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The devil in my home
Episode 11 & 12
Not Edited
Some weeks later after the death of Cynthia, Nathan was in his office when his PA told him that somebody by the name Stephen want to see him, so he told the PA to let the person in because Stephen happens to be his friend
“Ah…. Stephen longest time, this one you remembered me today is like you dream about me “Nathan said and ushered him to seat
“Am sorry man that I haven’t check on you since or to call you, just that I traveled to China and it was 2days ago that I returned, you yourself you suppose to call me to know if am okay, that is why we are friends, is not only me that will be one checking on you, you too supposed to check on me, anyway that is by the way, so how is work? Stephen asked
“Hmmm…. My brother, just as you can see, we are managing “Nathan replied
“Eyaaa…… It is well! Am just coming from your house because I heard about the death of your daughter, that was why I went to your house and I saw your wife, my brother sorry for your loss, please take heart “Stephen sympathized
“No problem, is only God that knows why she died “Nathan said sadly
“It is well my brother, is God that giveth and taketh, please just take heart, but all the same how did it happened, how did your daughter died because I heard that you mistakenly knocked her to death with your car, is it true? Please tell me how it happened? Stephen asked and Nathan explained everything to him and he was shocked
“My brother! That was how it happened, my car just started on it’s own and crushed my daughter to death, after it crushed her to death, it stopped on its own which is strange to me “Nathan exclaimed
“Hmmm……. what a pity, am speechless right now, just all the same take heart, God knows the reason for everything, and as for the car, there’s nothing strange in it, when a car started developing fault it do happen like that “Stephen said
“My brother! Am just confused, I don’t know what to think again “Nathan said
“Anyway just take things easy, I think I will be on my way now because one of my customer is waiting for me in the shop “Stephen said and stood up
“No problem my brother, you did well for coming and am grateful, don’t worry one of these days I will come to your house, and please extend my greeting to your family “Nathan said and after that Stephen left

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