part of the agreement.”, She thought.

“Do you go everywhere naked in order to seduce men?”, His deep voice interrupted her and then he realized that she was still wearing her night wear.

She wore the one that us transparent because it makes her feel comfortable and beside that was the one she saw first.

Her bre*ast and pant were visible. Why didn’t kally tell me?

Then she remembered kally telling her that she was beautiful, she just gritted her teeth.

“There is a party tonight and it’s for us. Go and prepare.”, He said as he gave her the card and she waster no time in running out of the house.

“Is she crazy? How can she ___”, javen just sighed finding it difficult to complete his words.

To be continued…

Diana is crazy indeed ? poor javen ?

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