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The devil In my home
Episode 14
“So she want to invite pastor to the house, okay let me see how it will happen “Kelvin thought to himself and then continue writing.
Later that same day night, pastor udeh was in his house sleeping, when Kelvin appeared beside his bed and erases his memory of his conversation with favour, so that he won’t remember to go to favour’s house as he promised, after Kelvin was done erasing the pastor’s memory of his conversation with favour, he disappeared.
The next day evening, pastor udeh could be seen in his balcony reading his Bible, he totally forgot that he was supposed to go to favour’s house as they agreed, so as he was still in the balcony reading Bible, his wife came back from work and was surprised that her husband was still at home, instead of favour’s house
“Dear! You are still at home, I thought that you are supposed to be in favour’s house and pray for their home as the both of you agreed? His wife asked surprisedly
“Favour’s house!! Did I said I was going there today? Pastor udeh asked confusedly
“Yes dear! She called you yesterday and you assured her that you are going there today “his wife replied
“Meee!! No I don’t think that I told her that, maybe you are mistaken “pastor udeh said and his wife sighed heavily
“Hmmm…… If you say so, but that family really need you in their house to pray for them “his wife said and went inside the room
“My wife said that I assured sister favour that I was going to their house today, when did the both of us have that conversation, well maybe my wife is mistaken “pastor udeh thought to himself and then he waved the thought of his mind and continue reading his Bible, meanwhile Favour and Nathan on the other hand was waiting for their pastor to come, but didn’t see him, they waited and waited but there was no sign of him coming, so favour tried to call pastor udeh to know what was keeping him from coming but the pastor number wasn’t going, so she called Patricia their Church member and told her that she haven’t see their pastor and Patricia told her not to give up, that their pastor will come that maybe is traffic delaying him, and then favour continue to wait hoping that the pastor would come
“I don’t think the pastor will come, this is already 8:30pm, let’s don’t hope on him coming “Nathan said
“Honey! We don’t have to loose hope easily, maybe he might still come, let’s continue to wait for him “favour insisted, and then they continue to wait for their pastor, Kelvin who was in the sitting room with the children looked at his father and his step mother and smiled wickedly .

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