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The devil in my home
Episode 6
A story written by Chichi Tonia
“There’s this strange sound I normally hear from your room some midnight, what is the sound all about? Emmanuel asked confusedly
“Sound? I don’t know the sound you are talking about, Kelvin! Are you hearing any sound in the midnight “Caro asked Kelvin
“No grandma, am not hearing any sound, I don’t even what Emmanuel is talking about “Kelvin replied
“But am hearing strange sound grandma from your room, I know what am talking about “Emmanuel insisted
“Emma! There’s no sound you are hearing, I think you are imagining things, have you now see why am telling you to reduce the way you are watching horror movie at night, now look at the out come of it “Caro told him
“So grandma! You mean to say that is the horror movie am watching that is making me feel as if am hearing strange sound? Emma asked
“Yes I think so, anyway I want to go out to buy something for dinner, you boys should take care of yourself, am coming “Caro said and left to buy something
❣️ Back to Lagos ❣️
Three days later, in the evening, Nathan and his family were in the sitting room having a good time as a happy family.
“So children how was school today? He asked smiling
“Daddy school was fine, just that there’s this particular new girl sitting with me, she is too troublesome, she always get on my nerves “Amanda favour first child complained
“You don’t have to let that to bother you, all you have to do is to ignore her and consectrate on your study, don’t let that to distract you okay “Nathan said
“Okay Dad “Amanda replied
“Dad! My teacher said that we will be having practical next week and everybody is expected to pay three thousand naira for the practical requirements “Bobo favour’s second child said
“That one is not a problem, I will give your mother or the maid money to pay for your practical, is that all?
“Yes Dad! That is all “Bobo replied
“Ok! What about you Cynthia, cherish, and David, didn’t they tell you to bring anything in the school? Nathan asked his other children smiling
“No dad! My teacher didn’t tell me anything “cherish the fourth child said
“My own is that they told us that we will be going to excursion next month, and the money is six thousand naira “Cynthia the third child said
“And you my boy, what did they tell you in the school? Nathan asked his last child David who was just two years
“They said that he should bring snacks and juice “favour added and they all laughed, as they were having a good time as a happy family, they heard a knock on the door and favour told her house maid Abigail to know who is at the door, so Abigail went and opened the door and it was Nathan’s mother Caro and Kelvin standing on the door, so Abigail greeted and collected the bag from Caro and ushered them inside .
Meanwhile, Favour was still in the sitting room with her husband and children when she saw her maid came inside with her mother in law and Kelvin, favour was very happy to see them
“Mama you are welcome, how was your journey? Favour asked smiling, but Caro didn’t reply her
“Kelvin! Sit down and make your self comfortable, this is your father’s house, please my dear, take our bags inside and also take the mirror from Kelvin and make sure you are careful with it so that it won’t break “Caro said to the maid who took the things inside
“Mother you never seized to amuse me, you want to tell me that you people carried a standing mirror from porthacourt to Lagos, is that not too stressful? Nathan asked smiling
“My son what do you want me to say, it was your son Kelvin who insisted on taking the mirror along, do I have a choice I allowed him, you know all this young boys of now adays, they like doing fine boy on the mirror “Caro said and Nathan smiled, including favour, but one thing favour and Nathan do not know is that the mirror is not an ordinary mirror, as they thought
The story just started ?????

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