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The devil in my home
Episode 18
When favour heard the news of her mother’s death, she collapsed and passed out.
Some hrs later, she gained conciousness and was crying, Nathan was there consoling her, and even their neighbors and people that came from outside was there too consoling her.
As all this was going on, Caro was calling Nathan her son pretending to care, while Kelvin on the other hand look so innocent that no one would suspect anything .
Still that same day, Kelvin was in his room arranging his clothes in his wardrobe which was not properly arranged, as he was arranging it, Caro called him on the mirror, so Kelvin left the clothes he was arranging and went to the mirror.
“Kelvin! I hope you are preparing for your final mission? Carol asked
“Yes grandma! Am preparing for the final mission, which is to make that my stupid step mother to commit suicide, after that I kill her remaining two children “Kelvin replied and Caro smiled devilishly
“That is my boy, you are really making me proud, and also remember we will be having our meeting tonight in our coven, and every member is expected to be there, and is in the meeting you will make favour commit suicide, the next day you will kill her remaining two children before the so called prophet will come, but first we will stop him tomorrow from coming so that he will not ruin your mission, I hope you understand?
“Yes grandma I understand, and I will do as you instructed “Kelvin replied and Caro smiled
“Alright! See you till then, take care of yourself “Caro said and disappeared while Kelvin smiled wickedly and then continue to arrange his clothes.
Around 1:am, everybody in the house was in a deep sleep, when Kelvin disappeared and went to their coven, Caro who was the queen mother of the coven could be seen sitting on her throne there.
“Prince Jah! What kept you so long before coming? Caro asked Kelvin because Prince Jah is Kelvin coven’s name
“Am sorry my queen, just that I wanted to make sure those people are in a deep sleep before coming “Kelvin replied bowing
“That is not an excuse, when next you come late, you shall be punished because is against our rules for coming late, I wouldn’t mind if you are my grandson when such happen next time “Caro warned
“Am sorry my queen mother for coming late, I promise it won’t repeat itself again “Kelvin apolozied and then went to his seat which was beside Caro
“There’s no room for lateness in this coven, anybody that comes late shall be punished dearly, today will be the last time I will say this again, anyway that is by the way, back to our meeting, Tracy! I hope you bring your monthly sacrifice? Caro asked one of the member
“Yes my queen! I brought the human brain for my monthly sacrifice “Tracy replied
“Now step forward with it “Caro ordered and Tracy went forward with the sacrifice, after that, they cut the human brain into pieces and all ate it
“Hmm….Such a sweet sacrifice, I really enjoyed the human brain, Weldon Tracy for the good job “Caro
“Thank you my queen”Tracy replied
“Linda! “She called in a loud voice
“Yes queen mother “Linda answered
“I hope you have complete your mission? Caro asked
“No queen mother, have not completed it but I have killed my boss, remaining his wife “Linda replied
“So what is delaying you from killing the wife? Caro angrily asked
“M…my queen! My boss wife is very prayerful, I have tried everything to kill her but to no avai……..
“That is not an excuse, mind you, you are running out of time, I give you two days to kill her and bring her heart here, but if you fail to do so within that two days, you shall die in her replacement “Caro said in a loud voice
“I w…i wi…i will do as you said queen mother “Linda replied in a shaking tone
“Is there any of you who have not bring their monthly sacrifice ? Caro asked
“No queen mother “the others choroused
“Since all of you have done your monthly sacrifice, Prince Jah step forward and go to that mirror “Caro ordered Kelvin pointing at the mirror in their coven, so Kelvin went to the mirror and Caro did something and favour appeared on the mirror
“Now prince Jah, place your hand on that mirror so that she will think of committing suicide “Caro said and Kelvin did as she instructed, meanwhile Favour was in their room sleeping with her husband, when all of a sudden she jumped up from the bed and looked at Nathan who was still sleeping, after that she stood up and went to the kitchen, on getting there, she took the knife there and………..

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