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When he realized himself, he quickly let go off her and she fell to the ground, breathing heavily, her hands on her neck.

His eyes returned back to normal. He never meant to hurt her, he never meant to treat her in such manner.

But it wasn’t his fault. He tried holding himself from doing what he had just done, but her words triggered him.

And he wouldn’t mind her calling him a monster or an animal over and over and over again, but saying the human boy meant a lot to her than him wasn’t something he can’t let go.

He had to react. Though in a wrong way. And he wouldn’t forgive himself if he had strangled her to death.

He couldn’t look at her, he didn’t want to. He walked away, leaving her alone in the room. Rather, he went to his study room, there he spent the rest of the night, deep in thought and sadness.

Hanley wept on the floor like never before that one may think she had lost her mother.

He almost killed her. How heartless of him to treat her in that way? And she sworn never to forgive and forget about it.

Till the end of her life, she will forever hate him. And no one, not even Lunara can ever change that from her.


The following morning, she woke up by the sound of the alarm. She sluggishly walked to the bathroom to have her brush and shower.

Unlike yesterday, she was the one who waited for Lunara, but today, Lunara was waiting for her.

The breakfast the maids had kept for her was still on the table, she refused to eat.

Lunara on the other hand thought her quietness was because she was reflecting over her mistake the previous night so, she decided not to say a word about it.

Little did she know that something behind just an apology happened.

Even at school, Hanley was quiet. She managed to concerntrate in the lectures was because of her eagerness to learn.

If not, she would stay not minding the jargons the lecturers were talking.

During the recreation period, she went to the library to stay. A girl who started the school just today, heard so much about her so she decided to have a chat with her.

” Hey, I’m Harmonie.” She said without taking a breath.

Hanley gave her a not-interested look, but the girl was damn so eager to talk to her. ” Mind if I join?” Hanley looked away.

” Sorry, I’m disturbing. I came new to the college today and I heard about you. You know, it’s much more easier to make friends with you fellow new intake than the old ones.

I guess you aren’t in the mood for talking, maybe we can get to know each other better tomorrow, right?”

Hanley stared blankly at her, but not a single word left her lips. ” Right.” She said with a nod, not to feel too embarrassed by Hanley’s quietness.

She left the library.

And for the rest of the day, the house was in total silence. Even during dinner, Ace was in his study room and Hanley who was with Lunara didn’t have a taste of her food.

Lunara suspicion on the current matter grew, and she doubted their calmness was due to the fact that they were actually reflecting on their mistakes.

Something must have happened. Something that had triggered their grudges for each other to only worsen the more.


To Be Continued…

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