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?Some days later in porthacourt ?
Carol could be seen with her grandchildren in their sitting room.
“Emmanuel! I hope you have done your assignment, this one you are watching movie? Carol asked her grandson who was Kelvin younger brother
“Yes grandma I have done it” Emmanuel replied and then continue watching the movie he was watching
“And you Kelvin, I hope you have packed your things inside the bag because in three days time, I will be taking to you to Lagos, and also remember to clean that that your standing mirror because you are taking it along to Lagos as well “carol said to Kelvin
“Ok grandma, but I have done all that “Kelvin replied
“Good, and also m……… “Carol haven’t finish her statement before Emmanuel interrupted her
“But grandma, why does Kelvin want to take that heavy mirror with him to Lagos, is that not too stressful, and besides why not him leave it behind, after all when he get to Lagos our dad will get him another one “Emmanuel said
“No! am taking my mirror to Lagos, you know how precious it is to me, oh.. you you want me to leave it behind so that you will break it for me right, sorry to disappoint you kid brother but am taking it to Lagos with me “Kelvin said and Emmanuel sighed
“Yes he’s taking the mirror to Lagos, you know how standing mirror is very expensive and I wouldn’t want your father to waste his money on buying another one, that was why is good for him to take it along “carol told Emmanuel
“Grandma is good that am going to Lagos, but my biggest problem now is that woman that calls herself my daddy’s wife, I hate that woman so much and is because of her that made my father to divorced our mother and I also hate my father too because he doesn’t care about us, infact am beginning to change my mind from going to Lagos because I don’t want to face them, but since you insist that I must go to Lagos do I have a choice “Kelvin exclaimed
“That is my boy, and you know the reason why am sending you there? Carol reminded
“Yes grandma I know “Kelvin replied and Carol smiled and patted his head
“That reminds me grandma, why is our mother no more coming to see us again, it has been over two years now that we saw her last, is she okay? Emmanuel asked
“Yes she’s fine, just that she got married to another man two years ago, and she and her husband now resides in Ghana, but she normally call to ask of you boys, so don’t think that she doesn’t care about you, she still care okay “caro said
“Hmmm….. So now me and my brother are like children without parents, first dad got married to another woman and neglected us, and now mum is married to another man, making her to forget us as well “Emmanuel sadly said while Kelvin shake his head
“No don’t say like that, your mother still care about you, just that she can’t remain single forever, she needs to be happy that was why she settle down again, and as for your daddy, he care about you as well, just that the woman he married is making him turn his back on us “carol said
“I hate that woman so much and I will deal with her “Kelvin said with hate
“But the way I saw her, she doesn’t look like a bad person to m……….
“Shut up your mouth, what do you know, have you seen her before that you said she’s not a bad person, oh because daddy showed us her picture over the phone that you concluded that she is not a bad person, well if you see her as a good person, me I see her as a bad person “Kelvin cut his brother’s statement
“Suit yourself Kelvin, all I know is that the woman is not a bad person as you thought, less I forget grandma, there’s something I wanted to ask you for long and I think this is the right time to ask you “Emmanuel said looking at his grandma
“And what is it do you want to ask me? Carol asked
“Ermm….. grandma, I don’t know how it will sound but I need to ask you, grandma! “Emmanuel called
“Yes! What is it? Carol asked looking at him as well
“There’s this strange sound I normally hear from your room every midnight, what is the sound all about? Emmanuel asked confusedly

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