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Episode 23
“Stop there you this evil boy, today is the end of road for your evil deeds”pastor Raymond stopped Kelvin who was about to enter his room
“Hahaha…… And who are you to stop me from entering the room “Kelvin said with a loud voice, and not too long, favour came there but she left her two children in the sitting room
“What is going on pastor? Favour asked immediately she came
“This evil boy here is responsible for the death that is happening in your home, not only him, but your mother inlaw as well, and the only way to stop them from their evil manuplation is to break that mirror inside his room because that is where their power lies “pastor Raymond said and favour didn’t believe what he was saying
“No that is not possible, because the Kelvin i know is too innocent to do that, he can not even hurt a fly, not alone to hurt his fami……. “Favour haven’t finish her statement when Nathan rushed in and was surprised to see them gathered and at the same time he was looking at the pastor because he doesn’t know who he is
“What is going on here? And who is this man here? Nathan asked
“He is the man of God my mother called yesterday “As favour was talking, Kelvin wanted to use that opportunity to enter his room, but the pastor was fast enough to stop him
“This boy is evil, once he enter that room where the mirror is, he will disappear, we need to break that mirror “the pastor said
“You dare not break my mirror “Kelvin said in fury and every where in the house vibrated, immediately his eyes turned to black with smoke coming out of it, when favour and Nathan saw this, with fear they wanted to run but the pastor stopped them
“Kelvin wh… what has come over yo…….
“Shut up your mouth or I shall kill you against my grandmother’s wish, and I must complete my mission in this house “Kelvin said in a loud voice
“I the servant of God will stop you and your accomplice, by the power given to me by the most high, I command you to leave the road for me to break that evil mirror of yours “the pastor commanded and splash holy water on him and this got Kelvin angry and he invoked fire on the pastor and the fire hit the pastor on his arm and he screamed, when Nathan and favour saw this, they trembled with fear, they couldn’t believe that they have been living with an evil boy all this while
“I told you pastor, that you can not stop me, because I prince Jah is unstoppable “Kelvin said and laughed devishly, with this the pastor began to pray and favour joined in the prayer, although she was afraid and like wise Nathan, the pastor prayed and prayed, and then took his anointing oil to pour it on Kelvin, and Kelvin strenched his hand on the bottle of anointing oil the pastor was holding and it broke into pieces

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